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Hi! My name is Bell, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… My two sisters and I are only 4 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could just stay with Coco, because I really like to cuddle with her! Coco is going blind too, just like me. I’m actually blind already because my diabetes wasn’t treated, but I heard rumors they are trying to do eye surgery so that I can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR, who rescued us, is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good that I can see again and live a happy life. That’s what the eye specialist said. Wouldn’t that be cool?!?! Oh, how I’d love to be able to see again and not bump into stuff and be able to goof around. I do manage pretty well, even being blind, but I do remember what it was like when I was able to see, and it was pretty neat! I miss it…  Of course I’m housebroken, love people and kids, and I am really good in the crate. I actually kinda like it! My foster family always tells me I’m so lovable and such a pretty girl. I can’t see myself in the mirror, but I hope they are right.  Do you want to find out for yourself?


Bon Bon

March 2017 UPDATE!
Hey, this is BonBon! Guess what?!?! I can see again… ☺  That’s right; I had my cataract surgery in the beginning of March, and it went very well!
So, now I’m just your typical Lab who just happens to be diabetic! I love people, kids and dogs, I’m not a fan of cats, but love to snuggle and play! I also love walks and usually take a couple of naps during the day.  In fact, I actually like being in my crate, which is where I stay when my foster mom has to leave me alone at home.  She always calls me a “good girl!”  So, as you can tell, I’m a very easygoing dog who would love to be your companion and find a forever home. 
I do have two sisters, but - although I love them very much - we don’t have to be adopted together.  Since I do love other dogs, it would be nice to find a forever home with another dog, but I’m also fine with getting all of your loving for myself.
As a reminder, here’s my story:
My two sisters and I are only about 4 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We were rescued by DLRR in May of 2016.  The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet when we got really skinny! When the vet told him we had diabetes, he said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down! Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are so thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots twice a day, just like humans with Type 1 diabetes do. My foster family didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable when you love someone…
What else is there to know about me? I am a super cute girl. I love to sunbathe and chase birds, but one of my favorite things to do is cuddle, I just LOVE it! My foster parents have no choice but to love to cuddle with me too because I just drop into their laps when they sit next to me. Plus my coat is sooooo soft... And my face!!! I tell ya…no one can resist me! Can you?!?



Hi! My name is Coco, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… We are quite popular! My two sisters and I are only 4 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could stay with Bell, because I really like to cuddle with her! Bell is already blind, and I’m unfortunately on my way there because my diabetes wasn’t taken care of in time.  Although my vision is better than Bell’s and am not completely blind, it makes me sad sometimes.  But, good news! Bell and I have seen this doctor who thinks he can do eye surgery so that we can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good though that I can see again and live a happy life. I would really love that because I’ve had it especially rough. You see, I also have valley fever, so it’s taking more time for me to gain weight and get healthy. But I feel like I’m in good care now, and I know they are doing the best they can to help me. You should also know that I’m housebroken, love kids and really like my crate too! I’m super thankful to our foster family, and try to tell them any chance I get by kissing their hands.  Then they pet and kiss me and tell me what a good and sweet girl I am! I love it when they do that… Do you want some kisses from me too?



Hi!  My name is Coco and I'm an 8 year old male chocolate lab.  I'm an owner turn in due to family health issues. I had a "short adoption" and they called me Grizzly. My foster mom says it's because I growl in my sleep like a bear. I have been the best companion with my foster family. I have met their cats - and well I really don't care much about them. I don't want to chase them - or bug them, even the fat one that I find eating MY food. At my last house they said I had a tendancy to eat rocks and socks. My foster mom says, it's probably because I was left alone. She seems to realize that I do not like being alone. I do tend to follow her around all day, but I like it when she rubs my ears. :-) I have been around kids from ages 8 months to 18 and I really enjoy them petting me and brushing my fur. I even let that baby crawl over me and taste my ear. I bet he didn't like that.  I like taking walks - but my FM keeps telling me to stop sniffing everything. I can't though, it's all new. I do OK on car rides, but sometimes start to look a little car sick. I don't mind getting in the car, just don't want to spend a lot of time in it. I really have enjoyed the pool. My ears are a little sore - so FM says no jumping in. I just hangout on the top step walking around. I even got in the baby pool when she took me out for potty. I have been perfectly potty trained. I can hold it ALL night long.... and a little longer! FM says that is great so she can sleep in a little. I am still trying to decide if I like the food they give me, FM isn't sure what I was eating before so she keeps trying different kinds to see what i like best.
I would love to be in a forever home that I can have a friend with me all day. My FM thinks I would be perfect with a nice retired family who just wanted to hang out with me all day. I am thinking she is right. :-)



