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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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Mylie is ALL ears and she thinks she heard you say you would love to take her home!!!
Mylie came to DLRR as a stray from the border. She was only 7 weeks old, scared, and too young to be taken away from her mama. She was as cute as a button with crazy ears, but looking like your  typical lab puppy.  She is now 8 months old and still waiting to find her forever home.
 In her foster home, she was greeted by three adults Labs, who took her under their wings. They played, nurtured, loved, coached and trained her to feel part of the pack. Even though she is still a pup, Mylie has learned so much. She is completely potty and crate trained. Runs through the doggie door like a champ. Loves all toys that are given to her and will play with them for hours. She also enjoys taking walks and of course getting her canine friends to play and wrestle with her. She would love to be able to join a puppy class to show you how smart she really is.  When everyone else is resting, she is right there with them, laying by them or curled up next to her foster mom. There isn’t a human or canine she doesn’t like and always tries to please. One of her favorite things is to nestle at your feet when you are sitting or just relaxing.
You probably can tell she might have a little of this or that in her other than Lab, but she has many Lab traits especially when it comes to temperament and personality. She will follow you around the house like a Lab, she loves to be loved like a Lab, she is food focused like a Lab and she is smart like a Lab. She is all legs, has cute and funny looking ears, a lean body and a sweeping tail that sometimes curls a bit at the end. She weighs about 40 to 45 pounds.
This sweet little girl deserves to become part of a forever family and grow up to be a beautiful adult. Mylie would love to have canine companions and someone who isn’t gone long hours. Even if you don’t have any other dogs, but are very active, she would enjoy becoming your running or hiking friend. Will you be the one to give this precious girl a chance?  Mylie has shown how much she has appreciated her foster mom and canine friends, but would love to rest her head in a home she can call her very own.
Please call if you think you are a match. Thank you
We are discounting Mylie's adoption fee to $175.00.



Hello, my name is Maysa.  I am an 8 year old active girl but what people notice first is my pink nose.  Many tell me my pink nose fits my sassy personality.  DLRR's vet has looked my nose over and advised that my sunning days be short so as to not cause any more damage to my nose.  The vet's diagnosis is DLE (Discoid Lupus Erythematosus), the kind that affects the color of my skin - like my nose.  My medical condition is currently being treated with medication, which will need to be continued by my new family.  This is definately a manageable condition for me and we are working on getting my nose looking better.  I also have to use sunscreen daily because UV exposure plays a role in this disease.  In addition to my DLE, I have some joint issues that are being cared for now before I get much older - it's a preventative thing.  I am on prescription food for my joints, a joint supplement and fish oil long term and maybe later, I might need daily anti-inflammatories.  So, it's really important that I stay somewhat active and slim. 
I fit in nicely at my foster home - I have two labbie foster siblings, a cocker spaniel foster sister and a cat!  I enjoy the daily walks, fluffy dog beds and head rubs AND HUMANS.  I am left to wander the house during the day with my foster siblings, so I can be trusted alone in the house while you are away.  My foster mom tried to convince me that I should be introducted to a crate, but I found no use for it.  I am housebroken and love the flexibility of a doggie door.  Sometimes I like to sit out on the back porch and watch the birds and take in the sun for a bit.   I am not food or treat aggressive; I love a good marrow bone or bully stick on a daily basis.  I really, really enjoy the companionship and hugs, and give many kisses.  Some of my dislikes include the heat, but I get around that with an afternoon playing in the hose, and thunderstorms. 



Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?  Please stand up!  My name is Wesley A.K.A. Slim Shady.  I'm not quite as labby as most in this newsletter or even close for that matter, but I sure am a little stud muffin.  I am grateful to DLRR for saving me from the pound.  I have been through a LOT.   I have overcome homelessness, tick fever, a flea infestation, bad teeth, and kennel cough.  I had to have 19 teeth pulled, but still have 23 pearly whites to chew on bones with.  I am a bit protective of my dog bones, but dude....their dog bones and I love them.  My coat is a bit rough, but my pawster mom is feeding me the good stuff and it's starting to shine a bit.  I even let her brush me and oh boy it feels good.   Even though I was tossed like a used rag, I am a pretty happy little dude.  I'm also dang smart.  Who says you have to be a pure breed to be happy, smart and handsome?  Dude, trust me.  I may be small and light weight, but I am WAY cool.  Wanna know how smart my pawster mom thinks I am?  She basically said "Use the doggie door."  Viola!  I am now doggie door trained.  I'm cool with my pawster mom's cat, but sometimes chase him so I would need to be introduced to your cat.   I'm a pro on the leash.  I don't bark much, but I do sometimes partake in the howling requirement that comes with passing trains.  I'm getting better at not counter surfing.  My pawster mom tells me no and I totallly stop.  Why? Because I'm totally cool that way.   I have to admit being and inside/outside dog is MUCH better than being a desert dog.  I'm adjusting well.  I do have to confess that I did mark a basketball, but that was the ONLY thing I marked.   I have three pawster sisters and LOVE them all.   I also have a pawster brother who is availalbe for adoption.  He and I have become BFF's. Check out Chandler's profile, he's as handsome and smart as me.  I do get along with male and female dogs, but I am a bit picky about male dogs.  It seems if they are uber hyper or have that wild dominate thing going, it isn't gonna be a good fit for me.  OH!  You should see me stretch!  I have been told that I have the perfect downward dog pose.   My pawster mom has seen me around kids.  Older ones are fine, but the young ones who jump around and make a lot of noise I prefer not to be around.   
I love my pawster family and they treat me like one of their own, but I know this isn't my forever home.  I'm happy here, but I know my perfect family is out there.  I can't wait to be in my forever home!  Are you my forever family?



> Ebony is a 3 year old medium black female lab mix. She was found wandering Phoenix with a yellow male lab. When she came to DLRR she had a belly full of rocks and tested positive for heart worm which she has been treated for. When she came to her foster home she was quiet, somewhat of a velcro dog, a finicky eater, and a bit snarky towards other dogs (no wonder...she was not feeling very good). Foster Mom did supervised introductions to all Foster dogs and she does well with 2 of the 3. Through no fault of her own one of her Foster sisters is a bit bossy so their contact is limited to short and sweet. Since she has undergone treatment for heart worm she is feeling so much better. She has gained energy, her personality has blossomed, she is no longer a finicky eater and enjoys lots of treats. She walks light on a leash except when she sees critters which she likes to chase. She does not pull hard and responds immediately to minimum correction. She does zig zag which foster Mom is working on. Because of the heart worm treatments, Ebony has been on restricted exercise so will need minimal, additional leash training. She is crate trained and house broken. Foster home does not have DD but Ebony is very smart and will learn quickly. She has been a delight to foster and will make an excellent addition to the lucky family that gets to adopt her. No cats, unsure of small children. This girl is a love!



Please also see the bio on Little Sis as these two sisters are adoptable as a pair. Ebony is a black lab, about 1 year old. She is slightly larger than Little Sis, but these two sisters are on the smaller side. Ebony is VERY cute (just like Little Sis) and sweet. A licker!  Ebony is inconsistently housebroken meaning she may have some accidents until fully trained. She loves playing. Loves other dogs and kids, but Ebony and Little Sis' play may be a little rough for young children (also both Ebony and Little Sis are very vocal when they play). Be sure to clear counters, etc. though. Likes to hike. Loves to sit for treats. No known medical issues.


