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Hi! My name is Bell, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… My two sisters and I are only 2 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could just stay with Coco, because I really like to cuddle with her! Coco is going blind too, just like me. I’m actually blind already because my diabetes wasn’t treated, but I heard rumors they are trying to do eye surgery so that I can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR, who rescued us, is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good that I can see again and live a happy life. That’s what the eye specialist said. Wouldn’t that be cool?!?! Oh, how I’d love to be able to see again and not bump into stuff and be able to goof around. I do manage pretty well, even being blind, but I do remember what it was like when I was able to see, and it was pretty neat! I miss it…  Of course I’m housebroken, love people and kids, and I am really good in the crate. I actually kinda like it! My foster family always tells me I’m so lovable and such a pretty girl. I can’t see myself in the mirror, but I hope they are right.  Do you want to find out for yourself?


Bon Bon

March 2017 UPDATE!
Hey, this is BonBon! Guess what?!?! I can see again… ☺  That’s right; I had my cataract surgery in the beginning of March, and it went very well!
So, now I’m just your typical Lab who just happens to be diabetic! I love people, kids and dogs, I’m not a fan of cats, but love to snuggle and play! I also love walks and usually take a couple of naps during the day.  In fact, I actually like being in my crate, which is where I stay when my foster mom has to leave me alone at home.  She always calls me a “good girl!”  So, as you can tell, I’m a very easygoing dog who would love to be your companion and find a forever home. 
I do have two sisters, but - although I love them very much - we don’t have to be adopted together.  Since I do love other dogs, it would be nice to find a forever home with another dog, but I’m also fine with getting all of your loving for myself.
As a reminder, here’s my story:
My two sisters and I are only about 3 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We were rescued by DLRR in May of 2016.  The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet when we got really skinny! When the vet told him we had diabetes, he said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down! Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are so thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots twice a day, just like humans with Type 1 diabetes do. My foster family didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable when you love someone…
What else is there to know about me? I am a super cute girl. I love to sunbathe and chase birds, but one of my favorite things to do is cuddle, I just LOVE it! My foster parents have no choice but to love to cuddle with me too because I just drop into their laps when they sit next to me. Plus my coat is sooooo soft... And my face!!! I tell ya…no one can resist me! Can you?!?



Hi! My name is Coco, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… We are quite popular! My two sisters and I are only 2 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could stay with Bell, because I really like to cuddle with her! Bell is already blind, and I’m unfortunately on my way there because my diabetes wasn’t taken care of in time.  Although my vision is better than Bell’s and am not completely blind, it makes me sad sometimes.  But, good news! Bell and I have seen this doctor who thinks he can do eye surgery so that we can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good though that I can see again and live a happy life. I would really love that because I’ve had it especially rough. You see, I also have valley fever, so it’s taking more time for me to gain weight and get healthy. But I feel like I’m in good care now, and I know they are doing the best they can to help me. You should also know that I’m housebroken, love kids and really like my crate too! I’m super thankful to our foster family, and try to tell them any chance I get by kissing their hands.  Then they pet and kiss me and tell me what a good and sweet girl I am! I love it when they do that… Do you want some kisses from me too?



OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!!! I might be a "senior" but with my super cool meds (tramadol and rimadyl) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being an active sweetheart! Walks? MY FAVORITE! Toys? MY FAVORITE! Toys that squeak? MY FAVORITE! Love and pets? MY FAVORITE! Food? MY FAVORITE! Soft comfy beds? MY FAVORITE! You?? MY FAVORITE! Sorry, I got distracted for a second! My foster mama says I'm her favorite Hershey's kiss, her little mochachino.  I think that's good? I am SO loving and SO fun and SO happy to be with you! I don't require a ton of exercise, but did you see that I LOVE my walks?? I'm a very faithful companion and will take alllllll the loves you can give, but when you're done, I'm happy to go snooze on a bed not too far away from you! I'm perfect in the house (if you don't mind picking up the remains of toys that I enjoy destroying!) and I am an expert at that doggie door thing! I take my food last (do I really have to wait for my foster brother and sister to eat first?) and I don't get territorial with food.  I do LOVE my toys, so if you have another doggie, I'm going to try to play with him or her and I might decide they CAN'T play with my toys,   As long as I have boundaries and a safe place to call my own I'm perfect! My foster mama has a crate with a super cushy bed for me if I want to go into "my" room, but I really don't go in there anymore because I LOVE being with my family! 
So who is perfect for me? A lower energy home with a mama and/or daddy who can appreciate that I love to play and walk, but that I do have my limits.  I need to meet any other doggies and I might have a transition/adjustment period figuring out where I fit in, but once I do, I'm PERFECT! Actually, I'm perfect just the way I am! I do take medicine with each meal - some little pink thing for my thyroid and that awesome Rimadyl and Tramadol to keep me active! Can I meet you and give you super sweet kisses? 



