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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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My name is Rhodes and I am a 5 year old lovable black male.  I get along great with people but I am a little shy at first, if you have paience to bond with me I am extremely lovable and sweet.  I do have an energetic side and I really enjoy long walks and going swimming.  For the most part, I do enjoy other dogs company but again it takes me a little time to build their trust.  I have been in training and I know how to heel, sit, down, stay and come.  I enjoy training alot so I would love my forever parents to continue my training.  I did jump a 6' fence when left alone so I really need people to stay with me until I am comfortable.  I don't have separation anxiety but I do get bored very quickly.  I am staying with my trainer and her dog right now so if you think I am a good fit, please call my contact and we can set up an appointment to visit together. 
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Hi- I am Sophie! the nice people at Desert Lab Rescue took me in when my owner became ill and couldn't take care of me. I am an energetic 6 year old female black lab mix, a little on the petite size or rather the perfect size. I love to go on walks, this is new so I need some help with not getting so excited about other dogs and bunnies. I had a small canine sibling at my old home I adored, I now have a lab foster brother who I get along with even though he doesn't play with me and steals my ball. I learned the doggy door and love to be in the yard, we have a pool but I have not shown any interest in getting in. I am a people dog, I am usually right by my foster family and love hugs and give lots of kisses. I am good in the house, but not real fond of the crate. All I want is love, cuddles, a warm couch and your bed would be my dream come true. Update: I have been in training to learn all kinds of things including how to be around different canine friends with different personalities. I'm good with other dogs but not all other dogs. I guess like some humans, I'm selective about my friends. I'm also a very young acting 6 year-old. I love to run and play and I LOVE the garden hose!



Updated 6-19-16
Hi, I am Zeuss! I am a big, soft, floppy eared, gentle, playful, lab mix puppy, and I am looking for a wonderful new home. I am black, with a handsome white mark on my chest, and I am a big boy, currently weighing approximately 75 lbs, at only 7 months old. I will likely be even bigger when fully grown so I will need a family who are able to provide me with plenty of daily exercise, and activity. I am currently going through training and I am very eager to please, but I am still a puppy, and so I wiIl also need owners who have the patience and time to continue with my training. I am house trained, crate trained, and I use the doggy door. I also know basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and I take treats very gently. However, I still needs work on leash manners, and I do get easily distracted by bunnies, lizards, birds, cats...... well actually anything that moves, so I will be much happier in a home without any other pets, including other dogs. I love being with my foster family, including my foster children, and I am very gentle and affectionate with them. However I may be better in a home with older children due to the fact that I am a big puppy, and I can be a bit clumsy still. My foster family don't have a pool and so I am not sure if I like water but I would like to find out so if you have a pool I will give it a try! I am looking for a family who will love me, play with me, exercise me, continue to train me, and help me to grow up to be the wonderful dog I am know I am capable of becoming. Please consider adopting me, I am very excited to meet you! Thank you.     



Huey5 is a very handsome black male age 1.  He is a smaller Lab at 35#.  He likes to play with other dogs but would chase a cat.  Softly jumping up to give a hug is his favorite way to show his love.  Huey5 is a young Lab who will need training, but he is housebroken, rides well in the car, is pretty calm for his age, and is not too bad on a leash.  His previous owner said he was good with her grandchildren.  He is a very curious boy that will counter surf a counter or desk to see what is there.  He would love to sleep with you at night.  Could Huey5 could be the right dog for you??



Hi everyone, Dewey here.  I asked my foster mom to type something up about me.  Looking at my picture, you might notice I am a little smaller for a lab...but is that really a bad thing?! I am 35 pounds of love and fun.  I didn't come from the best situation so I am slowly learning to be a dog.  I really love to be pet and when people talk to me.  I currently live with 2 foster dog brothers who I get along with wonderfully.  There is also a six year old human that I love to get attention from.  There is a cat here too, but I don't pay any attention to him and I certainly don't have any interest in chasing him.  As a young lab, I would benefit greatly from some training.  I don't jump up on people but I have taken it upon myself to check out what is on the counter.  Foster mom explained to me that isn't polite, so I am working on that.  Do you have a patient home that you could welcome me into and provide me with love and encouragement that I need?  If so, call my foster mom, she just loves to talk about me!



