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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Munson is a chocolate boy age 5 and weighs 64#.  He is good with other dogs and well behaved children.  The things he enjoys best are being with his brother and all of the attention you can give him.  Does not seem to know that toys are fun to play with.  He is great in the house and outside.  He uses a doggie door.





Sampson11 is a very handsome black English Lab that is 6 years old and weighs 59#.  He is housebroken using a doggy door and great in the house.  He is good with other dogs of all ages and size.  Since he is a very calm boy he is good with all children and older people.  Does not know that you are supposed to play with toys and balls, so I can only guess he has never been exposed to them.  He rides well in the car and does not pull on the leash.  So far his favorite thing is to have your attention and love.  If Sampson11 sounds like a good match for your family, please call.



Introducing Honorary Lab Abby (27), a 2 ½ yr old female Lab mix who weighs 30 lbs.  It has been my pleasure to have Abby as a foster in my home for nearly a month.  This petite gal has a pretty terrible background story.  She was originally confiscated by a county sheriff for animal cruelty.  She was in horrible shape—malnourished and skinny, with physical and psychological wounds.  From there she went to a pound, then to a kind soul who fostered her back to physical health and offered her to DLRR.  How could we say no to a sweet baby who needed our help? Over the course of the 5 weeks we have had Abby, we have witnessed an amazing, slow but steady transformation—like a flower going from a bud to a bloom.  This girl, having been used to fending for herself, took on the alpha role in every situation, but also was extremely fearful of anything and everything.  At first all she did was pace and look for danger.  She would not even eat.  It took several days before she didn’t tremble when I touched her, for her to bring her tail out from under her body or to look me in the eye. Despite how obviously uncomfortable she was, she never tried to bite.  She has a gentle nature, which is amazing, considering what she has been through.  We utilized techniques we learned from a book and a trainer to demonstrate to Abby that she does not have to be the alpha—we are the alphas of her pack.  This, and of course the affection and regular food and her safe place (crate), have allowed Abby to relax in our home and start to trust. Abby is now pretty much like a regular pet in our household! We love her very much. It has been gratifying to be a part of making this change in her.  She is a happy doggie, who enjoys petting, gets along well with the resident Lab (she would like to play, but the resident Lab doesn’t play), wags her tail, scarfs down her food like any Lab, LOVES her walks, is housebroken (uses the dog door like a champ), and rides well in the car.  She enjoys chewing on bones and tossing stuffed animals and balls in the air and pouncing on them—adorable and fun to watch!  She does not disturb anything that is not a dog toy, however, for her peace of mind and ours, we crate her when we leave the house.  She does jump on the kitchen counter sometimes and would probably eat something from there if it were available.  Abby follows us around the house and curls up wherever we are.  She is still uncertain about many things in the outside environment—noises, machinery, other people, big vehicles, etc., but they don’t keep her from wanting to go for walks, which is where we practice her obedience skills.  Inside the house, she barks when the doorbell rings, at the garbage trucks, and occasionally at things we can’t hear.  A difficulty we are continuing to work on is her barking at new people who come into our home.  She is quite fearful of them, but if we put her in her crate, she can settle down. The perfect home for Abby will be with adopters who are willing to work with her in the specific way we will teach you and who will be patient while she adjusts.   We think children of any age might be too much for sweet Abby to handle on a daily basis (ones that visit occasionally would be fine), but a well-balanced dog companion would be great.  She has been introduced to cats and did not react, so we think she could live with them peacefully. The time and effort you put into this sweet dog up front will pay off many times over, and you will feel great as you watch her progress.  I know I did!  As a result, you will have a sweet, wonderful dog as a pet who loves you unconditionally and melts your heart every time you look at her.  One look into her big, golden eyes and you will be in love!  



Hi! My name is Jasmine.  I am a beautiful 11 yr old yellow lab mix.  I am a full figured girl with a happy, sweet disposition.  I love my foster fur brothers and sisters.  Foster mom says I have fur like silk.  I have some arthritis that makes me limp a little but I take a pill twice a day so I feel better.  It doesn’t cost much- about $30 a month. I have never had an accident in the house.  I love to be with people and I will take all of the loving I can get.  I just want to be your companion and hang out all day.  If you are looking for a sweet senior then I am your girl.  If interested please call my foster.



Hi there! My name is Leyla which means dark beauty and that is just what I am! I'm a 10-year-old, 88 lb beautiful black female. Ok, so maybe I'm a senior black beauty with a few white hairs, but I have all the wisdom and elegance of a mature gal with a little spunk. I love to go for strolls in the neighborhood. I don't pay any attention to people or dogs out and about. I just love getting outside in the beautiful Arizona weather and stretching my legs. I've got to admit, I've got a pretty good pep in my step! I enjoy playing with my soft toys and carrying them around, especially my football. Yeah, I'm a football kid! With my great life of wisdom and elegance, I have developed diabetes, so I have a regular routine of insulin shots twice a day after my meals, along with my treats of Proin to help my little bit of incontinence. I promise I'm housebroken but I do need to go out 3-4 times during the day so having a family member home a lot is best for me. I go right to the door at my foster parent's home and they let me out when I need to go. I don't have any experience with that doggie door thing I've heard about. My shots are no big deal. I take them like a pro and will show you how to do it. I love my wicker crate! It's my sanctuary and I sleep in there at night with the door open, all night without having to outside. I like going in there during the day too just to chill out. I have cataracts which makes seeing a bit of a challenge sometimes, but frankly I do well! I fell in my foster parent's unfenced pool the first day as I was sniffing around checking out the property! Wow, that water was cold! I swam right to some steps and got out. My foster mom was right there coaxing me in. I knew she would have jumped in to save me but I'm a swimmer, so I was fine. Anyway, I could tell she was a wimp and didn't want to get in the cold water! I've not been in again since then, thank you very much, I'll wait until it's warmer. I've been known to freak out a little with lightening, thunder and firecrackers, so please help me avoid or ignore those things. I have a good relationship with dogs of all sizes and I ignore those cats. Kids are ok too. I've got some good life left, so if you are looking for an amazing senior girl to hang out with and take strolls around the neighborhood, you've met your match. Call my foster mom, ask for Leyla and we'll set up a time to meet up and sniff each other out. 


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