Hi I'm Buck - a  distinguished gentleman with a loving sweet disposition ready to cuddle up at your feet forever. I'm a handsome yellow guy with a beautiful soft coat . I'm pretty familiar with the kind folks here at DLRR because I was an available dog just 6 months ago. My  owner had passed away and so I came to DLRR and was adopted by a family who nicknamed me " snacky" .(  I think maybe they gave me too many snacks?!?  because right now I weigh about 95 lbs!!)  I lived with a family with kids and cats but they are all moving to Hawaii for a new job! They thought it would be too much to take me with them , have me quarantined, and live on the beach. It's ok, I'm not into surfing much anyways. Countertops just don't interest me. I'd rather follow my people around and lay at your feet. My foster mom says that even though I've lived with other dogs and cats just fine, that she'd love to see me be an only dog spoiled and treated like royalty! After all, I lost my owner much too soon, missed out on some real Aloha, so do you think you could you be the one who shows me I'm worth your love forever and ever? 
I'm the only dog in my foster home right now along with a bunch  of kids and a toddler. I'm very well behaved . I might bark if someone knocks at the door, but I'm quick to greet you and wag my tail.  I don't touch or chew any of the toddler's toys  here  and I don't even  bother the food he throws from his highchair.  My foster mom has me on a diet . I eat Blue Buffalo food because when I was younger I think I had some allergies.I get excited for car rides and  I love to play ball and swim  with the kids here,  so don't let my age fool you. I can be  as playful as a younger dog but will gladly nap all day too if you let me. If you need to leave me for a bit, I am totally trustworthy and wait for you in the house just fine.. My very favorite thing to do is to cuddle at my people's feet under the computer desk while they work or study. 
Would you be my forever family who will love me well , take me on walks, let me swim, and cuddle with you? I promise I will lay at your feet forever!  Please call my foster mom to set up a time to meet me.  XOXO BUCK 



Cello is a big (90 lb), gentle, and goofy sweetheart of a dog who is looking for a forever home with an active family. He recently finished recovering from major hip surgery and now very much wants to have a human or canine pal to run, play, and wrestle with. He is fully housetrained, good with kids (and doesn't jump), and knows (99% of the time) that he is only supposed to chew on his dog toys. He is very smart and walks fairly well on a leash but would definitely benefit from some training classes. During his first few weeks with his foster family, he did have some separation anxiety that he expressed by breaking out of his crate, scratching up front doors, and barking, but now his foster family fully trusts him loose in the house alone for at least a few hours. (Some inexpensive anti-anxiety medication has been useful in helping him to become more secure.) Other than some manageable allergies, he has no known health issues. We think he is a Lab x Great Dane mix about 4 years old, and typical of both breeds, he is very good-natured, cuddly, and attentive. He is a truly lovely dog who will make one lucky family very happy.



Duke 13 is a wonderful yellow approximately one-and-a-half year old Lab, filled with love and ready to find a great family!  He is newly a tripod, so he only has three legs, but that doesn't stop him!  He is an energetic 57 pounds and loves to play and run and do everything a four-legged Lab would.  But on only three legs!  He gets along well with other dogs and is house- and crate-trained. He also loves to go for walks.  He hasn't been exposed to cats. He sometimes takes a spill, so he would probably do best in a mostly carpeted house rather than one that is fully tiled. (He slips more than a four-legged dog does!) He was originally found in Mexico after being hit by a car but didn't get the care he needed, so his broken back leg didn't heal correctly and got infected. Vets down there got in touch with DLRR, and we brought him up here, where it was determined he need to have his back right leg amputated.  He's a fantastic boy and will make a great companion for any number of different families!



Hi, my name is Diesel and my foster mom says I'm faster than a diesel train engine. I'm a 47lb yellow male lab mix. My owner surrendered me to DLRR when I got sick and couldn't care for me. The wonderful DLRR people took me to the vet hospital to help me get well. I had several tests but continued to scratch at my ears and chew my tail. When my tail wouldn't heal the doctor amputated about four inches of it but I can still wag it. My foster mom took me to an animal dermatologist to review my tests and get examined. The doctor gave me lots of treats. She said I have Vasculitis and gave me medicine to help heal and control it. I'm learning how to play doggie games with my big brother Churchill. We love to run in the backyard every morning. He doesn't complain when I sometimes sleep in his comfy bed. I'm learning to play with doggie toys. My brother Churchill has taught me to play tug and I really like that. I'm learning how to fetch a ball but still need practice. I've learned some basic commands like stay and sit is my favorite, especially for a treat or dinner. My favorite command is down on my bed at night for a goodnight cookie. I run into the kitchen every time someone goes in there to see if it's treat time for me. I know the sound of the containers being opened and that special treats are hidden in the pantry. I love those! I enjoy going for car rides and walking on a leash. I don't know if I like to swim but would love to learn. I'm smart and very curious about everything. I like to help my foster mom in the kitchen especially if she drops food on the floor. I get along with dogs although I may be shy at first. I don't know about cats or children. Because I have Vasculitis, I need to be on maintenance meds. Please won't you share your home and love with me?


