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Spotlight Dog

Meet Brice!

Big boy Brice was born and bred at Hunt Kennels in the mid-west (date of birth is 12/11/06).  How this handsome yellow hunk found his way to the Nogales border we have no idea, and although he was chipped, his owner was not able to be located but his time was up at the shelter so DLRR stepped in to save him.  Brice appears to have been very well taken care of as well as very much loved (maybe a little too much as he has to lose a couple of pounds).  Don't let his size fool you, this boy gets jiggy with it and  plays like a puppy.  He is not "mouthy" and will give up his toys and bones freely and without issue. He does not beg during dinner and takes treats gently.  He is a true retriever in every sense of the word as he loves the water and squeaky toys and ropes are his favorite.  He is housebroken, doesn't chew anything inappropriate and looks forward to walk time.  He is trustworthy in the house and not a barker.  He is good but somewhat strong on a leash but once he gets the "edge" off, he settles right in and prances like a show pony.  Daily walks and play will be needed to help get his weight down.  He enjoys hanging out in his crate if the door is open and goes in there throughout the day on his own accord.  Brice thrives on being loved on and getting all the attention, so his perfect home would be with someone looking for a best buddy and that either works from home,  is retired or is looking for a traveling companion but with no other dogs that will vie for his attention.  Brice gets excited for rides and jumps right in without hesitation. He really wants to love and be loved so if that sounds like what you are looking for, put Brice at the top of your list for a meet and greet.