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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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[UPDATE Chrissy has settled into her foster home nicely.  She has gained a lot of strength in her back legs and is now walking several times a day.  As a result of dieting and exercise, Chrissy is down to 100 pounds!  She could probably lose another 5-10 pounds, but she is on track to achieve that summer swimsuit figure.  She recently attended an event at PetSmart and did wonderfully when meeting people and other dogs.  As a matter of fact, she found a cool spot in the middle of the store so that she could watch all of those people and dogs coming and going; she enjoyed the people watching.] Chrissy is part of a bonded pair - to her brother Bear.  Chrissy is sweet, and gorgous, but has been known to be the alpha between her and Bear.  Chrissy is 7.5 years old and was previously adopted over 6 years ago by DLRR, however, Chrissy and Bear have been returned to DLRR, through no fault of their own.  Chrissy is a big girl weighing in at around 110 pounds.  She is currently on a restricted diet to help her regain her waistline.  She is housebroken, but again, due to her size, an XL doggie door will be needed.   She is okay with other dogs, but small dogs might be problematic because she does NOT like cats.  She's okay with children, smaller children would not be recommended again, merely because of her size. 
She rides well in a car, but walks are a bit of a struggle.  Her back legs are a bit weak but are getting a bit better each day, so long walks are not good for her, although she is good on a leash.  She has been very good in her new foster home, and we are learning more each day about her.  I just can't emphasize just how sweet this pair is; you need to meet them to understand.  The family that adopts Chrissy and Bear will need a big heart because these two will melt it! 



Mylie is ALL ears and she thinks she heard you say you would love to take her home!!!
Mylie came to DLRR as a stray from the border. She was only 7 weeks old, scared, and too young to be taken away from her mama. She was as cute as a button with crazy ears, but looking like your  typical lab puppy.  She is now 8 months old and still waiting to find her forever home.
 In her foster home, she was greeted by three adults Labs, who took her under their wings. They played, nurtured, loved, coached and trained her to feel part of the pack. Even though she is still a pup, Mylie has learned so much. She is completely potty and crate trained. Runs through the doggie door like a champ. Loves all toys that are given to her and will play with them for hours. She also enjoys taking walks and of course getting her canine friends to play and wrestle with her. She would love to be able to join a puppy class to show you how smart she really is.  When everyone else is resting, she is right there with them, laying by them or curled up next to her foster mom. There isn’t a human or canine she doesn’t like and always tries to please. One of her favorite things is to nestle at your feet when you are sitting or just relaxing.
You probably can tell she might have a little of this or that in her other than Lab, but she has many Lab traits especially when it comes to temperament and personality. She will follow you around the house like a Lab, she loves to be loved like a Lab, she is food focused like a Lab and she is smart like a Lab. She is all legs, has cute and funny looking ears, a lean body and a sweeping tail that sometimes curls a bit at the end. She weighs about 40 to 45 pounds.
This sweet little girl deserves to become part of a forever family and grow up to be a beautiful adult. Mylie would love to have canine companions and someone who isn’t gone long hours. Even if you don’t have any other dogs, but are very active, she would enjoy becoming your running or hiking friend. Will you be the one to give this precious girl a chance?  Mylie has shown how much she has appreciated her foster mom and canine friends, but would love to rest her head in a home she can call her very own.
Please call if you think you are a match. Thank you
We are discounting Mylie's adoption fee to $175.00.



