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Spotlight Dog

Meet Diesel!

Dear Santa,
I’ve been waiting sooooooooo long for my new family.  All I want for Christmas is my forever home.  I must say I’m getting a little discouraged-I’ve been waiting months and months.  I have been such a good boy that I must be on your nice list—here are all the ways I have been good:  I am housebroken, ride great in the car, am very easy on the leash, know some basic commands, love to play with other doggies, love to play with toys, am smart and learn quickly, sleep well through the night.  Santa, you can tell adopters that I know I’m not as obviously handsome as some other dogs, but my foster mom says I’m beautiful on the inside and very loving and sweet.  See, I have this disease called vasculitis that caused these marks on my face.  I can’t help it.  (Have you seen the movie “Wonder?” )   My last family gave me away because they couldn’t afford to find out what was wrong with me.  Now we know and it’s really not that big a deal.  I’m grateful DLRR saw my worth, though, and took care of me.  I KNOW I would fit into just about any household—I can ramp up or I can chill out—whatever you want, whenever you want it.  Will you please send me a family who will love me, Santa?  I promise to be a good boy and to love them in return.  Thank you very much.  Love, Diesel
Hi, Santa,
It's Diesel's foster.  I wanted to say a few more things about Diesel so you can send the exact right family for him.  He has so many great qualities!  I love how he is so easy to take walks with.  He does not pull on the leash and he doesn't even sniff!  If someone wanted to really get exercise by walking with him, they could.  He doesn't ever stop to lift his leg on anything-he just trots along at whatever speed you want him to go, his ears bouncing with every step!  It's so cute.  And he never lifts his leg--he is not a marker!  I also love how he looks right in your eyes when you pet him.  He has wonderful, expressive brown eyes that look at you as if to say "I love you so much...."  He enjoys chewing on dog bones but I love that he doesn't get into anything in the house that he isn't supposed to.  I love that he is respectful of the resident Lab who doesn't like to play or have other dogs in her face.  I do think he would love to play with another dog, but since she doesn't want to, he does't bug her.  I love how he is so excited to greet me when I come home or get up in the morning, and how he always wants to know where I am and what I'm doing (especially if it involves food--SO Lablike!)  I love how easily he takes his medicine--just put it in his food and he gobbles it up!  l also love how Diesel looks--he is so incredibly adorable!  His little ears are so perky and the lines on his face give him such a distinctive look.  Once you get to know him, you'll think he's the cutest dog on earth.  We think he'd be great with children 10 and up, and with any other dogs (but probably not cats, although we are willing to test that out.)  Please, Santa, find Diesel a home where he can stay forever, giving and receiving love.  He deserves this!