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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Lou is a very mellow, laid back guy. He enjoys going for car rides, getting belly rubs and just being by your side.  He likes to play Frisbee and run around in the backyard, he doesn’t swim but likes to cool off on the steps. If you would like to meet Lou please give his foster a call.



Gideon AKA Hawkeye, is a sweet, adorable chocolate puppy.  He is house broken, crate trained, good with dogs and children. Are you ready for a little chocolate sweetness in your life?



Hi, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Pixie.  Our mom and dad are returning us to DLRR because my dad is very sick.  They rescued us back in 2008.  We love water, retrieving tennis balls and taking naps.  We love children, other dogs and getting our fur brushed.  We are crate trained and bark when we need to go out.  I am the alpha kid and Pixie is ok with that.  We are 8 years old.  If you are looking for 2 mellow ladies, please call.  Oh, Pixie says hi!



Hi I'm Pixie!



Meet Doug the Dog!  He is a very sweet, lovable puppy and he is incredibly smart. Unfortunately he was found as a stray and spent a month and a half in a kennel waiting for foster. Because of this he has not had much time to learn all of his manners but he is getting better everyday. He plays well with dogs but sometimes he forgets his boundaries as most puppies do. He adores toys and thinks everything should be a game. He has lots of energy and loves to run and play. He loves swimming and will run along side as you bike. He is just so handsome and a joy to be around. He would make a great fit for an active family. 



Memphis is extremely handsome 4 yr old boy. Memphis is very sweet and has been around older kids and really enjoyed them giving him a walk. He is gentle and knows the following commands: heel, sit, down, stay, come, free, no, quiet, and off. Memphis has been to doggie school and needs someone who will consistently reinforce his training. Memphis is housebroken, doesn't bark when unnecessary, no digging, no chewing, and does not get on furniture. Memphis is affectionate and has been visiting a senior home with me where the residents love him. Memphis does seem to be picky on his dog friends though and we aren't sure about kitties. Memphis needs to be an only dog in the household and he is quite protective of his food and toys. Memphis loves his walks so an active family with older or no children would likely work best for Memphis.  He walks extremely well with the heel command, except when he sees another dog. A strong hold is then necessary. Memphis is a great dog and we know his forever family is out there just waiting to make his dreams of a family all his own come true!



My name is Presley and I got to my new foster home last Saturday, Aug 2. I have settled in nicely and love my new buddy Gunner, a 2 yr old chocolate lab who loves to play and wrestle just like I do. He also loves to jump and swim in the pool but I am still a little unsure of it. My foster parents tried to get me to go in but I think I need a little more time to get used to it. I did learn to play with the waterhose and do love this new game. I know and obey basic commands such as sit and stay. I walk well on a leash but will try to get away if I get out. My foster mom had to chase me down the street once already and now she watches me very closely so I don't get out the door anymore. It's for my own safety she says. I love dogs and love to play and run with them at the park. I am a little shy with people and want to bark at them for some reason and it takes me a while to warm up. But my foster parents are working with me to gain more trust and confidence. I will need parents who are willing to be patient and work with me on this little issue of mine. Other than that I am a very handsome and loveable boy my foster mom says. I love to cuddle with them every chance I get. Come and check me out.
Presley loves to play and chase tennis balls. He can be trusted in the house alone, does not chew. He is getting familiar with the pool and puts his front paws on first step to retrieve the ball out of his foster brother's mouth-too funny. He is active and loves running and playing at the dog park. He gets along great with other dogs but still barks when he first meets newcomers and takes a little to warm up. He is the parfect guard dog in the house and makes a loyal companion.



Hello everyone, I'm Coda.  I'm a female 8 year old black beauty.  I am such a mellow, sweet girl. Nary a peep out of me. Though, when it is time to wake up in the morning I am SOOO happy to see you!!  I'm house trained and use the doggie door.  I' m great on the leash and love to go for walks. I don't pull at all!  I am "full figured", but those walks are helping!  I also love to go on car rides and am great in the car.  But, truth be told -- I am most happy just being with you.  I also can be left in the house with no problems.  I forgot to mention I'm very loving and a sweet girl? Me and my foster sister get along, but I am a bit possesive of food and toys, so best that I am the only dog in the family. I would love to meet you and be your forever friend. I am so good on the leash so if you like to walk here I am.