[UPDATE:  I have been with my foster family for 4 months now.  My foster mom calls me the complete package-great personality, get along with other cats and dogs, love walks, never leave your side, and give kisses.  What more could anyone want?]  Hello, my name is Maysa.  I am an 8 year old girl taking some time to enjoy these days out of the pound. I am not certain how long I was there, but DLRR rescued me from the pound E-List because I have a pink nose.  Many tell me my pink nose fits my sassy personality.  DLRR's vet has looked my nose over and advised that my sunning days be short so as to not cause any more damage to my nose.  The vet's diagnosis is DLE (Discoid Lupus Erythematosus), the kind that affects the color of my skin - like my nose.  My medical condition is currently being treated with medication, which will need to be continued by my new family.  This is definately a manageable condition for me and we are working on getting my nose looking better.  I also have to use sunscreen daily because UV exposure plays a role in this disease.  In addition to my DLE, I have some joint issues that are being cared for now before I get much older - it's a preventative thing.  I am on prescription food for my joints, a joint supplement and fish oil long term and maybe later, I might need daily anti-inflammatories.  So, it's really important that I stay somewhat active and slim. 
I fit in nicely at my foster home - I have two labbie foster siblings, a cocker spaniel foster sister and a cat!  I enjoy the daily walks, fluffy dog beds and head rubs AND HUMANS.  I am left to wander the house during the day with my foster siblings, so I can be trusted alone in the house while you are away.  My foster mom tried to convince me that I should be introducted to a crate, but I found no use for it.  I am housebroken and love the flexibility of a doggie door.  Sometimes I like to sit out on the back porch and watch the birds and take in the sun for a bit.   I am not food or treat aggressive; I love a good marrow bone or bully stick on a daily basis.  I really, really enjoy the companionship and hugs, and give many kisses. 



[UPDATE As big and gentle and sweet Bear is, we are pleased to announce there's a bit less of him.  Bear now weighs in at 140 pounds!  This is a 25 pound weight loss for Bear since being with DLRR.  He is doing well at his foster home with daily walks and a disciplined diet.  Bear can still lose about another 20 pounds; he's over halfway there!  Bear loves people and would really like to find his forever home.  This big guy just wants to be a part of a family that wants to love on him and spend time with him.  His favorite spot at night?  At your side while you sit in your recliner!]   How do you introduce Bear?  Think big, gorgous teddy bear....all 154 pounds of him!  Bear, and his sister Chrissy, were returned to DLRR recently, through no fault of their own. These two are a bonded pair and need to find a home together.  Both are 7.5 years old and as sweet as they come - despite their size.  Bear is currently on a restricted diet and his new family will need to remain committed to his weight loss.  He came into us weighing 165 pounds and is down 11 pounds in a few weeks. Bear loves people and other dogs, but strongly dislikes cats!  Bear's biggest problem is he doesn't seem to realize how big he is and tends to just move everyone and everything out of his way, without realizing it's because of his size.  He truly wants to be a lap dog and given the opportunity, he will try to get as close to your lap as possible.  He walks well on a leash, but is very strong.  He is housebroken, but will need an XXL doggie door.  This big guy will melt your heart.



This sweet pair has all the Southern charm you would expect with names like Duke and Sugar. When Duke's sister from another mister was separated from him he was heartbroken. When the two were finally reunited thanks to Desert Lab, Duke transformed into jubilant dog at the sight of her. Duke and Sugar did not have the easiest of lives before they met one another but have found true happiness and an unbreakable bond. They love walks, playing with their foster brother and sister dogs, car rides, belly rubs and cuddling. They know how to use the dog door, basic commands, are housebroken, love kids and are pretty easy going about everything else. I would love to continue to gush about them so please call to find out more!



This sweet pair has all the Southern charm you would expect with names like Duke and Sugar. When Duke's sister from another mister was separated from him he was heartbroken. When the two were finally reunited thanks to Desert Lab, Duke transformed into jubilant dog at the sight of her. Duke and Sugar did not have the easiest of lives before they met one another but have found true happiness and an unbreakable bond. They love walks, playing with their foster brother and sister dogs, car rides, belly rubs and cuddling. They know how to use the dog door, basic commands, are housebroken, love kids and are pretty easy going about everything else. I would love to continue to gush about them so please call to find out more!



Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?  Please stand up!  My name is Wesley A.K.A. Slim Shady.  I'm not quite as labby as most in this newsletter or even close for that matter, but I sure am a little stud muffin.  I am grateful to DLRR for saving me from the pound.  I have been through a LOT.   I have overcome homelessness, tick fever, a flea infestation, and kennel cough.  My hair is missing in some spots and my coat is a bit rough, but my pawster mom is feeding me the good stuff and it's starting to shine a bit.  I even let her brush me and oh boy it feels good.  My hair is slowly getting softer too.  Even though I was tossed like a used rag, I am a pretty happy little dude.  I'm also dang smart.  Who says you have to be a pure breed to be happy, smart and handsome?  Dude, trust me.  I may be small and light weight, but I am WAY cool.  The only time I'm not cool is when my pawster mom gets home from work.  I just can't contain my excitment!  Wanna know how smart my pawster mom thinks I am?  She basically said "Use the doggie door."  Viola!  I am now doggie door trained.  I don't bark a lot, but I do like to chase cats.  I've never really seen one and I want to check them out, but they always run and hide.  So my pawster mom isn't 100% sure about cats, but thinks I would be fine if introduced properly.  I'm a pro on the leash.  Even though I don't bark much, I do enjoy howling at passing trains, but I think that's normal dog behavior. I do like to counter surf on occasion, so I need some training in that area.  My pawster mom tells me no and I totallly stop.  Why? Because I'm totally cool that way.  My pawster mom thinks I grew up outside, with minimal interaction with people.  She is surprised at how well I behave inside.  I do have to confess that I did mark a basketball, but that was the ONLY thing I marked.  So she thinks I'm doing pretty well at acclimating to being an inside/outside dog.  I have three pawster sisters and LOVE them all.  My youngest pawster sister wants to play with me, but I'm still trying to get my energy back.  OH!  You should see me stretch!  I am so limber that my pawster mom thinks normal lab issues like bad hips isn't gonna be a problem for me.  My pawster mom hasn't seen me around kids, but she thinks I will be fine around them.
I love my pawster family and they treat me like one of their own, but I know this isn't my forever home.  I'm happy here, but I know my perfect family is out there.  I can't wait to be in my forever home!  Are you my forever family?



Please also see the bio on Little Sis as these two sisters are adoptable as a pair. Ebony is a black lab, about 1 year old. She is slightly larger than Little Sis, but these two sisters are on the smaller side. Ebony is VERY cute (just like Little Sis) and sweet. A licker!  Ebony is inconsistently housebroken meaning she may have some accidents until fully trained. She loves playing. Loves other dogs and kids, but Ebony and Little Sis' play may be a little rough for young children (also both Ebony and Little Sis are very vocal when they play). Be sure to clear counters, etc. though. Likes to hike. Loves to sit for treats. No known medical issues.


Little sis

Little Sis is a little black lab, about 1 year old. She and her big sister Ebony 5 are very attached to each other and we'd like them to get adopted together. Little Sis loves to gives kisses. She listens well (better than Ebony) and is VERY sweet. She is smaller than Ebony. Little Sis is content to lay on her bed and chew her hoofie. She also likes to follow me around. Inconsistently housebroken. With an open door or a doggie door, she goes outside. She and Ebony5  love to chase each other so a good size yard would be great so she can stretch her legs. I don't know whether she gets along with cats or whether she likes to swim. She likes other dogs and kids, but because she and Ebony play rough, I wouldn't suggest any little kids in the home (as they might get knocked over). Little Sis is just one sweet warm lovable dog and loves being nurtured.  She does make a racket when playing with her sister. Rides well in the car. Loves to walk although when walked with Ebony 5, they pull. Training would do both of them some good.  