Hello... I am Princess9, a seven-year old chocolate lab mix (possibly doberman) and I would like a fur-ever home with just the right people or person. I am little, but strong, weighing in at about 40 pounds. My foster mom has spent about two months with me now and would like to give her input as to what an ideal home would look like for me. I need a constant companion, preferably someone who is home most or all the day. I am very well-behaved when no one is home, but I like giving and getting attention and would be sad if that couldn't happen most of the day. I love giving you cuddles while you sit on your couch or chair. I love playing ball every morning-I'm really quick to catch and return. I like going for walks but am still learning to not pull when I see other little dogs or rabbits. I am eager to learn and just need you to be the "alpha." Because I get really excited when I see a bunny, you need to be agile and strong enough to remind me not to charge or pull. I am very good with other dogs as long as they are bigger, little dogs do look a bit like bunnies! I have beautiful puppy dog eyes and am told I am very cute. My teenage boy brothers really like me and I like them. I often sleep with one of them, the other one has a kitty who gets his bed. I don't mind the kitties, I'm curious, but respectful of their space. I have met with a very nice veterinarian who said my pancreas needs some help doing its job. What that requires is a safe food for my tummy (about $70/month) from your local PetSmart, a supplement (about $28/month) and some medicine that keeps me "regular" (about $20/month). I really am a healthy little lady other than these things! I have a moderately high level of energy when you have a tennis ball nearby and move quickly around the house-but I also like our down time and take nice naps throughout the day. My foster family is really getting attached to me, so you need to call quickly. Has someone told you to get a companion dog? They were probably talking about me!



Hi! I'm Dannie a 10 year old black lab mix who was given to the great people at DLRR because my owner was sick in the hospital and couldn't take care of me. I'm a big boy, weighing about 72 pounds and I have longer fur so will need some grooming.  My favorite thing is to lay around outside soaking up the sun or displacing my foster siblings on the dog beds inside.  I'm really easy going and have some arthritis so don't move as fast as my foster siblings. My new home will need to keep up with my pain and joint meds. I'm crate trained although i don't need one as I am the perfect gentleman inside the house all day. I don't get on the furniture and I'm happy to lay on my dog beds. I know how to use a dog door too! I'm dog friendly and cat friendly (per my previous owners) The people at DLRR were kind enough to have my teeth cleaned so now I'm good to go! If you want a furry cuddly companion, please call my foster mom.



Hi my name is Maximillian but my friends call me Max. I am a 1 year old, crate trained, neutered and microchipped, lab mix. I am full of fun loving puppy energy! I am looking for my forever home and would love to meet you. Are you available this Saturday, May 20th? If so I will be at Cabela's meet and greet in Glendale from 10am-1pm. My friends and I will be in the store, so please stop by and say hi.
If you live an active lifestyle and are looking for someone to share an adventure with, please consider me. If you are not active but you have another active dog that is looking for companionship, then I may be their new best friend. I love to play, I enjoy long walks, and I can even jog at a good steady pace. I pull a little on my leash but using a harness has helped with that. When hanging out at home, I can be found chewing on my Nyla bone, looking out the window at those passing by, or running around in the back yard. I know how to use the doggy door and when I am in the yard I love to chase birds! I am still full of puppy energy and would benefit from training for basic commands, I think this might be something fun we can do together! I am not much of a barker but I am full of cute Chewbacca sounds.
I originally was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan and had emergency surgery. I have now fully recovered and the hair on my tummy is growing back nicely. My Foster Mom tells me all the time that I am loved and promises me that I will find my forever home. I do have some mild seasonal allergies but this is treated with an over the counter medication. I also have a small blemish on my face that is clearing up nicely with an ointment that the vet gave me. I really just want someone that will care for me, play with me, and give me the love that my Foster family says I deserve. I am best with older kids due to my energy level and prefer a house with no cats.



