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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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My name is Rhodes and I am a 5 year old lovable black male.  I get along great with people but I am a little shy at first, if you have paience to bond with me I am extremely lovable and sweet.  I do have an energetic side and I really enjoy long walks and going swimming.  For the most part, I do enjoy other dogs company but again it takes me a little time to build their trust.  I have been in training and I know how to heel, sit, down, stay and come.  I enjoy training alot so I would love my forever parents to continue my training.  I did jump a 6' fence when left alone so I really need people to stay with me until I am comfortable.  I don't have separation anxiety but I do get bored very quickly.  I am staying with my trainer and her dog right now so if you think I am a good fit, please call my contact and we can set up an appointment to visit together. 
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Hi- I am Sophie! the nice people at Desert Lab Rescue took me in when my owner became ill and couldn't take care of me. I am an energetic 6 year old female black lab mix, a little on the petite size or rather the perfect size. I love to go on walks, this is new so I need some help with not getting so excited about other dogs and bunnies. I had a small canine sibling at my old home I adored, I now have a lab foster brother who I get along with even though he doesn't play with me and steals my ball. I learned the doggy door and love to be in the yard, we have a pool but I have not shown any interest in getting in. I am a people dog, I am usually right by my foster family and love hugs and give lots of kisses. I am good in the house, but not real fond of the crate. All I want is love, cuddles, a warm couch and your bed would be my dream come true. Update: I have been in training to learn all kinds of things including how to be around different canine friends with different personalities. I'm good with other dogs but not all other dogs. I guess like some humans, I'm selective about my friends. I'm also a very young acting 6 year-old. I love to run and play and I LOVE the garden hose!



Hi!  I'm Emmett but my foster family has been calling me Zuma after a chocolate lab on a popular kids cartoon.  Emmett has been great with his foster family's young children and small dogs.  He doesn't jump up on people but has done some counter surfing when no one is looking.  He is housebroken even though his foster family does not have a doggy door.  He enjoys walks and does well on a leash.  He also knows a few commands (sit, down, shake). Emmett rides well in a car and can easily jump in on his own.  He loves plush, squeaky, toys and bully sticks.  One of his favorite activities is to lay outside and sunbathe while he chews on a bully stick.  He hasn't chewed anything that he wasn't supposed to.  Emmett is such a sweet, mellow boy that is always near his people.  His ideal forever home will be a family that is not gone for long hours at a time.



Hello world! I am Athena the curious. I am a smart and sassy little lady. I love to run around and play with my brother Grey. We learn new things everyday. So far we have learned how to use the dog door and we are crate trained! We even sleep through a full eight hours at night so you can get your sleep too! My mom and dad think it's a pretty great deal. I am just about potty trained but I am still a puppy so I will need someone to be patient with me while I learn my new surroundings. I will need family that can spend lots of time with me and can give me the training I need. I will also need some help with my leash training. I am getting better everyday but still need some practice. I like to play with other dogs like my foster brother and sister but I am still learning my manners. I need a house without cats because although I am interested in them, I don't think the feeling is mutual. My brother Grey is my very best friend and I like him a whole lot, we do everything together. Where ever I go he will need to go also so we can stay together. I like cuddles, belly rubs and to give kisses but am still independent and love going on adventures in my back yard to find new things to play with. Call my mom and dad if you want to meet with us. Keep in mind I am still a puppy and have lots of learning and growing to do!



Hi, I am Grey! I am a pretty sweet and snuggly little guy but I also have a mischievous sparkle in my handsome blue eyes. I love to run around and play with my sister Athena. I play rough with her but I let her win and boss me around because I like her. I love my foster brother and sister and get to play with them but I am still learning my manners. I need a house without cats because although I am interested in them, I don't think the feeling is mutual. My sister is my buddy and we do everything together. I've never been without my sister, she is my very best friend. So where ever I go she will need to go too. We learn new things everyday. So far we have learned how to use the dog door and we are crate trained! We even sleep through a full eight hours at night so you can get your sleep too! My mom and dad think it's a pretty great deal. I am potty trained but I am still a puppy so I will need you to be patient with me while I learn my new surroundings. I am working on walking better on a leash but right now I get overly excited. I just don't know how to contain my happiness when we get to go for a walk just yet but I am getting better. I will need a family that can spend lots of time with me and can give me the training I need. I like cuddles and belly rubs but my favorite is playing with my sister or following her around. Call my mom and dad if you want to meet with us. Keep in mind I am still a puppy and have lots of learning and growing to do!



Kira is a 1 year old bundle of joy, to say the least. This little girl loves humans and gets along beautifully with other dogs and finds the cats we meet on our walks very interesting, but does not quite understand why they don’t want to play? Oh well, she’s sure they have their reason so on we go. Kira is completely housetrained, uses the doggie door and is a leash pro. Her
favorite thing to do on our walks is to head for the greenfield, roll in the grass and get belly rubs. She is kennel trained but loves to sleep in the bed and cuddle. She can be left out in the house when we’re not home and has not shown any destructive behavior. She used to like gnawing on shoes but we are learning that this is not good behavior and that doggie bones or chew toys are more appropriate than mom and dad’s footwear. As it is getting warmer, she has been observed exploring the pool and getting in with her two front legs. She’s not quite sure yet but once it’s warm enough for foster mom to make the plunge, she is very likely to follow suit.
About a month ago, Kira had her first seizure episode but is well controlled on 2 medications and is now looking for her forever home. She currently lives with 3 foster siblings and loves goofing around with them. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be an only dog, as she loves to get all the attention – like all one year olds do. She is just that well balanced.  If you are looking for a beautiful, loving and gentle lab with a manageable medical need, don’t miss out on this girl!



