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Pancho 2

Happy Holidays!  My name is Pancho 2, I am a 6 yr old yellow male Lab. I am a very happy, loving but a bit shy handsom boy.  I am a very well behaved lab. But don't get me wrong, when its playtime, I love to chase the ball and play with my toys.  I love walks, we go about 2 miles a day and walk pretty good on my lease.  I try to pull at first, because I m so excited, but my foster mom reminds me of several commands I learned in obedience class a few years ago.  My Vet told me I am a bit over weight, I am at 83 lbs, but what a handsom 83 lbs I am!  We're working on loosing a few pounds, but I sure love to eat.  I am fully housebroken, use our doggie door and never get up on furniture.  I love to play, especially with kids. In my foster home, I have a good female lab friend thats 13, we get along great. Not sure about cats, I am not around any currently. I would love a home where I would get a lot of love and attention, because I am affectionate also. 



Duke 13 is a wonderful yellow approximately one-and-a-half year old Lab, filled with love and ready to find a great family!  He is newly a tripod, so he only has three legs, but that doesn't stop him!  He is an energetic 57 pounds and loves to play and run and do everything a four-legged Lab would.  But on only three legs!  He gets along well with other dogs and is house- and crate-trained. He also loves to go for walks.  He hasn't been exposed to cats. He sometimes takes a spill, so he would probably do best in a mostly carpeted house rather than one that is fully tiled. (He slips more than a four-legged dog does!) He was originally found in Mexico after being hit by a car but didn't get the care he needed, so his broken back leg didn't heal correctly and got infected. Vets down there got in touch with DLRR, and we brought him up here, where it was determined he need to have his back right leg amputated.  He's a fantastic boy and will make a great companion for any number of different families!



Dear Santa,
I’ve been waiting sooooooooo long for my new family.  All I want for Christmas is my forever home.  I must say I’m getting a little discouraged-I’ve been waiting months and months.  I have been such a good boy that I must be on your nice list—here are all the ways I have been good:  I am housebroken, ride great in the car, am very easy on the leash, know some basic commands, love to play with other doggies, love to play with toys, am smart and learn quickly, sleep well through the night.  Santa, you can tell adopters that I know I’m not as obviously handsome as some other dogs, but my foster mom says I’m beautiful on the inside and very loving and sweet.  See, I have this disease called vasculitis that caused these marks on my face.  I can’t help it.  (Have you seen the movie “Wonder?” )   My last family gave me away because they couldn’t afford to find out what was wrong with me.  Now we know and it’s really not that big a deal.  I’m grateful DLRR saw my worth, though, and took care of me.  I KNOW I would fit into just about any household—I can ramp up or I can chill out—whatever you want, whenever you want it.  Will you please send me a family who will love me, Santa?  I promise to be a good boy and to love them in return.  Thank you very much.  Love, Diesel
Hi, Santa,
It's Diesel's foster.  I wanted to say a few more things about Diesel so you can send the exact right family for him.  He has so many great qualities!  I love how he is so easy to take walks with.  He does not pull on the leash and he doesn't even sniff!  If someone wanted to really get exercise by walking with him, they could.  He doesn't ever stop to lift his leg on anything-he just trots along at whatever speed you want him to go, his ears bouncing with every step!  It's so cute.  And he never lifts his leg--he is not a marker!  I also love how he looks right in your eyes when you pet him.  He has wonderful, expressive brown eyes that look at you as if to say "I love you so much...."  He enjoys chewing on dog bones but I love that he doesn't get into anything in the house that he isn't supposed to.  I love that he is respectful of the resident Lab who doesn't like to play or have other dogs in her face.  I do think he would love to play with another dog, but since she doesn't want to, he does't bug her.  I love how he is so excited to greet me when I come home or get up in the morning, and how he always wants to know where I am and what I'm doing (especially if it involves food--SO Lablike!)  I love how easily he takes his medicine--just put it in his food and he gobbles it up!  l also love how Diesel looks--he is so incredibly adorable!  His little ears are so perky and the lines on his face give him such a distinctive look.  Once you get to know him, you'll think he's the cutest dog on earth.  We think he'd be great with children 10 and up, and with any other dogs (but probably not cats, although we are willing to test that out.)  Please, Santa, find Diesel a home where he can stay forever, giving and receiving love.  He deserves this!  



I planned to tell you about Maya but she is curled in next to me, with her head on my lap and computer, so why not let her tell you about herself?
"I didn't have a great beginning in Mexico. I stayed outside most of the time, so I've been having to learn a lot about what it's like to be an inside dog.
My foster parents keep saying I am such a sweet and gentle 3 year old yellow Lab, and I have black eyeliner and a black and pink nose. 
While I may not be completely housebroken, my foster-parents have been praising me constantly the last several days for doing my business where I'm supposed to.
I eat in the same room as my three foster siblings without food aggression, and I have even learned to lie down and say grace before being allowed to eat.
I'm not a big fan of cats, but I sure do love running and playing keep away with my 2 year old foster brother.
I take medicine twice a day for tick fever, which my foster parents said should be  gone after 30 days.  I get praised for taking my medicine so easily.
I'm just looking for a soft place to land----a family that doesn't mind curling up with me and petting me. I just love to love."
Maya is too sleepy to say much more----she is now asleep on my lap. If you are interested in feeling a soulful connection with a sweet girl, she might just be the right pup for you.  



Hi everyone; my name is Murphy. I have been with my foster family just a short time, and I am enjoying lots of love and special treats. I am about 1 year old and while I still have a lot of puppy energy I am very calm with people in the house. I love staying close to my family and am realizing it is okay to have my own space too. My foster family has been teaching me leash etiquette and I am learning to walk well with a loose lead; I know “sit,” “shake,” and “run-jump” (into the car). They bought a bed and toys for me, and I'm learning what to do with them. I am happy to spend time with you in the backyard and I know how to let my family know when I'm ready to come in. I know it’s okay to go into my kennel and that I am not being abandoned there, and so I pretty quickly settle down. Once settled, I sleep through the night and I'm so happy to see everyone in the morning! I appreciate long walks a few times a day and am a great car rider! My family has two cats that I am very interested in. I get excited to see other dogs; because I am pretty tall, while I probably love children, it might be a good idea to introduce me slowly. As with all puppies, I need consistent training and clear boundaries. I'm such a good boy though, and learn quickly. I think a good forever home for me would be one where I can go on walks or hikes and adventures for my big puppy energy.


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