Mylie is an 8 week old little lab mix. She was abandoned at the border and someone called into the shelter to have her picked up. This poor baby was taken away from her mama sooner than she should have been but has been living in a home with 5 adult Labs who have been showing her the ropes.
Mylie knows the doggie door but is still having little accidents in the house. She is smart and alert and wanting to learn.
She loves to sleep in a small crate next to her fosters bed knowing she isn't alone and if left alone at times during the day she is put on a larger crate.
Mylie is all puppy and would love another canine friend to play with. She would also do best in a home where her new family won't be gone longer than 4hours a day.
As all puppies go, training will truly benefit her, along with patience and love.
If you are dedicated in the raising of a puppy, please give us a call.



Oso is a 2 year old, neutered, black lab mix (we believe he is mixed with German Shepherd). He is up-to-date on all shots and is microchipped. He is such a sweet dog, with a medium energy level, he loves to play and is very smart, with the proper training, the possibilities are endless. He would be a great hiking or running partner, he loves to snuggle and is great with people of all ages. He enjoys walks, outings and car rides. He is great on the lease. Oso is dog door trained and is also crate trained. He loves toys, balls and bones. It would be best to continue in his crate training when you are away from the house, until he is familiar with being left alone. Oso is interested in playing with other dogs, but is picky about his play friends. Due to Oso being a lab mix, he does have a lower adoption rate. Don't miss out on meeting this big teddy bear.



Hello, I'm Abby 25 and I'm a fun loving 7 month old Purebred Black female.  I get along very well with my foster sisters and just love all the toys they have to play with, especially the squeaky ones.  I love to play and play and more play as I'm still a energetic puppy.  I'm potty trained and use the thing they call doggie door, I'm also learning not to jump up all the time especially when I get excited and learning not to counter surf.  But I do have to say I'm learning quickly.  I'm full of puppy energy and would love another fur brother or sister to play with as I really love my foster sisters.  I can also relax when its time to chill out and I get onto my foster moms lap or I can lay on the floor quietly and be content.  I love walks and am very good on the leash but I do like to checks things out once in a while.  I love to watch my foster sisters swim in the pool and I run around the pool trying to get the balls and them.  I'm not much into the pool yet but...UPDATE yesterday I jumped into the pool all by myself and did a little swimming also.  I've already learned where the stairs are in the pool to help me get out.  I'm a big girl now and can sleep all night long without having to go outside to potty.  I enjoy car rides and am great just sitting or laying down during the ride.  If your looking for a black beauty that's full of puppy energy and wants to play a lot please check me out you won't be disappointed.  I also need someone to be home a lot to spend the time with me and teach me the ropes.  I'm a quick learner...



Scarlett is an absolutely stunning 11 month old black beauty that came from the Nogales border. Scarlett had a gorgeous sister however they both had Parvo but only Scarlett survived. Scarlett travels great, is housebroken, loves other dogs and children and is learning commands rapidly. She weighs in at 55 lbs. and is as well balanced a lab as you will ever find. Scarlett walks well on a leash, however being a puppy enrolling in a training program will be mandated. Horses and cows interest her as far as alerting when they are near, cat behavior unknown. Scarlett would do great with another playmate. She has a medium energy level. Scarlett is a head turner for sure with her beauty but her personality makes her the perfect package!



Vera is a friendly, sweet, chocolate lady who is super easy to have around the house.  Her estimated age is 7 years.  She is an inside/outside dog who loves her doggie door and uses it many times each day.  Vera likes to have some cuddle time with her humans, but then will go off on her own for a while to enjoy the nature outside. She does very well living with her two Lab siblings, but would probably also be fine as an only dog. She does not show much interest in chasing cats.  Vera loves to swim and retrieve things from the water, and take walks around the neighborhood.  She doesn’t dig or jump on people or chew things she shouldn’t.  She is pretty easy on the leash and doesn’t pull when she sees another dog.  She is currently on a diet to lose a few pounds, but will be a wonderful companion for anyone who has a little love to give. 