Hatch came to DLRR two months ago as a stray, so little is known about him prior to his arrival to DLRR.  However, what we have learned in these last two months is this dog is amazing!  Hatch is a housebroken, 4 year old fox red male lab with no known medical conditions.  What we learned within the first week is that Hatch loves to be around people and does not like crates.  However, he has been in intensive training these last few months.  A local dog trainer volunteered to foster Hatch and work with him.  Hatch runs/walks an average of 40 miles per week, but does not need to maintain that level of exercise.  He is in a household with a foster brother fox red labbie, so he gets along with other dogs.  He may be indifferent to another dog in the household, but does seem to enjoy the companionship from time to time.  Hatch accompanies his foster parents and foster brother weekly at local eating establishments in the Gilbert area.  Hatch tends to draw a crowd to him wherever he goes, little kids included. Hatch loves those hugs from kids around his neck.  Hatch is an ultimate gentleman while away from home.  He has mastered many things like sit and stay, on lease and off.  Hatch accompanies his foster dad on Saturday mornings during dog training classes conducted by his foster dad at a local Gilbert park.  While Hatch has been a great dog to this point, some training remains and his new family will have to be committed to his training.  Since Hatch loves to be with people, Hatch will climb over walls when left unattended in the back yard.  If Hatch hears someone on the other side of the wall, he feels compelled to join the conversation on the other side of the wall.  Or if his foster parents leave the household, Hatch will climb the wall and will wait on the driveway for their return; Hatch does not run away.  While it was believed that Hatch had overcome this need to climb walls, he started at it again in the last week.  He was successfull for almost a month before feeling the need to climb the fence again.  In addition, Hatch is not a fan of crates, but his new family will have to be committed to continue showing him that a crate can be a safe place.  He does experience some anxiety when left alone, so ideally, Hatch's new family can not be away from the home for long extended periods of time.  If you think Hatch might be a good fit for your family, please contact his foster parents so that they can discuss Hatch's ideal home and his continued training. 



Sophia is 14 weeks old now and ready for her forever home.  She is a lab mix with a beautiful white butterfly mark on her chest.  She is very playful, smart and loves people and dogs, she is with 4 foster brothers who adore her especially Noah who she likes to wrestle with.  She doesn't puppy bite, just gives kisses.  She only gets up once during the night or early morning and will do what she has to do pretty quickly.  She loves to run with the other dogs and walks pretty well on a leash.  She gets afraid when she hears loud noises such as a motorcyle and will run into your arms.  She loves to cuddle when she gets tired and before she goes in her crate at night she will sit in my lap and relax.  I am looking for a home with a younger dog so she can play.  She has become very attached to Noah so I would like to find her a sibling with some of his qualities.  She would probably love children although we don't have any.  She loves to chew bones and playing tug of war with old socks.



Introducing J.  J Is a black male Lab that is approximately 5+ years old weighing in at 68 lbs and gaining.   He currently is making a magnificent recovery from a hernia surgery to correct an issue with his ability to eliminate waste.  J is a very loving Lab who wants nothing more than to be with you all the time.  Either sleeping/resting at your feet, or putting his head in your lap and wanting his head scratched.  He loves his walks in the morning and afternoon every day.  After the initial excitement of going on the walk, he calms down and will walk next to you on a loose leash.  He will pull when he sees another dog and is the only time he barks.  He is good with other dogs and after the required sniffing, will go off and explore or continue his walk.  We walk with the kids going to school in the morning and is very calm and enjoys their company.  Unsure about cats.
He doesn’t jump due to an issue with his left hip.  He is on medication for that and it will need to continue.  No counter surfing, no jumping on furniture,  and is not interested in toys.  Loves his treats and takes them gently.  He is not crate trained, but has gone in an open crate to sleep at times.  He is house broken with no issues in the house.
He knows some basic commands, sit, down, stay, but is slow to respond at times.  He could benefit from some training.  He is a quick learner.
He would do best as a only dog or with an older dog.  No rough housing, just be friends.  Older children would be better due to his hips. 
If you are looking for a true Velcro Lab, J would certainly fit the bill.



