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My name is Rhodes and I am a 5 year old lovable black male.  I get along great with people but I am a little shy at first, if you have paience to bond with me I am extremely lovable and sweet.  I do have an energetic side and I really enjoy long walks and going swimming.  For the most part, I do enjoy other dogs company but again it takes me a little time to build their trust.  I have been in training and I know how to heel, sit, down, stay and come.  I enjoy training alot so I would love my forever parents to continue my training.  I did jump a 6' fence when left alone so I really need people to stay with me until I am comfortable.  I don't have separation anxiety but I do get bored very quickly.  I am staying with my trainer and her dog right now so if you think I am a good fit, please call my contact and we can set up an appointment to visit together. 
Click here to check out Rhodes in action at Partners!



I am Joey the curious. I am a 9 month old neutered, black male lab mix (my foster and vet think I'm mixed with Beagle). My owners kept me for only 1 short week and surrendered me to the pound. They must have mistaken my puppy behavior and fear for aggression. They told the people at the pound to put me to sleep forever! WHAT!!! I sat in a cement cage for days shaking and shivering from pure fear. Then along came the great lady from Desert Lab Rescue who broke me out of jail for good. My foster Dad keeps checking my head all the time. He says he's looking for horns, but they just aren't there. I'm a pretty good boy for such a young pup. I know sit, down, come and I already walk pretty good on a leash, and I'm potty trained. I fuss a bit in the crate, but settle down with the occasional whine, but really do not like to be in it for an extended time. My foster mom laughs at my puppy antics, especially when I roll around all squiggly like in the grass when I'm wet from swimming. I'm just drying my beautiful fur. I have only chewed on toys, but once I stole my dad's sneaker and ran away with it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play with and chew on my toys, so I will need lots of them to keep me busy. They tell me how smart I am all the time. Like when I figured out if I stayed underneath my foster lab sisters when they go through the DD, I could go too! Then I learned to do it all alone. I love to be with my foster sisters who are teaching me and put me in my place when I get too obnoxious with my puppy self. It's ok, they are helping me to be a better boy. I don't know how much I like kitties because my foster home does not have one. I want to go to a forever home that has a younger doggie that is active enough to keep up with me and tolerate my being a puppy. I still have a lot to learn so my people need to have patience, a plan to help me with training, especially my fears, and they do need to be home a lot. Most of all, my people need to understand I am a puppy, not a monster and I do puppy things. I'm not sure what happened to me before I got to my foster home, but sometimes people scare me and I growl. A home with children or grandchildren would not be good for me because sometimes my growl scares people and they don't understand that I am the one who is afraid. I am taking medication to help me with my fears and may need to stay on it. Love, Joey



Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Doug, but I have totally been renamed Joey after a baby Kangaroo, boing boing boing. I am looking for my fur-ever home. I was found in the middle of an intersection a few months ago by a good Samaritan who contacted DLRR. I am on the older side of the tracks at 8, vet's best guess, but you would never know it because I have serious puppy energy. I am housebroken, great with kids (although they should be older because I am superman strong.) I hang great with my 4 legged foster sister, but I don't need a playmate. I just want a 2 legged family to love me all of the time. I think I am a lap dog! They call us Retrievers because of me, really. I think I coined the term. I will chase anything smaller than myself. So, I can't be in a house with little dogs, cats or little kids (I think we should add birds too!) I am loyal, loving and trustworthy. I would be a great running partner. I am fast. I was almost called trotter because I have such a hop in my step. Please call my foster mom if you think I would be a good match for your family.


Tommy Boy

My name is Tommy and I have had a very rough start in my life but I am sure that I will have a great second chance of being well taken care of and most of all loved.
I am only 5 months old and was brought into the pound by a person that saw me being thrown out of a car and then run over by another one.  I am so loving and happy despite being treated so horribly.
Updates to come after vet care have been administered.
I am now seven months old and after receiving wonderful veterinary care and TLC during my recovery, my vet has given me the thumbs up that my little bones have healed and I am ready for a home of my very own.
I have an older foster doggie brother.  He has been great to hang out with while I have been recuperating, but is not fond of my puppy energy now that i can play like a puppy should.  My wish list would include a doggie sibling, but I am also open to being spoiled rotten as an only pup.
I am very comfortable in my crate, love to chew on my nylabones and consider myself potty trained.  Cats may be too much of a temptation.  I love meeting new doggie playmates, and am sure I would love kids, but have not had a chance to meet any at my foster home.
Tommy Boy is a 7 month old, black lab-mix and a little love bug.  He walks well on the leash (after he has run off some energy).  He rides well in the vehicle, but sometimes needs a confidence boost when he hears loud engine type noises.  He stays off the furniture, but recently accomplished his life-long goal of jumping up on the bed!  He is just a pup, so has not been left alone in the house uncrated.  He is a happy camper in his crate and often takes a nap in his crate when there are numerous other dog beds to choose from.  Has kept his chewing to his toys and lets us know when he needs to go out.  Tommy Boy will be a loyal, loving addition to his future family.