Baby Girl

Hi, my name is Baby Girl.  I know it’s not very original.  I came into DLRR when my owner moved and could not take me with her.  I am an older girl, not sure exactly how old but probably between 10 and 13 ish.  I am working on regaining my girlish figure and am about 65 lbs.  Just look at that face, I’m as sweet as I look.  My foster parents tell me I am the best-behaved foster they have ever had.  I am very low energy, I sleep most of the day.  I never make a mess in the house and love to be petted.  I get along very well with all the other dogs in my foster family’s home.  I had tick fever when the nice people at DLRR took me in.  I am now feeling much better and can look for my forever home.  If you would like a sweet mellow companion then I am your girl.



Gracie is very timid and undemanding but wants to be with her person. She went camping last week and was a perfect camp dog, no running off or begging. I would like to see her around a younger or more playful dog and see if her confidence builds.
Gracie is a six year old, 65 pound, black, spayed female lab. She came to us because her owner died. She is very affectionate, short haired, housebroken, uses the doggie door, and stays off the furniture. One of the things that stands out to me about her is she is really patient, she would love to go on long walks or even runs as she is very fit and athletic. She would like to chase my cat but my cat is the boss. She is submissive to my shepherd and terrier dogs. I don't know about children but she is good about not jumping or running into adults. I am continuing to expose her to lots of people and dog visitors to build her confidence.



Hi, I'm Doddy, I know, dumb name!!!  My foster parents, Charlie and Donna have had me 3 weeks now, so they know a little more about me.  They have over 30 years of experience with Labs and Lab mixes.  I am a handsome fella for a mix, I'm black with a bit of white on my chest, small, less than 50 lbs and about 8 years young. I  love going for a ride!  I'm a little excited at first (who would blame me), but settle down nicely after a few minutes.  I love going for walks!!!  We go every morning, so I can check out the neighborhood.  My foster Mom walks me and she says I'm real easy to walk.  I could still use more training, but Mom says I'm really smart, I sit for my meals now, I sit to get my leash on, go into my crate and I'm extra good in there and I was extra good at the Vet's to get my booster shot.  I love people and toes!!!!  The neighbor lady gives my foster brother and I  treats, I really love her!!!  My foster brother is a BIG guy, but after a few discussions, we get along great, we play with his toys and once in awhile, I even get the ball!  I am very curious!!!  At the last meet and greet, I fell in love with a little blond hair girl, but my foster parents wouldn't let me bring her home.  I would make an excellent companion for an active adult or a busy family, please give my Mom a call.



If you want the Perfect Dog, you needn't look any further!  Matilta is IT!  There is nothing bad that can be said about this 8 year old.  Let me count the ways she is perfect:  housebroken, uses a dog door, good with other dogs, trustworthy when left alone, great in the car, likes to swim, happy to take walks or jogs with her humans, and  content to be as active or as quiet as you want her to be.  She will be effortless to adopt, as she has no bad habits to unlearn, AND she knows lots of commands-sit, lay down, shake, and speak.  Her claim to fame is that she plays fetch with her humans by running to get the ball and then tossing it back so you can throw it again.  It's pretty amazing!  And she'll do it as long as you want.  She is great with kids of all ages, but would also be happy in a childless home,  Like we said, this girl would be a wonderful fit for any type of household, and she deserves the best.  If you want a loyal companion, give her foster mom a call.  You won't be sorry!  (Ok, well her one eensy weensy little flaw is that she is still a tad overweight.  It's not her fault--her previous owners let her eat whatever she wanted--and Labs want a lot!  Already she has lost 10 lbs in her foster home.  She will easily lose more if you give her exercise and a proper diet.)



Eleanor (we call her Ellie), is a very very sweet 1.5 year old medium sized 55 lb yellow labbie with a beautiful smile.  Our foster girl was a stray that was found by a small rescue and joined the DLRR family on July 21 and her life before DLRR is unknown.  She is energetic gal who will need to be exercised daily and enjoys chasing toys any chance she gets and is partially housebroken and crate trained  but will need leash training and to learn basic commands.  Ellie has some anxiety (non-destructive) when her human leaves her site so its best that her adoptive family is home a good of time. She has been great with humans and & best suited for older kids due to her energy level.  Ellie has done really well with her foster 4-legged labbie companion but we are not sure how she would do around cats or a pool.  This sweet girl is not on any medication, is doggie door trained, and tolerates the crate.   

