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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Hi!  My name is Arthur and I am one big lovable 8-year old yellow English lab.  I have a great personality and I just love to cuddle.  Everyone that meets me falls in love with my looks and personality.  I am good in the house and use a doggie door.  I love to be around other dogs, go for rides in the car and walks in the neighborhood.  I am good on the leash except when I see other dogs.  I want to go see all of them; they make me so excited!
I have been batlling skin allergies for quite some time and I have some scars to show for it.  My foster parents are working with the doctors to help me.  Recently, I have been on medication that works really well.  They also tell me that something insdie me called alymph node is enlarged near my back end and sometimes it's a little hard to go #2.
If you are looking for someone to be by your side and make you smile, I am your guy!  Call my foster parents andlearn more baout me.



Lou is a very mellow, laid back guy. He enjoys going for car rides, getting belly rubs and just being by your side.  He likes to play Frisbee and run around in the backyard, he doesn’t swim but likes to cool off on the steps. If you would like to meet Lou please give his foster a call.



Hi, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Pixie.  Our mom and dad are returning us to DLRR because my dad is very sick.  They rescued us back in 2008.  We love water, retrieving tennis balls and taking naps.  We love children, other dogs and getting our fur brushed.  We are crate trained and bark when we need to go out.  I am the alpha kid and Pixie is ok with that.  We are 8 years old.  If you are looking for 2 mellow ladies, please call.  Oh, Pixie says hi!



Hi I'm Pixie!



Mylie is a 5 1/2 month old little lab mix who weighs about 30 pounds. She was abandoned at the border and someone called into the shelter to have her picked up. This poor baby was taken away from her mama sooner than she should have been but has been living in a home with 3adult Labs who have been showing her the ropes.
Mylie knows the doggie door and is potty trained. She is smart and alert and wanting to learn. Cuddling is one of her favorite past time and having different kinds of toys to play with makes her happy too.
She loves to sleep in bed next to her foster Labs knowing she isn't alone. She is also crate trained when everyone is gone from the house.
Mylie is all puppy and would love another canine friend to play with. She would also do best in a home where her new family won't be gone longer than 4hours a day.
As all puppies go, training will truly benefit her, along with patience and love.
If you are dedicated in the raising of a puppy, please give us a call.


Jasmine (4)

Jasmine is a 2 y/o petite lab discovered in Nogales under horrible circumstances. She was used for breeding and came to the rescue with 4 male puppies. She was skin and bones but her weight is great now and she is a happy eater. She loves having the freedom of a doggie door and is trustworthy when left free in the home but close bedroom doors unless you want her on the beds or in your laundry basket...she steals your socks to sleep with them! :-) She has been worked with on simple commands and manners. She is hyper the first few minutes of walking and then settles down. She was adopted but was returned due to not getting along with the cat. There was extensive time involved with trying to integrate the two and it just didn't work out. So NO kitties in the house with this girl. Unknown around tiny dogs. She gets along with every dog she has come in contact with and bonds with women, takes her time to warm up to men, but loves all attention offered. She is absolutely wonderful with children and would be best in a home with another medium to large well behaved dog that she can play with, bond with, and take example from. She loves playing with her foster brothers and can keep up with the boys just fine. Jasmine needs someone committed to continue her training and showing her how wonderful a dog's life can be.



Big boy Brice was born and bred at Hunt Kennels in the mid-west (date of birth is 12/11/06).  How this handsome yellow hunk found his way to the Nogales border we have no idea, and although he was chipped, his owner was not able to be located but his time was up at the shelter so DLRR stepped in to save him.  Brice appears to have been very well taken care of as well as very much loved (maybe a little too much as he has to lose a couple of pounds).  Don't let his size fool you, this boy gets jiggy with it and  plays like a puppy.  He is not "mouthy" and will give up his toys and bones freely and without issue. He does not beg during dinner and takes treats gently.  He is a true retriever in every sense of the word as he loves the water and squeaky toys and ropes are his favorite.  He is housebroken, doesn't chew anything inappropriate and looks forward to walk time.  He is trustworthy in the house and not a barker.  He is good but somewhat strong on a leash but once he gets the "edge" off, he settles right in and prances like a show pony.  Daily walks and play will be needed to help get his weight down.  He enjoys hanging out in his crate if the door is open and goes in there throughout the day on his own accord.  Brice thrives on being loved on and getting all the attention, so his perfect home would be with someone looking for a best buddy and that either works from home,  is retired or is looking for a traveling companion but with no other dogs that will vie for his attention.  Brice gets excited for rides and jumps right in without hesitation. He really wants to love and be loved so if that sounds like what you are looking for, put Brice at the top of your list for a meet and greet. 