Hi!  I'm Ruger an 8-10 month old black lab mix.  I was found in the Phoenix area by a Good Samaritan who called the Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue and gave me to a loving foster family there.  While I was with my foster family I was diagnosed with Valley Fever.  My Phoenix foster family was very sad to have to transfer me to another foster home in Tucson but it was closer to Arizona's best Valley Fever doctor so my foster mom and dad thought it was the best thing for me.  I miss them.   My new foster family has 2 dogs that I play with all day!  I love playing with my foster brother and sister!  Now that I'm on the road to recovery I'm doing everything a healthy puppy does.  I love to chew toys so my foster mom has to make sure to pick up all the stuffing I throw around and she makes sure that there are no tennis balls around unless she's in the room with me because I love to rip them apart and play with the tiny pieces!  My first foster family had a kitty that didn't like me but I liked her so my new foster family isn't sure how I'd handle having a kitty in my forever home.  I am fully housebroken and know exactly what a doggy door is for!  My foster mom is trying to help me with basic commands and manners but I'm so excited I forget sometimes.  My foster mom says that due to the severity of my sickness with Valley Fever that I will likely need to be on Valley Fever medication for the rest of my life, which means more trips to the veterinarian (or betternarian as I have heard them called!) than other dogs.  I'm a real sweetie and can't wait to find my special forever home.  If you're looking for a companion that will love to take long walks with you, play in the park with you, or just snuggle on the couch or bed with you...I'm your puppy!



Hi!  I'm Emmett but my foster family has been calling me Zuma after a chocolate lab on a popular kids cartoon.  Emmett has been great with his foster family's young children and small dogs.  He doesn't jump up on people but has done some counter surfing when no one is looking.  He is housebroken even though his foster family does not have a doggy door.  He enjoys walks and does well on a leash, he pulls at first but after correcting him he will obey.  He has been a good hiking buddy and learned the way up the trail after going just one time.  He knows a few commands (sit, down, shake) and he responds very well to correction. Emmett rides well in a car and can easily jump in on his own.  He loves plush, squeaky, toys and bully sticks.  One of his favorite activities is to lay outside in the sun and enjoy a good bully stick.  Emmett is such a sweet, mellow, boy that loves to be near his people.  He will need a home with a secure yard and a family that will work on his crate training if they desire.  Even though he has been taking some medication for separation anxiety he would prefer for his forever family to be able to spend a lot of time with him. 



Hi, I am Tucker the Terrific!  DLRR saved me from the pound in Kingman and it was a great save!  I am a very good boy and so very handsome.  I have been in training to learn structure and to learn some manners with other dogs.  My trainer says I am a gentle giant.  I know all commands, can swim with encouragement and I am awesome on the treadmill. 
Some other fabulous things about me are:  calm, excellent in the crate, no barking or digging, obedient, intelligent, loving, couch potato, mellow.
Some things you need to know to help you decide if you are the correct family for me:  I am a dominant but low energy boy.  I will do best in a home as the only dog.  I might be able to get along with a mellow, older, submissive female.  I have a strong prey drive so no cats, bunny rabbits or small dogs.  I MUST have a firm, fair and committed leader who will continue my training and  I also love and MUST have routine.  These things will help me continue to be a great boy and a best friend for my new family. 
Click here to watch Tucker's video "Trained and Ready for Adoption!".



My name is Luke. I am 14 weeks old. I am black with a bit of white on my chest and some white on my toes. I have the cutest nub tail. Sometimes foster mom calls me nubs. I love attention. I love any chew toys. I play tug of war and run after balls. Still figuring out how to return them. I am doggie door and kennel trained. I still have accidents but I'm getting better. Foster mom gave me pillow pets to sleep on and I absolutely love them. Wherever the pillow pets are I sleep on them. I do love following my people around and want to be with them at all times. I also love to talk, not just barking but talking to my people or the other dogs. I get along with other dogs fine, I am still a puppy so I love to play with them big or small dogs. I have never been around cats. My foster family has children and I do play with them. If I'm out in the backyard and my foster mom wants me to come inside she whistles and I'm running in to see what she wants. I will be ready for my forever home after I am altered.



