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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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Hi, I'm Hershey.  I recently came back to the good folks of Desert Lab Rescue when my owner broke his hip and unfortunately became unable to care for me any longer.  I am looking for a great home again and hope that you will consider giving me a shot.  I am quite a lively Chocolate Lab, eight years young, healthy and I know it, and mostly well behaved.  I say mostly because I suffer from a bit of separation anxiety when my owner leaves home without taking me.  I  bark and howl in protest for a bit but eventually get over it.  I just love spending time with my owner when I can because I think they pretty much hung the moon or split the atom or least in my book.  I am definitely housebroken and not accident prone, understand basic commands like sit, lie down, and stay.  I really love to go for walks and so enjoy the exercise of a good walk.  I'm not into marking my territory or snurfing every plant and shrub along the way.  I love to spend quality time outdoors with my master, especially during this great winter desert weather.  Given my drive to impress my owner, I probably work best solo, so would prefer to be your one and only canine copilot.  Also, I sometimes don't know my own strength, so it might be best if your children were a little older than toddlers.  My finest qualities are my positive attitude and cheery disposition.  I truly strive to please and will work with you to always improve.  A loving family with older children or a single person would be ideal.  An apartment works okay, but a home with a backyard would probably be preferred in my case...hope I'm not imposing.  Please don't hesitate to contact my foster with any questions or concerns you may have on my behalf, as he would be happy to address them.  



Hiya! My name is Bentley and I must say, I am a rather soft and sleek white 6 year old lab and joined the DLRR family in Sept. with a large mass which one of the DLRR Vet angels removed.  As you can see from my pictures, my head is let's say of a unique shape, and I've been told that while I have a genetic disorder, that doesn’t stop me from being a typical, sweet-loving labbie.  Like humans, I come with some imperfections and my hope is to find a fur-ever family that will accept me as I am and love all the things about me.
I like to think of myself as a refined labbie and am pretty quiet but really enjoy hanging with my foster family since December.  Now, when there is an opportunity to play fetch in the backyard or go for daily walks, I'm all in and I must say those are my favorite things to do.  My big foster labbie brother has been a real hoot (& a bit goofy) to be around but he lets me just be me.  Although we do tolerate each other, I'm not as keen about my small foster fur-sibling so it’s probably best that my fur-ever family do not have small dogs or cats.  My foster Mum & Dad says I'm housebroken, non-destructive and trustworthy when left uncrated and am a very sweet soul (which I have to modestly agree) to have around. I have not yet been around young kids or pools.  If you fancy to be my fur-ever family and would like more information, please contact my foster folks. Cheerio!



 Jake is a chocolate lab that will be 3 years old this May. He just came out of a 3 month VET HOLD for wounds he received from either a coyote or javelina (wild pig). When he was found in Casa Grande, the wounds were so substantial to his left, rear leg that they thought they may have to amputate. Luckily, Jake only lost 2 toes and still "tripods" when he walks. The Vet said his wounds are totally healed and all Xrays look good, but that if he doesn't use the leg again, he would be fine because he gets along on 3 very well. I think he will use it eventually because I've noticed small improvements in the past month. Whereas at first he would only use it to squat, I noticed he would get a little playful with me in the backyard and run around using his leg as if he forgot about the wound. Recently I acquired another foster dog and to my surprise, the 2 dogs were out in the yard playfully chasing each other as if there was nothing wrong with his leg. I think it's more psychological and less physical for him now. Jake is housebroken, still a little skiddish around new people or dogs; but can you blame him for what he's been through. When I first picked him up to Foster him, he stayed in my bathroom for a week and wouldn't look at me. I had to pick him up to bring him outside every few hours because he wouldn't trust to follow me. Now he has run of the house, listens to me, and after a day or so gets along with my new Foster dog. Jake will make a fine pet for anyone who has the time and patience to initially get to know him, and for him to get to know you.



Meet Rosie! This little lady is 11 years young and through no fault of her own is looking for a new family. Any family whether they are looking for a senior or not will love her. Rosie is still very active for her age and enjoys frequent walks and belly rubs. Rosie9 equally loves mile long hikes or movie nights in. She becomes a 43 pound lap dog to all who will let her, including children of all ages. Rosie9 also enjoys tagging along on shopping trips and dinner dates to dog friendly spots and is always on her best behaviour. Rosie doesn’t seem to mind other dogs but I am sure would prefer the company of a lower energy playmate. I have been told she is good with cats as well. Other than having a few teeth pulled, Rosie is in great health for her age and will no doubt provide endless love to whoever adopts her. She is housetrained, does not bark, trustworthy when left alone, and loves car rides. Contact her foster parents today to learn more and set up a meeting.



Goofy is a 1-year-old male lab who is very loving and looking for a good home and lots of attention. His is housebroken and loves people. He gets along with other dogs. Cats TBD but probably not because has strong hunting instincts and barks and runs after birds. Goofy weights around 68 pounds but seems to think he is a lap dog--so funny how a big dog thinks he can fit on our laps. He is fairly calm for being only one but will jump when he gets excited. Running around the yard with his toys is one of his favorite activities and he is fast and can jump high. He has been great with older kids and keeps a good eye out on everything going on in the house. He loves going on walks/runs but can be difficult because he is very strong and not fully leash trained yet. Goofy is very good and quiet at night, and he likes to go on rides in the car. He is very healthy with exception of minor ear infection that is getting treated.



Thomas was turned in by his owner due to not being able to take care of him any longer. He is house broke, crate trained, good with dogs, cats and children. Right now he is having fun playing with toys and swimming.


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