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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Hi, Charlie (25) here and I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed that my new forever family hasn’t called my foster mom to meet me. I’m a 10 year old big, soft teddy bear and an easy dog to have in your home. I love my morning walks so much that I tend to get a little excited when I see my foster mom get my leash. I’m very good on the leash and the only time I pull is when I see a bunny.  Sure wish I could play with one. I like my naps and going outside to lay around to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. All I really need is for someone to love me, walk me twice a day and feed me breakfast and dinner. See how easy I am? Call my foster mom to meet me, you won’t regret it!
A note from my foster mom: Charlie had a seizure the morning of October 15, 2018 which fortunately did not seem have any long term effect. We took him to the vet and all his bloodwork came back normal. The doctor said it could be a one time thing (paws crossed). We have been watching him closely and he has not had another one this past week.



Meet Allie (3). My name is Allie. Folks around here call me Miss Allie Sweetie Pumpkin. I am enjoying life in my foster home but would really love to have a home of my own. I am trust-worthy in the house, doggie door trained, take treats gently, and just love hanging out with my people. I get along with other kind, respectful dogs, but would be fine as you’re one & only. I am allergic to cats. People pleasing is what I love most - I LOVE human attention. I have some arthritis in my lower back for which Carprofen twice daily has helped me feel so much better and should be continued. I enjoy sleeping in my bed next to everyone, a good diet, treats, and regular exercise; swimming, walks, and playing with balls. I am doing much better walking on a leash. My foster parents love me very much and says there is a lucky family out there just for me! If you are interested in my company and staring into my beautiful, soulful golden eyes, give my foster mom a call.



Hello! I'm Rico, a 9 year old 80 pound black lab who was turned in by my owners to the good people of DLRR. I am very tall (so tall my foster mom laughs and calls me a horse!) I am completely housebroken, am not destructive and I have learned to use the doggie door easily. I had other canine companions at my old home that I got along great with but my smaller foster brothers and sisters intimidated me a lot at our first meeting and I'm still a little wary of them--we share the back yard and toys just fine but when they all gather around me I get a little worried. My foster mom says I will need very slow and patient introductions to any new siblings. I get very excited when I see other dogs walking by or encounter them on walks although I normally walk well on a leash. I know basic commands like "sit" and "give five". I take my treats gently and love to snuggle.



Hi! My name is Jasmine.  I am a beautiful 11 yr old yellow lab mix.  I am a full figured girl with a happy, sweet disposition.  I love my foster fur brothers and sisters.  Foster mom says I have fur like silk.  I have some arthritis that makes me limp a little but I take a pill twice a day so I feel better.  It doesn’t cost much- about $30 a month. I have never had an accident in the house.  I love to be with people and I will take all of the loving I can get.  I just want to be your companion and hang out all day.  If you are looking for a sweet senior then I am your girl.  If interested please call my foster.



Liberty is a spunky 8 month old puppy and weighs about 35-40 pounds. She came to DLRR with three siblings from a pound in New Mexico as a stray. Her siblings have all been adopted and she is anxiously awaiting her family. She is very sweet and a cuddle bug, however she is lacking confidence and needs a family to help her so she's not so scared, someone who will give her unconditional love and training to teach her that life is grand. With confidence and a strong human leader, Liberty will provide a lifetime of companionship, devotion and fun! 



Hi Everyone!  I’m Willow.  I am a beautiful black girl-lab who has spent too much time fending for myself on the streets, and I’m craving a new, permanent fur-ever home.  I came to my foster with my ribs and backbone showing from my time as a stray.  Needless to say, I value feeding time and love my treats.  I have packed on 5ish pounds and now my ribs are hard to find.  I’m a very happy, loving and smart 6 year-old who is excited to be alive with no health issues.  My foster parents love the balance between my youthful exuberance for life, which is demonstrated through bouncing, and my ability to sleep in until they wake up on weekends.  I’m housebroken, obey simple commands, wait patiently for my food (while drooling), walk well on a leash, and learn very quickly.  My fosters let me roam in the house when they are gone, but they put tempting things away, since I’ve been known to counter cruise and dumpster dive (into unsecured trash containers).  I will spend time in my crate, but I can think of lots of better places to be.  I do well as an only dog.  If you want a devoted, gorgeous dog who wants to please and be with family all the time, I’m your gal.  PS - I just had a bath (and I co-operated), and I’m feeling spunky.  I’m tossing my toys in the air and bouncing around the house… give my foster a call and come meet me!



Introducing Marley (19).  DLRR rescued her after her owner was hospitalized and no longer able to care for her.  She is a beautiful 6 year old, yellow female currently weighing in at 82 pounds.  Since arriving at her foster home she has been active and has dropped a few pounds, with continued excercise and light on the treats, she should be at a healthy weight soon.  Marley is an absolute sweetheart.  She is 100% housebroken and completely trustworthy to leave alone in the house uncrated (foster does not have a doggy door).  Since her first night she has slept through the night on her bed in foster's bedroom.  Has not attempted to get up on the furniture (foster mom does not allow).  Gets along well with 3 year old male resident lab and did great when we dog sat the neighbors female lab mix. Cats are unknown, but she is a pretty mellow girl.  Should be fine with children.  Marley has been such a joy to foster and will be a tough one to see leave.  A home with her people home most of the time, frequent leisurley walks (she loves to take in all the new smells) and lots of pets and belly rubs is her wish list for the perfect home!



Hi there! My name is Leyla which means dark beauty and that is just what I am! I'm a 10-year-old, 88 lb beautiful black female. Ok, so maybe I'm a senior black beauty with a few white hairs, but I have all the wisdom and elegance of a mature gal with a little spunk. I love to go for strolls in the neighborhood. I don't pay any attention to people or dogs out and about. I just love getting outside in the beautiful Arizona weather and stretching my legs. I've got to admit, I've got a pretty good pep in my step! I enjoy playing with my soft toys and carrying them around, especially my football. Yeah, I'm a football kid! With my great life of wisdom and elegance, I have developed diabetes, so I have a regular routine of insulin shots twice a day after my meals, along with my treats of Proin to help my little bit of incontinence. I promise I'm housebroken but I do need to go out 3-4 times during the day so having a family member home a lot is best for me. I go right to the door at my foster parent's home and they let me out when I need to go. I don't have any experience with that doggie door thing I've heard about. My shots are no big deal. I take them like a pro and will show you how to do it. I love my wicker crate! It's my sanctuary and I sleep in there at night with the door open, all night without having to outside. I like going in there during the day too just to chill out. I have cataracts which makes seeing a bit of a challenge sometimes, but frankly I do well! I fell in my foster parent's unfenced pool the first day as I was sniffing around checking out the property! Wow, that water was cold! I swam right to some steps and got out. My foster mom was right there coaxing me in. I knew she would have jumped in to save me but I'm a swimmer, so I was fine. Anyway, I could tell she was a wimp and didn't want to get in the cold water! I've not been in again since then, thank you very much, I'll wait until it's warmer. I've been known to freak out a little with lightening, thunder and firecrackers, so please help me avoid or ignore those things. I have a good relationship with dogs of all sizes and I ignore those cats. Kids are ok too. I've got some good life left, so if you are looking for an amazing senior girl to hang out with and take strolls around the neighborhood, you've met your match. Call my foster mom, ask for Leyla and we'll set up a time to meet up and sniff each other out. 


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