Clover and Amber: age 10  (Sing their song to the tune of Winter Wonderland)
Doorbells ring, we are listenin', Ears alert, eyes are glistenin'
We give guests a fright, waggingly happy tonight.
Living in a Labbie wonderland.
Gone away, are mean people.  Here to stay are real dog people.
We're happy and loved, from fosters and Above.
Living in a Labbie wonderland.
In the yard we run and bark and play, and pretend with birds that we are mean.
They'll say "stop your barking," we'll continue
And joyfully it keeps our figures lean.
Going on, fosters will query, for a home where we can tarry
Where we'll be loved well, until the final bell.
Living in a Labbie wonderland.



Amber and Clover (sing along to "Winter Wonderland")
Door bells ring, we are listenin', ears alert, eyes are glistenin'

We give guests a fright, waggingly happy tonight.
Living in a Labbie wonderland.
Gone away, are mean people.  Here to stay are real dog people.
We are happy and loved, by fosters and Above,
Living in a Labbie wonderland.
In the yard we run and bark and play, and pretend with birds that we are mean.
They"ll say stop your barking, we'll continue.  But joyfully it keeps our figures lean.
Going on, fosters will query, for a home where we can tarry. 
Where we'll be loved well, until the final bell.
Living in a Labbie wonderland.



Gus is a very loving and sweet 4 year old chocolate boy, he is blind in his left eye but that doesn't seem to bother him.  He always has a ball in his mouth and loves to play fetch.  He counter surfs so were working on that.  I've only had him a few days so I don't know much about him yet.  He gets along with his foster sisters and he is crate trained.  He walks pretty good on the leash but will pull a little sometimes.  More to come.



Hi my name is Bruno 4! I am a very lovable 8 year old neutered male. I love all humans and dogs. I haven't met any cats since I've been in my foster home. So, I can't tell you about them. I am housebroken, don't chew or counter surf, and am trustworthy when left alone in the house. One of my new favorite things to do is nap outside in the sun next to the pool. Can you blame me the weather is beautiful here in Arizona. I am working on a healthy nutrition program as a I have some pounds to lose. I'm 112 lbs. so the vet says I should lose about 15 lbs. I do love to go for walks and I am very well behaved on the leash. I have incorporated this into my new healthy lifestyle. When I want some loving I will sit in front of you and put my paw up. This will be your cue to scratch behind my ears or neck. I love that. I also enjoy riding in the car or chasing toys. 



My name is JJ and I am just the sweetest 1 year old puppy whose won the hearts of the people at Desert Lab.
I have had an interesting life so far.  I was found on a reservation months ago and was rescued by a kind stranger when some other dogs were beating up on me.  Recently I was taken in by Desert Lab rescue, and have met some great people and dogs.    I ride great in a car, love to gently play with my foster sister and love to be with my humans --- I love to be with them so much that I climb a 5 1/2 foot wall just to join them in the front yard.  So, my new family will need to have block walls over 6 feet or wrought iron fences.  I'm also a bit thin -- I have been told I have a problem with my pancreas  -- so I will be having a special enzyme powder sprinkled on my food from now on.  And, I am a puppy --- and need to be housebroken  (but I do know the doggie door!).