Chewbacca (Chewy) is a smart, playful, adorable chocolate lab mix.  He is now 15 weeks old and has spent the last 6 weeks in a foster family with 3 other dogs (big and small) and young children.  He is incredibly smart and has learned several commands after only a couple attempts.  He will need a home that will be committed to continue training and socializing him.  He loves squeaky plush toys and chasing after balls.  His ideal forever home will have a dog friend for him to play with since playing with his foster brother is his favorite thing to do.  Chewbacca was recently neutered and is ready for adoption! If you would like to meet this smart, adorable and playful pup please call his foster mom for more information.  



Percy is a sweet, very loving 2 year old yellow male.  We don't know much about his past.  Someone found Percy and kept him in the backyard for a week before turning him over to DLRR.  He was very dehydrated and weighed just 49 pounds.  He is eating very well and continues to gain weight.  He has no known health problems.   He would love to find a home with someone who loves labs as much as he loves people....and Percy LOVES people!   He is very much a velcro lab.   He is happiest by your side or in your lap!   It seems he was not only deprived of food and water but also love and attention and he is making up for lost time!   He is really dependent on people and would like someone looking for a constant companion.  He is not completely housebroken yet but working very hard on that and he is making great progress.   He does pretty well on a leash.  Pulls a little initially but responds well to correction.  He rides very well in the car and after a few minutes, curls up and goes to sleep.  He does very well with children and is pretty gentle.  Percy is such a fun lab and an amazing ball player. He has a favorite ball he loves to carry around. He also loves to play frisbee.   He has a lot of energy when it comes to play but in the house he is quiet and well behaved.  He is crate trained and goes in his crate when we aren't home and sleeps quietly in his crate all night, although he would prefer sleeping in bed with his humans!  He gets along great with his foster brothers and sister but really seems to prefer spending his time with people.   Since he still needs work on house training, and is such a people lover, he would be best in a home where he would only be left for short times. He does very well around horses and doesn't bother the cat. He will counter surf and has no problem helping himself to any tasty treats he finds up there!   He is already one amazing pup and with more training, he will be a phenomenal member of the family.  He is looking for someone willing to commit to continuing his training.   I really can't say enough good things about this boy. He is truly one very special lab!



Gracey is a very sweet dog. Sheis about a year old, and is tan with a black muzzle. She tends to be a bit timid, and needs time to adjust to her surroundings. She is not totally housebroken, but we are working on it. She LOVES squeaky toys and will play with them endlessly, often for 45 minutes at a time.  She makes them come alive, flailing them in the air, time and time again!  We have 3 dogs which she took to immediately. She  is getting better on the leash, but still needs work.  Gracey is not comfortable around young kids, so she would do best with a childless home, perhaps retirees, etc. She met my daughter's cat and was quite humorous.  We knelt on the floor next to Gracey with the cat (who is ok with dogs)  and Gracey sort of dug her head into me as  if to say "DON'T  MAKE ME LOOK AT IT!!!  WHAT IS IT, ANYWAY?" Eventually, she sort of nuzzled  into the cat, more out of curiosity, I think. But she seemed just fine with it.
  We crate her when not at home, as well as at night, and she is fine with that. Gracey will get into mischief if  not exercised as needed.  She is a big time chewer, so we have given her things like a KONG, etc to keep her busy.  She rarely barks, even when the doorbell rings. All in all she is a real sweetheart, and I can tell that she will be a wonderful pet for someone!!!



Hello world! I am Athena the curious. I am a sassy little lady at the ripe old age of 10 weeks. I love to run around and play with my brother Grey. We learn new things everyday. So far we have learned how to use the dog door and we are crate trained! We even sleep through a full eight hours at night so you can get your sleep too! My mom and dad think it's a pretty great deal. We aren't quite potty trained yet but we are getting better everyday. Since I am still so young I won't get to go to my new home until I am spayed at about four or five months though. I know I will learn lots more before then. I will need a family to be patient with me. A family that can spend lots of time with me and can give me the training I need. I like to play with other dogs but when my foster brother and sister play with me sometimes it's scary because they are so big. I still try though, so I would love another dog to play with. Maybe my brother Grey? I like him a whole lot and we do everything together. I like cuddles and belly rubs but am still independent and love going on adventures in my back yard to find new things to play with. Call my mom and dad if you want to meet with me. Keep in mind I am still a puppy and have lots of learning and growing to do!