Little sis

Little Sis is a little black lab, about 1 year old. She and her big sister Ebony 5 are very attached to each other and we'd like them to get adopted together. Little Sis loves to gives kisses. She listens well (better than Ebony) and is VERY sweet. She is smaller than Ebony. Little Sis is content to lay on her bed and chew her hoofie. She also likes to follow me around. Inconsistently housebroken. With an open door or a doggie door, she goes outside. She and Ebony5  love to chase each other so a good size yard would be great so she can stretch her legs. I don't know whether she gets along with cats or whether she likes to swim. She likes other dogs and kids, but because she and Ebony play rough, I wouldn't suggest any little kids in the home (as they might get knocked over). Little Sis is just one sweet warm lovable dog and loves being nurtured.  She does make a racket when playing with her sister. Rides well in the car. Loves to walk although when walked with Ebony 5, they pull. Training would do both of them some good.  



Hi y'all...I'm Dixie! I'm a beautiful, sweet, loving about 2 year old girl who is looking for my forever home. I weigh about 50 pounds, which sounds like the perfect size. I love to be around all kinds of people and want to be involved in whatever everyone is doing.
I have been in training to learn some basic manners and basic commands. I have done very well and I have learned a lot by being a good listener. I will need someone who is a strong leader and will continue my training so I can continue to be a great dog.
It turns out I'm a little selective about my dog friends. It's all about energy for me and I have to just say no to any fur friends that are aggressive or dominant. A meet and greet would be a must or I can be the only dog and have the people all to myself! :)
I'm also a NO to cats and small dogs (and bunnies).


Annie Oakley

Hi, I am Annie Oakley and I am a very special dog! So special in fact that those lovely people at DLRR rescued me from the forest up north where I was a stray, and made me an honorary Lab. I am actually a hound mix with a little bit of lab thrown in perhaps? ;) I am about seven years old, (but I act much younger), and I am an absolute sweetheart who adores being around people as much as possible, including older children, I haven't been around younger children yet. I am housebroken and house trained, and use the doggy door. I have also learned how to sit, and I am learning how to lie down and stay. I am also great on a leash. I am very eager to please and want to make my foster family happy. I am a bit unpredictable around cats so it is probably better that I am in a cat free home, and I am somwehat nervous around other dogs too at first, but once I get used to them I am fine. I love my foster brothers and love to play with them. I have an old hip injury which is now healed and doesn't slow me down, and I like going for walks and will need regular exercise. My favorite thing in the whole word is bully sticks, although I am rather partial to milk bones too. I am a very sweet, gentle, and loving lady who is looking for a home with a family who will care for me forever. Why don't you give my foster family a call so you can meet me for yourself? Once you look into my gentle eyes you will be hooked I promise! 



Bow wow wow, yippee yo, yippee yay.  Hey y’all.  My name is Chandler.  I’m 2 years old and from El Paso, Texas.  I bet you’re wondering how the heck I made it to Arizona from Texas.  By CAR!  Bhahahaha.  Even dogs can have a sense of humor.  All kidding aside, I was born in a kennel and was one of 270 plus dogs taken from a hoarding case out of New Mexico.  It was pretty bad. The area I was in didn’t have a lot of shelters so these awesome people from a dog boarding place in El Paso took me in along with my brother and several other dogs.  I was only 4 months old at the time and grew up at the boarding facility.  The facility would put me with the scared dogs because I would calm them.  They couldn’t find me a home so they contacted Desert Lab and I was driven to Arizona and placed into foster.  I have a lot to learn about being a house dog, but I know that I will get the hang of it.
I learned the doggie door and adapted to my foster brothers and sisters really quickly.  Yes, I know I’m a mix and it’s fairly obvious what I’m mixed with.  It’s also obvious how good looking I am. Being inside the house is really odd. The TV thing is weird to me, but I didn't mind my pawster mom vacuuming.  Cats are okay.  My foster kitty bro was being really cool with me, but then out of the blue started hissing and swatted me a good one.  I’m embarrassed to say I ran.  We're still on good terms.   I do still have that puppy behavior and energy thing going on.  I like to jump, chew, counter surf and sneak into bed with my pawster mom.  Unfortunately, I'm not very stealth like as I tend to jump on her and give her kisses.   Although my pawster mom has never seen me around kids, the facility where I grew up at says I'm good with them.  I think kids who are old enough for me not to knock over and teach me not to jump would be a good companion for me.  I am a super sweet dude, who needs a forever home with patience while I learn about the human world.  Hopefully, with another dog and someone who is active and likes to throw the ball.  My pawster brother Wesley, who is also up for adoption, is totally cool.  We are BFF's.  



