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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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Hi, my name is Bree.  By way of introduction, I am a 9 year old girl that loves life.  I can't wait to start each day; I awake each morning with such enthusiasm and the first thing on the agenda is a walk < walks>.  My foster family's house has grass, but it's always wet in the morning, so I insist on going for a walk around the block so that a girl can do her business on gravel and not wet grass. My morning schedule is pretty simple - breakfast, some time to play in the hose, a few tennis ball retrievals and then I'm good for a morning nap.  While my foster mom goes to work, you can usually find me during the day on the dog bed planted at the front window where I can play security (aka I like to watch out and announce to anyone walking by that I'm on guard).  I share my foster household with three other labbie girls, one girl that looks a bit different than us (aka cocker spaniel) and my pal, the cat.  We hold down the household during the day.  When my foster mom returns in the evening, we repeat the routine, without the walking part because it's too hot for my feet.  Dinner is served, we have some playing time in the hose and grass (one of my four-legged foster siblings likes to play keep away with my toys), and then some cuddling time.  When the clock hits 8pm, it's time for me to go to bed.  In summary, my needs are simple. 
I like everyone, however, you have to give me some time to warm up to you.  Once I determine you're okay, you will always find me within reach.  I am doggie door trained, can be trusted alone in the house for day, and like a treat or two during the day (marrow bones are one of my favorites).  One last note, like any girls my age, I have to take a few pills each day to ease my aches and pains, which are minimal, considering I live in a tri-level house with lots of stairs. 
If you think you are in need of a companion like me, please call me foster mom.  It's nice to hear her bragging about me from time to time. 



Hello Everyone,  I am Lexi and I am 8-1/2 years old.  I am a yellow, housebroken Lab with a so, so sweet personality.  I do NOT chase birds, rabbits or cats.  I do NOT bolt out the door and pull on my leash.  Want to know why? Because I can't.  Never really wanted to do these things last year but  it seems that I have added a few pounds in recent months so I now placidly saunter around the house and yard and nap a lot.  I LOVE my morning walks and me and my foster sister, Mona, groom and lick-clean this home's pet Lab.  He thinks he has a harem. So seeing my pictures I know you can tell that I need to continue a healthy diet and increasing exercise.  However, did they have to rub it in by putting me on a food with "Fat Dog" in the name?  I mean, really?
I dream of having a forever home with people that will patiently peel away my extra layers to see a svelte lady that promises to be well-behaved, loyal and ever so loving!



Luigi is a very handsome fox red lab, approximately 5 years old and about 70 lbs.  He is overall a non-chewer, non-barker, housebroken and is trustworthy when left home alone. However, a shoe or something left on the coffee table maybe fair game for him to pick up and chew on, he responds to no, and will then go get one of his toys. Luigi loves to go for car rides; he is extremely sweet, and affectionate with adults and children.  In the first few days at his foster home he started to use the doggie door like a champ! Luigi loves all toys; he is playful and likes to play fetch. His life before he came to DLRR was one of a stray, the people who were finally able to catch him turned him over to us and he knows that he has a second chance at life. Luigi has a lot of obedience work and his new forever home will be required to complete obedience classes with him. Luigi would be happiest in a home with a non-dominate dog or as an only dog. He will chase cats so a home without a cat would the home for him. If you would like to meet him, please call his foster parents today!



Hi, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Pixie.  Our mom and dad are returning us to DLRR because my dad is very sick.  They rescued us back in 2008.  We love water, retrieving tennis balls and taking naps.  We love children, other dogs and getting our fur brushed.  We are crate trained and bark when we need to go out.  I am the alpha kid and Pixie is ok with that.  We are 8 years old.  If you are looking for 2 mellow ladies, please call.  Oh, Pixie says hi!



Hi I'm Pixie!



