Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue A 501(c)(3) Arizona-based Rescue Group

I Can't Keep My Lab

How DLRR can help your dog find a new home:

So, unfortunate events have led you to decide that you can no longer keep your Lab. We recommend that you try to place the dog yourself, since this gives you the most flexibility and control. However, before you take that Lab to the pound or an animal shelter, please considering letting us help your dog find a new home.

Listing your dog as a Courtesy Referral:

If your dog is spayed or neutered, please consider listing your Lab (or any other breed or species for that matter), on our web site as a Courtesy Referral. It is basically free advertising for you. We post a picture and bio of your dog on our website, along with your contact information. The adoption is done by you, not DLRR. Anyone can call on a Courtesy Referral, so please do not assume they are approved by DLRR - approving potential adopters is something you will want to do yourself.

If your dog is not already spayed or neutered, you could get the dog spayed or neutered and ask for that amount as an adoption fee. We recommend that no dog ever be offered for free. When you give a dog away for free you run the risk of the adopters not providing health care, laboratories "adopting" your dog for testing, and other undesirable scenarios. You can keep the adoption fees to offset the spay/neuter or donate it to us (DLRR), the Humane Society, or whomever you would like.

Please contact the Courtesy Referral Manager for more information on listing your dog as a Courtesy Referral. The Courtesy Referral Manager will send you a form to complete and return along with a digital, uncropped, unedited photo of your dog.

Surrendering your dog to DLRR:

If you absolutely must give up your Lab right away, please contact our Intake Coordinator to discuss whether it is possible for DLRR to take in your dog. We can only take in Labs that are purebred. That's not to say they have to be registered with papers, but rather that we can't place mixes. We'd love to be able to find homes for every dog on the planet, but because our resources are limited, we must stay focused on purebred dogs only.

Our foster space is limited, so there are no guarantees that we will have space to take in your dog. Once you surrender your dog to us, you will have no further knowledge of or control over what happens to the dog. But you can rest assured that we will give him or her the best possible care and find the perfect new family to love your dog.

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We will expend considerable time and effort in finding the right home for your dog. Therefore, we ask that you help us in our mission. We would appreciate donations of any of your dog's items, especially crates. Donated crates are used by our foster homes that we rely on so heavily. Whoever adopts your dog will purchase new items for him or her. If you cannot donate items to DLRR, we ask for a monetary donation to help with the cost of care for our rescue dogs. If your lab is not spayed or neutered, we will have it done before placement. Your monetary donation will help us with the cost of surgery.