Venus's Victories!
This beautiful, tall, elegant one-year old lady is learning that not everyone is dangerous.  She now likes being pampered and petted and has decided that being close to at least some humans is OK.  She is still wary of strangers but has accepted her fosters and is particularly attached to foster mama...shadowing her every move.  Jumping on the bed was a cinch to learn with her long legs and she opted for that pretty quickly, letting foster brother have his kennel back at night.  It was harder learning to jump down but finally, she liked the idea of belly- sliding over the edge until her feet hit the floor.  Two Labs are visiting while their fosters vacation and all four dogs are doing great together.  Venus has even learned to wag her tail!  There are lessons still to be learned and with guidance and ideas from a professional trainer, we all are working to let this precious girl know that the world is a kinder, gentler place than the abusive situaiton she suffered in her first year of life.  Stay tuned.



Oakley is a chocolate male that is 5 years young.  He is a big boy with a loving heart and a gentle soul.  He came to DLRR from PACC as a stray so we do not know a lot about his history.  Unfortunately, as many dogs do, he picked up kennel cough at PACC.  I brought him to my house because I could quarantine him without keeping him in a kennel.  He has been an easy houseguest.  He is completely house trained with no accidents and has not even chewed or bothered anything in the house.  I have not introduced him to my pack of dogs yet because he is just getting over the kennel cough but he was housed with other dogs while at pack and did fine with them. I do not think children would be an issue as he is kind and gentle however he is on the large side so small children would need supervision.  Cats are unknown.  He is a big hunk of chocolate love and would make a really wonderful addition to someones family.



Chuck is a playful, affectionate male yellow lab who is around 1-1/2 years old and about 65 lbs. We don’t know much about his past – he was found abandoned in the desert – but someone taught him a few things as he is housetrained and comfortable with being crated. He is easily handled (no growling or snapping) and very trainable but still a “diamond in the rough” at this point. He has learned “sit” pretty well, but “stay” is a work in progress. He also needs some guidance on leash manners because he is eager to go everywhere and sniff everything.
Chuck loves to play, play, play, although he is most active later in the afternoon and in the evening – he may be familiar with school /work schedules. He gets along well with his English Springer Spaniel foster sister, although she is 8 years his senior and doesn’t want to play nearly as much as he does. He loves toys, chew bones and running, and would do well in home with a yard or with regular daily walks/runs (or both!). Not sure how he does with swimming, but he’s a Lab – it wouldn’t take much to get him accustomed to a pool. Also not sure about cats, as his foster home is feline-free.
In a household with children, grade-school age or older (6+) might be better, only because he is young himself and at this age, his energy during play time could be overwhelming for the smallest ones. (That all depends on the family and the kids themselves, of course.) And Chuck does have his “chill” time when he just lounges in the family room or takes a nap on the doggie bed. He is certainly affectionate enough for any age and loves people. He’s a handsome, good-natured boy who is just waiting to meet his new forever family!


Dogs Awaiting a Foster Home...

Pretty Boy

I'm a super sweet and adorable about 2 year old, 50 pound black boy. I'm a little timid and some things make me nervous but I love to be loved on and I will love you back. I need someone with patience to teach me how to be a dog, teach me to have fun and build my confidence. I'm very good on the leash. The car is not my favorite place but once I'm in I prefer being loose instead of in a crate and like to sit and look out the window. I was tested with other dogs where I came from (did very good, no issues for me) but a meet and greet is always a good idea. I'm unknown around cats and children.