Sarge is 9 yrs old and very well behaved. Sarge got to meet the
grandkids and he was great with all of them! Sarge is calm in the car
and a great passenger. Sarge is exceptionally gentle, he loves to cuddle
in bed and be with you wherever you go. Sarge has had some problems with
his paws in the past so his feet are sensitive and he really prefers to
walk on grass vs gravel. Sarge also isn't a big fan of black dogs -
although he is great with all other dogs that aren't black! We have no
idea why he is picky on the color, but he is! Sarge is a huge favorite
of DLRR cause he is just a total love bug! 



Russell was an owner turn in because his family was moving out of state and could not take him with. Russell is a bundle of energy for an 9 year old Lab. He loves to go for walks and walks very nicely on a leash, he knows sit, down and likes to give you ‘five’. He especially likes to be by your side to get lots of cuddles, which his foster mom loves because his coat is smooth like silk. He’s not much of a fetcher but he does love his tennis balls and other toys which he likes to carry around the house. He enjoys running around the house with his human foster brother who likes to play hide and seek with him. Russell is a super sweet dog who is looking for his forever home, could that be with you?



Meet Doug the Dog!  He is a very sweet, lovable puppy and he is incredibly smart. Unfortunately he was found as a stray and spent a month and a half in a kennel waiting for foster. Because of this he has not had much time to learn all of his manners but he is getting better everyday. He plays well with dogs but sometimes he forgets his boundaries as most puppies do. He adores toys and thinks everything should be a game. He has lots of energy and loves to run and play. He loves swimming and will run along side as you bike. He is just so handsome and a joy to be around. He would make a great fit for an active family. 



Sweet, gentle yellow female 7 years old.  Had an eye removed due to either glaucoma or trama other eye 50/50 chance of glaucoma and going blind in that eye.  Needs  two kinds of eye drops, one daily & one 3 times a week.  Approx cost $65 every 6 weeks.  Housebroken, can be trusted in the house and no food issues. Initially apprehensive with dogs but warmed to my lab & poodle quickly.  She needs someone to make a lifetime committment to her eye health issues. Fine with kids, unsure of cats.



My name is Molly and I am a 6 year old, "full figure" yellow lab.  Rumor has it that I am a tad bit overweight so they brought in the expert foster to put me through doggie boot camp.  I'm getting better on the leash; I love people, other dogs and ride well in the car.  I am housebroken and can be trusted alone in the house.  I must confess one of my bad habits is barking at strange noises.  Once I figure out what it is, I stop barking.  I need a family who will be committed to my weight loss and getting me in tip, top shape.  Please meet me!!
Boot camp update:  Ok humans, I lost 8 lbs. already and am starting to get my girlish figure back!  I love my early morning power walks and my evening visit to the dog park where I can run for an hour and play with other dogs. 



My name is Presley and I got to my new foster home last Saturday, Aug 2. I have settled in nicely and love my new buddy Gunner, a 2 yr old chocolate lab who loves to play and wrestle just like I do. He also loves to jump and swim in the pool but I am still a little unsure of it. My foster parents tried to get me to go in but I think I need a little more time to get used to it. I did learn to play with the waterhose and do love this new game. I know and obey basic commands such as sit and stay. I walk well on a leash but will try to get away if I get out. My foster mom had to chase me down the street once already and now she watches me very closely so I don't get out the door anymore. It's for my own safety she says. I love dogs and love to play and run with them at the park. I am a little shy with people and want to bark at them for some reason and it takes me a while to warm up. But my foster parents are working with me to gain more trust and confidence. I will need parents who are willing to be patient and work with me on this little issue of mine. Other than that I am a very handsome and loveable boy my foster mom says. I love to cuddle with them every chance I get. Come and check me out.
Presley loves to play and chase tennis balls. He can be trusted in the house alone, does not chew. He is getting familiar with the pool and puts his front paws on first step to retrieve the ball out of his foster brother's mouth-too funny. He is active and loves running and playing at the dog park. He gets along great with other dogs but still barks when he first meets newcomers and takes a little to warm up. He is the parfect guard dog in the house and makes a loyal companion.



