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Spotlight Dog

Meet Rainee!

Rainee is a laid back, 3 year old black male. There are three cats and two other dogs in the house and he gets along with everyone. His foster dad walks him with the other dogs and he walks like a dream. He does not initiate play, but does rough house with the 1 year old puppy in the house when she instigates. Rainee can be a little shy at first with new people, but quickly warms up to them. He loves to go for car rides!! He is good with older children.
Rainee is now left free, with the other dogs, for up to 8 hours and has been well behaved.  He is completely housebroken. His perfect home would have another dog (preferably female), because it seems to have a calming effect on him especially when people are away. He has overcome some seperation anxiety through the help of training and some medication. He is a very sweet boy and is looking forward to finding his forever home.