Alvin is a tall and somewhat slender male that we estimate to be around 2. He weighs about 85 pounds and could probably be another 5 lbs heavier. He is very strong and athletic.
He gets along great with other dogs, both male and female in his current foster home. He is always wanting to play with them and he is high energy and quite exhuberant. There is lots of wrestling and chasing and stealing of each others toys. He has setted into his foster pack well and is ok with our female being the alpha. He shows a lot of "juvenile" play tendencies.
He has a high prey drive and so needs a home with no cats, birds or small creatures of other species.
He is crate trained and house broken. To Alvin, every object is a potential toy ( roll of toilet paper, shoe, sock - as well as all the real toys). At this stage in his development, we do not think he is ready to be left alone free in the house. He is improving his leash skills but does want to lunge after wildlife that he sees. We are working on stopping him from jumping up. It is not something he does all the time but does forget. So he is a project where some more training is needed. He will need a family committed to getting him the exercise he enjoys and needs.
He has a gentle mouth when taking treats but still wants to mouth a little bit when he gets excited.
Alvin really has a sweet personality and is a fun dog. We think his perfect home would have at least one very active dog that enjoys physical play and some active children would be great. Since he is not yet ready to be left free in the house when nobody is home, it would be ideal if somebody works from home or if work schedules are such that he is not left for really long periods. Due to his size, energy and exhuberance, we think it would be best to avoid having him  around any fragile seniors or really young children. He is very sweet to them but his tail can inadvertantly become a weapon and he wants to lean and rub against them for affection.
If you think your family might be a match for Alvin, please call to learn more.



Huntley is a 10 year old smaller, black lab mix who is good with other dogs and can use a doggie door.  He loves to have his head rubbed and will stand next to you as long as you will pet him.  He is mild mannered and mellow, and wants to just hang out with the family. This all around good dog is house trained, is easy to walk on a leash and he knows some commands!  He has some arthritis so he is taking some pain killers but he gets around just fine.  Huntley loves to roll in the grass and has learned to swim!  He has a sweet temperament and so deserves a home where he can be loved and pampered.  Call if you would like to meet Huntley!



Marley is a 5 year old loveable yellow boy. Not much is known about his past, he was rescued from the pound.  He is a big boy with lots of energy but he behaves very well in the house.  He follows his people everywhere they go. He LOVES to play ball and frisbee.  He gets along great with his foster sister and with children.  He can swim, but needs supervision. He loves car rides and walks very well on the leash. He was curious about the cat but kitty wanted nothing to do with him, so the interaction was brief.  He is housebroken and knows some commands.  He barks when he is left in the crate.  Sleeps all night loose in the bedroom.  He has had two seizures while with DLRR but is now on medication and is doing well. Please call his foster to learn more about this sweet gentle giant!  


Molly (24)

I'm Molly24 and I am all lab! Ok, maybe not all lab except in spirit! I'm obviously a lab mix, but I have all of the great lab qualities. I was lucky enough to be saved by DLRR with just a few hours to spare! I'm on the small side at about 57 pounds. I'm great with kids. I don't mind cats and I just love people! I want to be where my people are and if I can be laying across your lap I would love that even more! I play with my toys and I can be pretty self entertained but I also loved to wrestle with my previous fosters young dogs, so if my new family had a young dog I would like that too. I'm so very sweet and I have the biggest smile. I ride well in the car and I sleep in my kennel at night with minimal fussing. I'm also housebroken with a dog door. I do like to counter surf a bit and gobble up my foster brother's food, but hey, I'm still growing! Since I am still very young (just under a year old) I would benefit from additional ongoing training. If you would like to meet me and can open your heart to a sweet, loving lab mix - please call!



Bella is a very sweet, quiet and petite 7 year old chocolate lab that was turned in to DLRR by her owners.  She loves to be with people and wants lots of TLC.  Bella gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. She is not crazy about swimming, but will get on the pool steps to cool off.  She loves to play in the hose water.  She is trustworthy in the house for long periods of time and knows how to use a dog door.  She walks extremely well on a leash and rides well in the car.  She has a skin condition called Alopecia which causes hair loss.  The vet thinks it may be diet related.  We have her on a good quality dry food and already she seems to be getting more hair growth.  The hair she has is very soft and silky.  Bella does not show any signs that this skin condition bothers her.  Her owners said that she is afraid of storms and wants to be in your lap for security.  We think she would do well as an only dog or with another dog in her permanent home.  If you are interested in a very calm and loving sweet girl and are willing to give lots of TLC, please give us a call.   



Dante is a 7 year old, black lab who weighs about 85 lbs.  Because he came to us from the eastside pound, we don’t know anything about his past life, but this is what we know so far.  He is extremely handsome with an awesome block head, he is good with other dogs, and in fact he really likes them.  Dante has learned the doggie door, but only uses it to get to his foster, he is not going outside on his own yet.  He is what you would call a velcro dog, no matter where you are he will follow you.  Dante is a love bug and just wants to hang out with the family; while there are no kids in his foster home, we believe that he would be great with them.  He enjoyed the kids who loved on him at his first meet and greet.  He is house trained, is easy to walk on a leash, he loves car rides, is a non barker, and he knows some commands.  He has a sweet temperament and would enjoy a home where he had another dog to hang out with; there are no cats in his foster home, so an introduction would be needed.  Dante has a skin condition on his front paws that was biopsied and came back benign, the condition is either from his previous environment or was self-inflicted, and he is currently on a no grain food and taking fish oil to help the issue.  Please call Dante’s foster family if you would like to meet him.