Huey5 is a very handsome black male age 1.  He is a smaller Lab at 35#.  He likes to play with other dogs but would chase a cat.  Softly jumping up to give a hug is his favorite way to show his love.  Huey5 is a young Lab who will need training, but he is housebroken, rides well in the car, is pretty calm for his age, and is not too bad on a leash.  His previous owner said he was good with her grandchildren.  He is a very curious boy that will counter surf a counter or desk to see what is there.  He would love to sleep with you at night.  Could Huey5 could be the right dog for you??



Hi everyone, Dewey here.  I asked my foster mom to type something up about me.  Looking at my picture, you might notice I am a little smaller for a lab...but is that really a bad thing?! I am 35 pounds of love and fun.  I didn't come from the best situation so I am slowly learning to be a dog.  I really love to be pet and when people talk to me.  I currently live with 2 foster dog brothers who I get along with wonderfully.  There is also a six year old human that I love to get attention from.  There is a cat here too, but I don't pay any attention to him and I certainly don't have any interest in chasing him.  As a young lab, I would benefit greatly from some training.  I don't jump up on people but I have taken it upon myself to check out what is on the counter.  Foster mom explained to me that isn't polite, so I am working on that.  Do you have a patient home that you could welcome me into and provide me with love and encouragement that I need?  If so, call my foster mom, she just loves to talk about me!



My name is Ajax and I am a very happy puppy. I was part of a liter of puppies that DLRR received in early March. My brother and I have been with my DLRR foster since we were seven weeks old. My foster thinks I'm a very handsome puppy and will grow up to be very good looking. I'm tall, lean and blond, my foster says that is very good. He also thinks that I will be a very good boy, since my angel wings are already started.
I behave like a puppy, I play most of the day with my brother or my part time foster sister (Jade is a big lab - 4years old). I get along with everybody as we are quite social. My brother and I were the hit of the DLRR "Kissing Booth" at the Adobe Open House a couple of weeks ago. People always stop us when we are out for a walk, they say we are so cute. We love to go on walks, play in our wading pool on hot days, play games with our toys and chew on things. Then we take a nap and do it all again.
What I want for my new family is a playmate, a dog that will play with me, but not be too rough. Show me all the things big dogs do. I would love to have some children to play with, maybe a little older that know how to play with me. I walk well on a leash. I can sleep anywhere, in a crate, on a rug or with my new family in bed (I love to snuggle at night). I am crate trained. I'm pretty good at being house trained, but I need to go out quite a bit during the day, so someone at home would be great or a secure dog run with a doggie door.
I was just nuetered last week, so  I will be ready for adoption by this weekend (May 27). I am almost 22 pounds, but I will grow up to be a big dog. I do not know anything about cats, but I like to chase little animals like lizards and birds, so a cat might not be the best thing for me (cats always win against puppies). I would like to meet you and visit your house if you are interested in a puppy. I am ready for my new family and looking forward to gorwing up with them.



I am sure you are all wondering about my beautiful color....I am the new SILVER and my coat is thick and wavy. I was a stray and saved from the e-list because I was afraid. Well my foster family has seen another side of me and I am not afraid at all. Some of my qualities are, housebroken, not food aggressive, take treats gently, don't go on the furniture but sometimes I like to sleep with you but only for a very short time and then I leave to sleep all night on my bed in your room, I know sit, come, stay and I sure love kisses, belly rubs and being brushed. I like playing and taking walks with my furry foster sister and then napping together.  Of course no one is perfect and I need some help with.....counter surfing, trash picking, how to get in the car and not crate trained. I really would love a family where someone is home with me most of the time. 



Alvin is a tall and somewhat slender male that we estimate to be around 2. He weighs about 85 pounds and could probably be another 5 lbs heavier. He is very strong and athletic.
He gets along great with other dogs, both male and female in his current foster home. He is always wanting to play with them and he is high energy and quite exhuberant. There is lots of wrestling and chasing and stealing of each others toys. He has setted into his foster pack well and is ok with our female being the alpha. He shows a lot of "juvenile" play tendencies.
He has a high prey drive and so needs a home with no cats, birds or small creatures of other species.
He is crate trained and house broken. To Alvin, every object is a potential toy ( roll of toilet paper, shoe, sock - as well as all the real toys). At this stage in his development, we do not think he is ready to be left alone free in the house. He is improving his leash skills but does want to lunge after wildlife that he sees. We are working on stopping him from jumping up. It is not something he does all the time but does forget. So he is a project where some more training is needed. He will need a family committed to getting him the exercise he enjoys and needs.
He has a gentle mouth when taking treats but still wants to mouth a little bit when he gets excited.
Alvin really has a sweet personality and is a fun dog. We think his perfect home would have at least one very active dog that enjoys physical play and some active children would be great. Since he is not yet ready to be left free in the house when nobody is home, it would be ideal if somebody works from home or if work schedules are such that he is not left for really long periods. Due to his size, energy and exhuberance, we think it would be best to avoid having him  around any fragile seniors or really young children. He is very sweet to them but his tail can inadvertantly become a weapon and he wants to lean and rub against them for affection.
If you think your family might be a match for Alvin, please call to learn more.


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