Our desire is to find a furever family who (i) are patient with training and are home most of the day and will devote a lot of affection to Ellie; (ii) able to provide a fun-loving furry playmate that she can romp around with; and (iii) are willing to work with her on basic commands and training.



Introducing Emma, 18 pounds of sweetness.  A petite, black female.  Emma was picked up as a stray in Nogales and her time had come to be PTS.  Thankfully DLRR stepped in and saved her.  The whole ordeal was very stressful for her, but she is coming around and starting to act like a 17 week old puppy should.
Potty training is work-in-progress and she does great as long as she is taken out often during the day.  She is great in her crate at night and initially used her crate as her "safe place" during the day.  She is now comfortable napping on the "big dog" beds.
Emma has two lab foster brothers, 13 years and 18 months.  She is respectful of the 13 year old, but does try to get him to play.  The 18 month old plays hard and she loves every second of the romping and chasing.  Children and cats are unknown.  Emma is comfortable with new things as long as she is introduced in a slow, non-threatening manner.  She has two horse friends that were very scary giants at first.  Rides well in the car, walks well on the leash and we are working on basic commands (she is into the treat thing!)  Emma will make a wonderful addition to a family ready to take on the challenges and rewards of a puppy.



Hi, my name is Dominic and I was found as a stray and turned into Pinal County Animal control.  Some huge big teddy bear from DLRR saw me at the shelter and said I had to be saved.  Well I am glad he saved me.  I weigh in at about 43 pounds so I am small but compact for a lab. The story goes that when somebody was trying to trap me for my safety my nose somehow got caught or something.  I am told my nose should heal but if not I have a cool story to tell people about my scar.   I was a little bit shy and timid but now I am starting to come out of my shell. I really like my crate as it gives me a safe place to contemplate life.  I will however let you come hang out quietly next to me and rub my belly.  Please know that I have not shared much about my past life with anybody as I am very shy right now. You will need to be patient with me while I build my confidence and we build trust with each other.   I am ok with dogs.  Not sure about kids or cats, so I will need a slow intro to any family members you have.      Please call my foster mom to inquire about me.  You will not regret it.  Chao for now Dominic.



Hi! My name is DJ and I am a beautiful black 7 yr old male. My foster mom says I am one of the sweetest dogs she has met. I love to be affectionate and will sit at your side asking for belly rubs and ear scratches. I am also really well behaved in the house and know good dog behavior. My foster mom has never seen me get over excited, be aggressive around food, have separation anxiety, or even bark that much. She was told that I could get a little nervous around men and may need a little time to get to know them, but I've been okay in my foster home. I also know how to use the doggie door, I walk well on a leash, and I am not interested in chewing on anything I shouldn't. I love to play with other dogs, explore the yard, and go for walks. I am really looking for a family who would like a best friend and can spend some quality time with me.



Hi, my name is Carl and I am a super sweet one-year old male black lab mix weighing 47 pounds. A few months ago, some very nice people rescued me from a life of being tied up outdoors. I had a chain embedded around my neck and they removed it surgically, had me neutered, cleaned me up and took me home to heal. Unfortunately, even though they loved me very much they weren’t able to keep me, but I am so happy they brought me to DLRR because I know I’m going to find a great home!
The vet said I have a low level of Valley Fever, and they also think I have a condition called Panosteitis. This is sometimes called “growing pains”, and affects the leg bones. I don't let this bother me too much and it doesn’t stop me from running and playing! I’m taking an anti-inflammatory medication which helps. I’m on the thin side and am working on gaining some weight.
I know the commands sit, down, stay, and leave it. I am housetrained, and my foster parents think I’m pretty smart to know all of this. I even learned how to use the dog door in a few short hours simply by watching the other dogs. I come when I’m called, and my foster mom says I’m a very good boy and so polite. I am friendly and affectionate and just like to be near my people.
I do like to chew things like shoes and kids toys if I have the opportunity. I’m still just a big puppy after all! Having durable chew toys available and keeping things picked up are a must. I’m not a big fan of the crate either, but I am proving myself to be pretty trustworthy in the house as long as there isn’t anything around for me to get into, so I get to sleep on a dog bed.
I really like being around my foster brothers and sisters-both the dog and human kind! I would probably enjoy having another dog and/or kids in my new home to keep me company and play with me. 
I’m looking forward to finding my forever home. Please call or text my foster mom if you are interested in hearing more and maybe meeting me!


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