Hi, I am Grey! I am a pretty sweet and snuggly little guy but I also have a mischievous sparkle in my handsome blue eyes. I love to run around and play with my sister Athena. I play rough with her but I let her win and boss me around because I like her. I love my foster brother and sister and want so badly to play with them but they are so big! So I follow them around instead. I am only 10 weeks old but I am growing like a weed. My sister is my buddy and we do everything together. I would love my new home to have another dog to play with me (or to take my sister Athena too so we could stay together)! We learn new things everyday. So far we have learned how to use the dog door and we are crate trained! We even sleep through a full eight hours at night so you can get your sleep too! My mom and dad think it's a pretty great deal. We aren't quite potty trained yet but we are getting better everyday. Since I am still so young I won't get to go to my new home until I am spayed at about four or five months though. I know I will learn lots more before then. I will need a family to be patient with me. A family that can spend lots of time with me and can give me the training I need. I like cuddles and belly rubs but my favorite is playing with my sister or following her around. Call my mom and dad if you want to meet with me. Keep in mind I am still a puppy and have lots of learning and growing to do!



If you are looking to rescue the sweetest senior girl who has been through a lot in her life then Olive is for you. She lived in a backyard with her sister till the pitbulls next door dug under the fence and killed her sister. The owners then surrendered Olive to DLRR. She is such a happy girl it looks like she is smiling. She gets along great with dogs and cats and loves all people including kids. She is housebroken and trustworthy in the house alone. She has bad hips but has started medication that should help. She could stand to lose some weight as well. She is definitely a lab mixed with something with a large body and short legs. We think a Corgie. She loves to take little walks and relax outside. If you are looking for a sweet mellow companion that has great manners and a cute personality then please meet Olive. She would be thrilled to live with or without other pets ... Just wants companionship. She deserves to live out her life in a loving home.



I am a petite black female that is super sweet, super loving and super adorable.  I am 10 years old and have some hip issues but please meet me before judging from that.  10 might be the new 5 for me because I act very young for my age and you would never know my hips bother me because I never act like it.  I love all humans that I meet anywhere.  I met an about 12 year old boy the other day and really liked him!  I get told by strangers on walks how cute I am and I am looking for lots of love and attention from my new family.
I am cautious around my fellow canines and have been around some other fur friends but a slow introduction is probably best for me.  I am quite certain I would also love to have the humans all to myself.   I have met some cats in their cages and found them to be very interesting.  Not sure how I would react to them running around.  If you are looking for a spunky "older" girl who will be a loyal BFF I am the one for you! 



Meet Clarence – a handsome, affectionate black lab with a little white patch on his chest. He is about 1-1/2 years old and pretty calm for his age, although he enjoys running and playing with his foster brother. Clarence would love to be a lap dog if he could, but he is happy to have tummy rubs, pats, and ear and chin skritches for as long as you can dish them out.
He was dropped off at an animal shelter but we don’t know why or by whom, so his past is a bit of a mystery. He is crate trained, although he doesn’t like it and is a bit of an escape artist. He is mostly housetrained, knows how to sit on command, and walks pretty well on a lead, given a little leeway for stopping and sniffing, He settles down in a car once the trip is underway, but he needs some work on learning how to jump into the vehicle.
Clarence gets along great with people and other dogs. Cats are an unknown, but he doesn’t seem inclined to run and chase other animals in general. He’s mostly just a very loving, good-natured boy who wants nothing more than to be with his people and be loved in return.    



Shane is going to make a lucky family very, very happy.  He is SUCH a good boy!  He is totally in love with his people and wants nothing more than to be near you.  Shane's tail wags ALL the time, no matter what position he is in.  If you get close to him or even look at him, his tail wags like crazy and his whole back end wiggles, too!  Shane was turned in to the pound in Nogales by his family for unknown reasons.  Hard to believe anyone would give up this boy because he is The Complete Package!  He is housebroken, uses a dog door, rides nicely in the car, gets along well with the resident Lab in his foster home, and also did well when meeting a cat recently.   Shane walks nicely on a leash during neighborhood walks after the initial energy and excitement wear off.  It appears that he is very smart, as in only one day, he learned that he gets a treat after his last trip outside before bedtime.  He also learned "Sit" in no time!  He sleeps on the floor or a dogbed in his foster parents' bedroom at night.  He is not crated when his people go out and has not disturbed anything in the house.  Shane wants very much to please and he should be very easy to train. Due to his gentleness, we think he'd fit perfectly with children of any age.  He is a sweet and handsome boy who will love you to the moon and back!


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