Hi everyone,
My name is DieseI I am an adorable Lab mix puppy and I was named after a very special Lab. I hope I can grow up to be as great as he was!
I came into the Safford pound as a stray and to no fault of my own, my fate was not going to end up a good one.
I was given a second chance by DLRR and am so thankful they got me in the nick of time.
I am living with my foster mom, her adult Labs and another foster puppy named Mylie.
Everyone says we look like we could be brother and sister.
I have learned the doggie door, sleep in my crate and am doing really well in the potty training arena.
Now you have to know I am still all puppy and love to explore and play. I would love another canine friend to play with and someone who isn't gone long hours.
I need to be taken out for mid day feeding and a little exercise each day.
If you think you would like to have the joy of teaching me all the good stuff that puppies need to learn, have the patience, and give me lots of love and attention, then please call us.



Ok the wait is over! If you are waiting until I am crate trained and almost house trained, I'm ready for you!!!! . My foster parents have done all the work for you! I've only had a few accidents In the house and I am learning to potty on command! I am a super cute puppy who loves to play, is very curious and likes to explore.  My foster parents keep throwing this ball around but I haven't quite figured out yet what to do with it.  My foster brother swims and I am pretty curious about that. I sleep all night in the crate with no messes. I'm super smart! I love to go for car rides and just lay quietly in the back seat. I drop anything in my mouth if I am told "no". I am having so much fun playing and learning new things!  Please call to meet me!  



Graycie, as her Foster Mom likes to call her, is one laid back puppy.  At 4 months, she is just about as sweet as they come!  She is almost housebroken, crate trained, very independent and is doing very well at learning to sit for her food.  Like all puppies her age, she sees anything on the floor as a potential chew toy, but she responds well to "No!" when she hears it.  Graycie is great in the car--she just falls asleep in the back seat, and she sleeps well through the night in her crate.  She has not been for walks around the neighborhood yet as she has not had her final set of shots.  If you are looking for a young dog who loves to cuddle and get bey rubs call to meet Graycen. She will reward you with years of love and affection as well as lots of smiles and laughter along the way.  One look at her face will melt your heart!



Bella is a silky-coated one-year old yellow lap-rador retriever that loves to snuggle, play in the baby pool, fetch the ball and play tug of war with the towel. Bella's former owner had her since she was 8 weeks old, but unfortunately her mom had severe allergies. After a year of unsuccessfully trying different remedies to reduce the allergies, Bella's family surrendered her to DLRR so that we could find her a great home.
Bella was very loved in her last home. She frequently went to doggie day-care and the dog park so we know she's good with other dogs. Seeing her with her foster siblings, Bella would do well in a house with another dog, but she would also enjoy a home where she can capture all the attention and love.
Bella rides well in the car and loves to take walks. She rarely barks and is not fond of loud noises. Bella knows basic commands, but could use a little more training. Bella's head is a little too small for her body, if you know what I mean, but an adjusted diet will get her on track in no time. I think she would love a pool to swim in to help her back to her perfect size.
Bella would love a family that has time for her and doesn't leave her for long periods of time. She loves her human!


Dogs Awaiting a Foster Home...

Charming Charlie

Meet Charming Charlie. We call him Charlie for short. He is a kissing machine, who loves everyone, including kids and dogs. Not much exposure to cats yet, so unsure about that. He was an owner surrender for jumping on the families elderly grandmother. The grandmother told me he is an absolute sweetheart and she feels terrible they have to get rid of him, but she has almost fallen and can't take the chance, since the family didn't work on training. He is a puppy, only 8 months old, but is very smart and knows the basic commands of sit and stay. He is very playful and energetic. His foster mom thinks he is absolutely gorgeous. He is a lab mix, so is offered at a lower adoption rate. Take the time to meet this sweetheart, full of absolute love.