Cello is not only tall, dark, and handsome, he is also smart, gentle, and affectionate -- the perfect young fellow! We think he is a Lab x Great Dane mix about 4 years old. Typical of both breeds, he is good-natured, cuddly, mellow, and eager to please. He recently had orthopedic surgery to fix a dislocated hip and is well on the road to recovery. He is good with kids and other dogs, but he will need a home where his activity can be carefully controlled for the next 2 months (ie, no roughhousing, running, or jumping) while he finishes healing. He has been surprisingly tolerant of his activity limits so far, but we suspect he will have a need for moderate exercise when he recovers. He should weigh about 85-90 pounds when he finishes putting on some much needed weight. He is house-trained and otherwise trustworthy in the house but gets quite anxious when left alone. His foster family has already seen some progress on this issue using a combination of systematic training and anti-anxiety medication, and we fully expect that with continued training in the right home, this issue can be resolved. 



Hi, I'm Ginger, an 8 year old beautiful chocolate lady. My former owners turned me in to DLRR because they were downsizing. But my foster mom and dad are really nice and they had my teeth cleaned and my nails trimmed. Their vet had to remove 2 teeth and they said I have a small fatty tumor on my tummy that will have to be watched. Other than that, I'm in really good health. I'm a very happy girl, my tail is wagging all the time.  My foster mom tells me that I am so, so sweet and that I'm irresistible when you get to know me. I follow her around the house and have to be the same room she is in. I love my walks in the morning and I try to be good and heel but there are birds and bunnies out there that I want to investigate. I'm really smart and know how to sit, stay, down and give. I love to chase balls and will bring them back to you so you can throw them again.  I'm totally trustworthy in the house and don't counter surf. But my foster mom calls me Roomba, whatever that means. My foster mom and dad are retired so they are home a lot and I'm okay when they leave for a while. I have a foster Lab sister but I have learned to ignore her. I am a really good watchdog too. If you are that very special someone to be my forever family, please call my foster mom.



Hi, they call me Scout, I don't know why, but then again I'm a Puppy and I don't know lots of things. I think I should have been called King or Prince, something really impressive, because I am a beautiful  shiny black lab puppy. My foster thinks along the lines of Marley or Marmaduke or even after Disney's Goofy. I don't care, because I'm still a happy silly puppy. If anybody wants me to come, just a soft whistle will bring me running, tail wagging and happy to see you.
I'm between five and six months old. My foster and lots of the people I meet say I'm really a good looking pup and will be handsome when I grow up, that and really big. I've gained about four pounds in the past couple of weeks and grown about another inch, I am up to 50 pounds already. I'm really good with other dogs, especially my foster brother Boomer. I also go on play dates with another DLRR adoptee just down the street.
Boomer and I wrestle, we chase, we eat and drink and then it's nap time. My foster and Boomer are teaching me a lot of things, like walking on a leash, sitting for treats, playing in the water after walks. We do not have any food protection issues, we share toys, but sometimes we wrestle for them too. We even swap food dishes half way through feeding, the other guys dish always seems so interesting. All I need is a couple of treats and I go in my crate, I don't really like it there when my fosters are gone, but it is my place. They leave the door open when we are home and sometimes that is where I take my naps. I'm house trained, I am not very mouthy for a pup and I tend to be of a gentle nature, which is good because I'm going to grow up to be a big strong dog.
I have had all my shots, wormers and pills since I came to DLRR and of course neutered. I am housebroken.  I don't know about kitties, I have not met one, but I'm pretty laid back about other animals. I will still need some more training on the basic commands, but this is your chance to train me as you want me. I am still shy in new situations but I am getting much better.  
What do I want from the family that adopts me? Lots of hugs and attention (didn't get much before I came to DLRR). A place to run and play. Maybe some bigger  kids, I have not met many of them, but I liked them when I have gone to PetSmart or walking in the neighborhood, and maybe another dog to play with. I really like to eat and I love treats, a back yard to play in, but most of all someone to be with most of the day. I love being with my people.



