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Spotlight Dog

Meet Mylie!

Mylie is ALL ears and she thinks she heard you say you would love to take her home!!!
Mylie came to DLRR as a stray from the border. She was only 7 weeks old, scared, and too young to be taken away from her mama. She was as cute as a button with crazy ears, but looking like your  typical lab puppy.  She is now 8 months old and still waiting to find her forever home.
 In her foster home, she was greeted by three adults Labs, who took her under their wings. They played, nurtured, loved, coached and trained her to feel part of the pack. Even though she is still a pup, Mylie has learned so much. She is completely potty and crate trained. Runs through the doggie door like a champ. Loves all toys that are given to her and will play with them for hours. She also enjoys taking walks and of course getting her canine friends to play and wrestle with her. She would love to be able to join a puppy class to show you how smart she really is.  When everyone else is resting, she is right there with them, laying by them or curled up next to her foster mom. There isn’t a human or canine she doesn’t like and always tries to please. One of her favorite things is to nestle at your feet when you are sitting or just relaxing.
You probably can tell she might have a little of this or that in her other than Lab, but she has many Lab traits especially when it comes to temperament and personality. She will follow you around the house like a Lab, she loves to be loved like a Lab, she is food focused like a Lab and she is smart like a Lab. She is all legs, has cute and funny looking ears, a lean body and a sweeping tail that sometimes curls a bit at the end. She weighs about 40 to 45 pounds.
This sweet little girl deserves to become part of a forever family and grow up to be a beautiful adult. Mylie would love to have canine companions and someone who isn’t gone long hours. Even if you don’t have any other dogs, but are very active, she would enjoy becoming your running or hiking friend. Will you be the one to give this precious girl a chance?  Mylie has shown how much she has appreciated her foster mom and canine friends, but would love to rest her head in a home she can call her very own.
Please call if you think you are a match. Thank you
We are discounting Mylie's adoption fee to $175.00.