Hello everyone, My name is Coda and I'm least that's what my foster mom says.  I'm a female 8 year old black beauty.  I'm house trained and use the doggie door and do like to go for a little swim with my foster sisters.  I' m great on the leash and love to go for walks.  I do need to lose a few pounds but my foster mom is helping me out with that.  I also love to go on car rides and am great in the car.   I also can be left in the house with no problems.  I forgot to mention I'm very loving and a sweet girl.  I came from a home with 2 other labs and a poodle but i do need to get introduced slowly to any dogs in the house.  I would love to meet you and be your forever friend. I am so good on the leash so if you like to walk here I am.



Meet Sasha, this charming beauty is a real sweetheart. She is a 5 year old spayed black lab. She spent the first 5 years of her life living outdoors, so she is adjusting to being an indoor dog at her foster home. She is always looking to snuggle and is very mellow. She is great with kids and appears to be good with cats. She has the most beautiful coat, shiny and soft. You should definitely take the time to meet this sweetheart. Sasha is the one in the red collar laying on her son Oso.. :-)



Meet Oso (the gentle giant). Oso (spanish for Bear) came to us through an owner surrender. His owners were moving in to an apartment and were unable to keep him. He is a 2.5 year old, neutered, black lab mix (with German Shepherd). He has spent his entire life outdoors and is getting situated in his foster home. He is such a sweet dog, with a medium energy level. He constantly seeks out attention from his humans and is very playful. He is good with older children, simply because he jumps and is heavy and big, we wouldn't want him to knock over a younger child. If you are looking for a snuggle bug, this is your guy.
He is great on a leash and is getting familiar with the dog door. You will need a high wall, as he can jump the 6 ft one at his foster mom's home. It would be best to continue in his crate training when you are away from the house, until he is familiar with being left alone. Oso is available at our "lab mix" adoption rate. :-)



I love Lucy and so does everyone that meets her!  Lucy is a yellow, 10 month old puppy and one of DLRR's border labs. This sweetie was tied to a junk car but had a wonderful neighbor that would untangle her and give her food and water until Animal Control arrived and called DLRR to save her.  Lucy is a Parvo survivor and she has come back strong as ever!  She does need to gain weight and is still in that gangly puppy stage, but she is full of life and puppy energy.  She is as much a snuggler as she is a juggler as she likes to throw numerous toys in the air at once.  She thinks laps are hers to cuddle in and will chill with you on the couch when the play day is over.  Lucy gets along great with big and small dogs (cats unknown) and another dog to play with would totally rock as well as having an active person or family to be active with. She is learning commands quite quickly and is doing well on her leash training.  She will chew her toys but hasn't chewed on anything inappropriate.  She has done great with her potty habits.  Lucy is a fun loving, full out puppy and as such, potential adopter will enroll in training with Lucy to bring her to her full potential.



I'm Abby25 and a fun loving 6 month old Purebred female.  I get along great with my foster sisters and just love all the toys they have.  My foster mom is helping with the potty training thing as I have had a few accidents in the house.  I'm also learning not to jump up on people  and not counter surf.  I'm full of energy and love to play alot.  I can also relax and get onto my foster moms lap or just lay on the floor quietly..  I love to go for walks and am very good on the leash but I do like to check things out.  I watch my foster sisters swim and run around the pool as they swim.  My foster mom has taken me into the pool but I don't care for it yet, but I can learn if you have a pool.  I'd love to meet you so if your looking for a fun loving girl, that's me. Due to Abby's age she cannot go to a home where someone is gone several hours at a time. She will go to a home with another dog to play with. Due to her jumping up and not ever being around small children she can only go to a home with older children.


Dogs Awaiting a Foster Home...


Memphis is extremely handsome 4 yr old boy. Memphis is very sweet and has been around older kids and really enjoyed them giving him a walk. He is gentle and knows the commands for sit and wait. Memphis does seem to be picky on his dog friends though and we aren't sure about kitties. Memphis has been waiting for a foster home to open up so we don't know how he is in the home yet. Memphis is a great dog and we know his forever family is out there just waiting to make his dreams of a family all his own come true!