Hi! My name is Journey2 and I am a 3 year old adorable female Black Lab. I am very lovable and like to give kisses.  I’m a tiny bit shy at first but once I get to know you, I’ll give you kisses too! My foster parents say I’m house-broken I’ve even learned some new commands. I already knew how to sit and wait for my food. I might even roll over on my back to let you give me belly rubs!  I do know "go lie down", down, and am learning to take treats gently. I’m an active girl and can get a bit excited when my humans first come home but they are teaching me not to jump up on people.   I am trying to lose a few pounds so I do hope my forever humans help me with that.  Dad is teaching me to walk properly on a leash and he said I am learning fast. I love to play fetch and chew on my bones too! I don’t chew anything else in the house…again, I’m a lady. I hope my forever parents will continue my training because I’m such a fast learner. When it’s time to just chill out, I’m very happy to lie down on my dog bed near my humans. I have a kitty cat foster sister and I’m still learning not to chase her but dad says with proper training, I can do it. There are no little people here for me to get to know but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind a human sibling that is around 14 years or older to play with. If you think I might be a good fit, please contact my fosters and we can set up an appointment to visit.



Updated 6/23/2016:
Flower is a very happy 5 year old black female weighing in at a little over 100lbs with a medium energy level.  It is suggested she slim down to around 80 lbs and is well on her way which will also improve her activity, mobility and joint discomfort.  She loves exercise through walking, swimming (loves the pool), toy time inside (also loves  toys) or playing with family. She maneuvers steps well (tri-level home with 3 and 12 step variations). She is great with other animals and at first shows no interest in them yet has quickly found out that it is a lot of fun to play fetch and tug-of-war with her four legged family members (dogs and cats). Although she is big she is very gentle and loyal around toddlers yet her mere size could knock someone over that is not steady on their feet. Flower is non-aggressive with snacks, food and toys. She walks well on a leash nevertheless will need continued reinforcement for developing perfect manners. She is trustworthy in the house along and is happy to see you when you arrive home although is gentle and does not jump to greet you. She does bark for attention and to hurry meal time preparation yet is doing well with positive reinforcement to curb this behavior.  She is eager to please, loves attention and will make a great companion. If you are looking for a blossoming relationship, Flower is the girl for you.
Hi my name is Flower.   I came in as a stray from the HSSA so we dont have a lot of background information.  This is what we do know.  I am a huge bundle of lab love.  I am 5 years old and a bit curvy for my age and size.  I have some mild joint damage which will improve when I lose 20 or so lbs.  I can walk just fine and am not in any apparent discomfort but will benefit from a joint supported diet and supplements.  I am a friendly and happy girl.  I visited with children of all ages (8 months -13 years old) and I did fine with them.  I should be supervised with younger children just because I am such a big and exhuberant girl.  I am not overly interested in the cats but I am curious about them and I like to bark at them in a friendly kind of way.  I met my lab brother Elton.  I did give him a growl because he is a little fresh and I needed to let him know.  He respected my communication and we then went swimming and for a walk.   I ride well in the car (although I need help in and out, I could benefit from a ramp), I walk well on a leash but I need some guidance, and I take treats gently.  I appear to be house trained and I go into the crate with a treat and lay quietly.  I love to have chew toys.  I love to swim.  I need to know how to get in and out of the pool.  Swimming is so good for my weight loss plan and my joints.  My foster mom says I am the sweetest lab, well, except for her boy Elton, and her boy Monroe, and her girls Aurora and Precious, but you get the picture.  If you think you would like to share the journey with me please give my foster mom a call.  I can't wait to meet my forever family!



Frisco is a 5 year old yellow male with pretty golden eyes that came from El Paso, TX as a stray. Some nice volunteers drove him to DLRR so that he could find a new home.  He is a tall lanky boy that is a bit underweight at 65# and needs to put on at least another 10-15 pounds. He is a little timid so we're working on building his confidence and getting him a little bit more socialized with new people and everyday activities. He gets along great with other dogs, has been trustworthy so far in the house and knows how to use a dog door....but absolutely cannot be kenneled! (We think this must have something to do with his history but have no information). He tends to jump up when excited and we are working on that too. He rides quietly in the car but is petrified of the actual car and getting inside, so we're working on teaching him that car rides are fun! He walks nicely on the leash and doesn't pull. We don't know how he would be with cats as his foster doesn't have one. He will counter surf if you leave snacks too. He is very loving and affectionate and is happiest when draped across your lap getting pets and kisses. He is learning to play and is an all around happy gentle boy. He would do best with another dog to play with and to help him with his comfort level in a new home.


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