Hi y'all,I 'm Dixie!  I'm a gorgeous, sweet 2 year old girl who is looking for my forever home. I love to be around all kinds of people and want to be involved in whatever everyone is doing. I have no issues so far with dogs of any size as long as not aggressive with me.
I'm currently in training to learn some basic manners and basic commands. I'm doing very well so far. I have learned a lot and I'm a good listener. I will need someone who is a strong leader and will continue my training so I can continue to be a great dog.
I'm not a "cat" dog so none of those in your house please.



Hi I am Beans! I am a 5 year old 78 lb. black lab with an unusual silvery brown ombre shading.  I love to be pet and am really affectionate, and love my toys and treats. My owner turned me in so I am looking for a new family to love me.  I miss my canine sibling who I recently lost.  I have a new foster canine brother, I like him, but I really love my humans, I like to be with them a lot.  I learned to use a doggy door, am house trained, have good house manners, am crate trained (reluctantly)  and know some commands,  I walk ok on leash.   I would do well with another dog. No cats, kids ok.



Cooper is a 10.5 yr old 101.5 lb NYM and is an active solid bundle of love.
His long time owner had some medical issues and could no longer care for him.  
He has a super sweet disposition and loves all humans and dogs he has met so far.
Cats are an unknown as we do not have one.
He does not resource guard, chew, or door dash. 
He is housebroken, we don't know if he is DD trained.
He does ask to go out when the need arises.  
He is a sneaky counter surfer when we leave him alone at home, but otherwise
he can be totally trusted with the run of the house. He is perfectly crate trained.
He rarely barks except when strangers come to the door,
and once they enter he is very polite and accepts affection.
We have had Cooper for a week and he exhibits mild separation anxiety.
We are working on a healthy nutrition program with him as he needs to lose a few lbs.  ( Did I say a few?)  He loves walking and walks one mile 3 times a day with joy and enthusiasm.  When his leash, or the tennis ball comes out, look out as the tail wagging  can knock you over. (Oh yes he will play catch with tennis balls and stuffed animals)
He would love to be in a home where he gets lots of love and attention.
Can you find room for a boy that will love you unconditionally and share his love and dedication to you? If so, please call his foster to get more information on Cooper.        



Oliver is a black male Lab with small white patches on his hind toes and chest, and he is a real sweetheart. He is an active and loveable 2 years old (approx). I'm sure he will be snatched up quickly. In the last several days I've had Oliver he has not had any accidents in the house, so I would say he is housebroken. I do not know how he would do with a doggie door. He gets along very well with my other dogs, big and small, and my 3 cats. Oliver want to play, but my guys are not interested in playing any more. Oliver road very well in the back seat of my car. He is a good, calm passenger. Oliver loves to take walks and he does very well on a leash without pulling. He is curious but manageable. He is very well mannered, but doesn't seem to know basic commands. Some training would be helpful. He has been sleeping at night in a crate next to my bed and he's quiet and comfortable all night. I have not yet observed him around children, but he appears gentle when taking treats and when touching his tail. Chewing has been limited to bones. He's also not much of a barker. He seems curious about the pool but has not taken the splunge yet. I've not observed him digging or trying to jump walls. Oliver will be a loyal companion and best friend to the right person.
Oliver was living under a trailer in Tucson. Once he was rescued by some wonderful people, had a bath and visited the vet, he probably thought he had gone to Heaven. While overall his health is good it was noted that there were issues with his hip. After viewing xrays, the vet thought he may need surgery. He was immediately put on a pain/inflammation med, glucosamine and fish oil, and this treatment has helped him get around like a 2 yr old pup should. He may require hip surgery down the road, or at a minimum will need to stay on this regimen for the rest of his life. Once adopted, Oliver will need to see his forever vet to be assessed for how his hip is healing.



Bailey27 is a very sweet 7 year old female.  She is good with everyone  and most dogs, we do not about cats.  She has good house manners and knows the doggy door.  She is good in the car and on walks.  Her favorite thing is to be with her people.  If you would like to meet her,please call.



Delta is new to DLRR. She is a sweet girl that is good with other dogs. Knows some commands And loves people. More to come on this 2 year old.


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