Pearl is a loving 3 year old yellow small lab mix. She is 45 lbs., but don't tell her that.  She is big on personality.  She loves her humans, and is found frequenly keeping their feet warm.  She is potty trained and has not had one accident in the house!!!!  She is learning the leash.  Pearl was raised in a home with two dogs. She has learned to be protective of her things. She is currently at a home with a submissive lab.  I have not had her around cats. She came from a home with older children. She was  fine with my grandchildren. There are no medical issues. If you want a buddy that will follow you everywhere, love you for life, be super excited when you get home and keep your feet warm, then Pearl is your girl



Stare into my eyes and I will mesmerize you into loving me!  Truly, I have the most beautiful eyes and they gaze upon you lovingly and with curiosity about what you are doing and will it include me?  My name is Arlo and I am a fabulous 16-month-old puppy who has all the puppy energy and none of those well-known puppy behaviors that people talk about (at least that’s what I am keeping under wraps since I started staying with my fosters).  I have three foster siblings – 2 Labs and a Jack Russell.  They all like me and I like them.  We don’t get to play as much as I would like to but I think that’s because they are older but they are teaching me all kinds of new tricks like sit, stay, and come = a yummy treat!  I told my foster that I have had past experiences swimming and going hunting but we have not done that this week because I was just neutered.  When I am not playfully bouncing around, I lay at my foster mom’s feet while she works.  I also used to live with 5 kids and that was awesome.  I do not ever remember living with a cat.  I must admit, I am a little timid upon first meeting new people and I express that with a bark or sometime a little growl but after I get to know a person I want to play or sit in their lap and be loved.  I think an obedience class with my new human is going to be a lot of fun because I am smart and willing to please.  



This little pup is one sweet girl!  She has puppy energy but is very gentle and loves to love on you.  She is a quick learner and very eager to please.  She has learned to use a doggie door, now we are just reinforcing that she needs to use it every time she needs to go potty.  She is really good with kids but might knock a little one down loving on them.  She gets along great with her foster sister and loves to run and play.  She knows how to sit and is walking on a leash.  She's going to make someone a very lucky human!



Manila stole my heart the minute she jumped into my car to be transported to our local kennel until a foster could be arranged. I already had a foster dog but couldn't let this beautiful, sweet girl spend one night there when she had never been allowed inside a house. So I brought her home. If you are looking for a very sweet, mild-mannered young lady then this girl is for you. she is a 4-year old black beauty I call her "Nilla" and I'm pretty sure she understands Spanish more than English, but she is adapting. The first few days took some adjusting to the other female foster we have who has a lot of energy and is tennis ball obsessed! Once Nilla realized she was allowed to chase and retrieve the ball too, she joined in and loves playing with her new fursister now. She had no problems with our older male lab. Nilla has met our cat and is curious, but respectful. Our cat doesn't run from dogs so if he did, you may see her chase yours. Nilla has slept in a crate one night after having a potty accident during the night, but has been left to roam since and is doing fine. She seems a bit confused about all the changes she has gone through the last couple of weeks and is very trusting considering her journey. We have taught her to enjoy marrow bones as she had no idea what to do with it at first. She finally started exploring the toy bin and likes to chew on them and sometimes shred them, but has never touched something not allowed. She counter surfed once-had a nice chicken dinner from Costco-so we learned OUR lesson about leaving yummy things within paws reach. She has only been introduced to older children, but my understanding is she came from a family with kids and does well with them. She will follow you from room to room and likes loves, but isn't demanding of them. Now that she has learned how to climb onto a couch and bed, she loves it! But since this is something new, she would probably follow your rules if not allowed on the furniture. She walks well on a leash and likes all the new smells in our neighborhood. Several times she has climbed into our fountain and walked around, so would probably love a pool. IF you are looking for a young, sweet dog with a great temperament, please call me for a meeting.


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