Gracie9 is a sweet, petite 9 Y/O BNF.  Gracie9 has no vices that I have found.  She is great on a leash, a very mellow girl, but she still has some play left in her.  She loves kids, dogs, horses but haven’t had her around cats (although with her temperament, I’d be surprised if she would pay any attention to them).  She is a sweetheart.
Gracie9 is an owner turn in.  Her bonded dog mate was put down due to health issues and her owners moved to a small apt so couldn’t keep her.  She adapts well and gets into her routine fast.  She sleeps on her bed next to my son, and gets up every morning with a tail wag and a smile.  She is completely housebroken and there is not a mean bone in this girls body.  Her owner found her as a puppy by the side of a road, abandoned with parvo.  She survived that and seems to be grateful for everyday.  She’s a happy girl. 
She takes pills for a skin allergy (in her food), and has occasional ear infections, but other then that she’s in great health. Passed her vet check with flying colors.
Gracie got her name from the movie “Miss Congeniality” and it fits her to a tee.  My husband said she ruins us for other fosters, as she is so perfect.  She is not food or toy aggressive, and has very good dinnertime manners.



Chipper2 is a handsome chocolate male age 5 and weighs 80+ lbs.  Will soon be optimal 85+.  He loves attention, rides well in the car and is ok on the leash.  He knows sit, shake and takes treats gently. While he barked quite a bit at the Barnes and Noble lab event on Saturday, 11/29, he has yet to bark even once in his foster home since then, even as his foster home experiences close coyote yapping every night.  He is  friendly with his foster dog roommate and was very friendly upon coming across two unleashed unfamiliar dogs during his walk of 12/03 evening.  He's wildly happy and waggy upon foster's return home, stays off furniture, and loves to snooze on his dog bed.  He greatly enjoys his daily long walk, doesn't dig in the yard, and doesn't chew on stuff.  He's completely housebroken and used the  dog door after being shown it only once.  He shows no interest in the pool at this time.    Chipper2 is taking daily meds for allergies, including putting jell in his eyes, but he takes it like a champ.  We are not sure if meds are temporary or ongoing. It's really hard to imagine someone giving this big goofy boy up. If you would like to meet him, please call.



MEDICAL NEEDS but what a love! Casey will warm your heart the moment you meet her.  She is a Black Lab, approximately 3 years old, with a beautiful shiny coat.  She has Oreo Blast front paws---they look remarkably the color of blended oreo cookies.  Casey is great with other dogs, as evidenced by how well she is getting along with the three Yellow Labs in the foster family.  She sleeps well on the floor and doesn't seem to have a history of being let up on the furniture.  She is completely housebroken and eats well, even with other dogs around.    She loves to be around the family and the other dogs, and she loves to have her beautiful, silky fur rubbed. She is still on medications for her eyes (she has a form of conjunctivitis) but takes the prescribed eyedrops like a champ!  We're working on not tugging while on the leash, which seems to be her only less-than-perfect habit.  She puts her paw in your lap if she is in need of some ear rubbing, and if you are looking for a love of a girl to join your family and you don't mind keeping up the eye regimen (she is very patient with them),  Casey is the pup for you!  



Caesar is a black lab.  He was surrenedred from his previous owner when one of the family members developed an allergy.   He is a big boy at 140 pounds.  The vet says he needs to lose some weight so he is watching his diet.  He gets along well with other dogs.  We were told that he gets along well with cats but he does like to chase our cat somewhat.  If he catches her he does not hurt her, I thnk he thinks it is a game.  When we tell him no he obeys very well.   He LOVES tennis balls.  He usualy has one in his mouth as he walks around the house.  He loves to play fetch out in the back yard and will bring it back to you.  We found out today that he also likes the Frisbee and will bring that back as well.  We were told that his previous house had small children and the kids used to lay on him to watch TV.   He rides well in the car.  He enjoys his walks as well and does great on a leash.  He likes to stop and smell the bushes.  When we run into other dogs he seems totally unphased by them.   He seems to prefer women but gets along well with everyone.  When I am at work he loves to hang out with my husband.   The vet said he had a skin infection so he is currently on antibiotics for that, but it seems to be doing well. 


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