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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Are you looking for a running or hiking partner who is in great shape, is easy going and totally loyal and devoted? Then this is your man! Wesley loves being with his people. He will follow you everywhere and just wants to be by your side. He gets along with other dogs, but he would prefer to be an only dog and get all of your attention. He has been known to be protective of his bones and sometimes picky about other male dogs. Wesley generally ignores cats, but sometimes likes to chase them. Wesley does well with kids, but he is more comfortable around older kids. He can be a bit skittish and afraid with lots of activity and noise. In a new situation or when agitated he may mark inside, but stops immediately when reprimanded. Wesley is generally housebroken and has used a doggie door. He is also trustworthy left alone in the house uncrated. Shoes are his fetish. He loves to move them to a new spot, not chewing on them, but just playing. Checking out what is happening on the kitchen counters is another thing he likes to do, but he knows that’s a No. Wesley loves toys to carry around in his mouth. He sleeps well at night either in a crate or on a soft bed next to yours. Wesley had some bad dental issues causing the DLRR vet to pull some, but he’s got plenty left to use for chewing. This young man has a beautiful stature and does an amazing Yoga stretch!



Rocky is a 3 year old mix. He is good with dogs and teenagers.  He is very muscular and will do well in a home where the adopters are very active.  He needs someone who works from home and can take him on hikes or for runs.  Rocky is currently in boot camp at a training facility.  He is learning all the great doggie tricks so he can practice in his forever home.  He is doing very well with his training but will need someone who will continue the training. As part of our package, new adopters will receive 8 follow up lessons with his trainer.  Rocky is a love bug, his tail is always wagging, he is a very happy boy. 



Ollie is a very tall, very handsome white neutered 2 year old guy. He is very sweet and tolerable of young children from toddlers on up pulling on him, laying on him, etc. He is a little anxious at times, like in the car but he jumps right in. He seems to like attention to help calm him down. He needs training but is still fairly well behaved for his lack of training. He is crate trained and housebroken, per previous owner.  His main issue is that he jumps walls 6ft high to go on adventures where he jumps other walls to explore backyards and find swimming pools!   He loves swimming so a home with a pool would make him very happy. He is getting along with other dogs, we do not think he would do well with cats.  Ollie is currently in basic training.  If you would like to meet this hunk of love, please call his contact.



I was a stray so there isn't much info about my life before my foster mom got me. I am a beautiful 2 year old chocolate female. I am very sweet, and a little timid until I get to know you and my new home, but once I do - I am a typical young puppy. Anything outside my home and yard scares me too, so my new home will need to help me get more confident and be patient and teach me that there is nothing to be afraid of. Loud noises scare me alot and I will try to run for a safe spot so I will need extra attention and comfort if there is thunder, lightening or fireworks. I really don't know any commands other than sit and no, but I'm learning and I'm really good walking on a leash (unless I see a rabbit or a lizard!). I'm great with my new foster brothers so I would probably good with most dogs given a comfortable introduction period. I'm way too interested in chasing the neighbors cats, so it is probably best they are not in the home. I would be great with kids, but really young ones might scare me and I don't really know how strong I am so I might knock them down when I get excited. I still get kenneled during the day while my foster mom is gone. I use a doggie door currently and would be best with access to the outside while in the house so I don't have any mistakes - I am about 95% potty trained. I sleep well through the night and prefer to be snuggled up next to you on the bed. I like to jump up on the couch with you but I'm learning that it isn't allowed. I love chasing balls and shredding my stuffies too! I'm a little interested in what is on the counter, so I will need some training there too and would benefit greatly from a puppy/training class for obedience and confidence. I would do best with a home where someone is not gone for long periods of time and I would do best if you had a young friendly dog about the same age for me to play with.



Moose is a handsome chocolate lab, age 10 and 80+ lbs.  He was turned into the shelter because his family was moving out of state, so we don’t know anything about his previous life.  Moose is a non-chewer, housebroken, already knew what a dog door was for.  He does not get on furniture and is completely trustworthy when left home alone.  He needs some leash work, but knows some basic commands, and will be easy to train as he is very food motivated.   He is a fan of soft toys and will play fetch with them.  He also thinks he is pretty funny when he sneaks a sock from your shoe!  Moose is a velcro dog who loves people.  At a recent event, he was observed to be very gentle with children of all ages.  Currently he is the only dog in his foster home and would like to remain the top dog in his forever home. Moose is excellent in the car and really enjoys going for rides.  He hasn’t met a cat yet, so he will need an introduction if you have one in your home.  If you would like to meet him, please call his foster parents today!



Well hello! My name is Cotton. Does my name throw you off? I know - cotton is white in color and I'm a black Lab. Well, you see, I have a unique trait. I hop like a bunny! Thus, I was named Cotton ala Cottontail. I am a beautiful, loving and super friendly one year old girl. The fact that I'm so loving belies my history. My foster mommy and daddy believe I was abused. When they first brought me to my foster home, I was a little afraid of my foster daddy. If you put your hand out to pet me, I'd cower a bit. Now, three weeks later? I feel very secure. They've shown me lots of love and taught me a very important lesson: not all doggie owners are mean. I don't cower anymore. I hold my head up confidently. And wanna know who my BFF is in the whole wide world? My foster daddy! I cuddle with him on the couch. He's taught me to trust men. I have a human 8 year old foster sister who I love to play with. I'm very sweet and gentle with her. She sometimes gets upset with me because I chew on her toys if she leaves them on the ground - but, I just figure they're my toys too! So, I'm learning the difference between her toys and my toys. Other than that, I'm not a huge chewer. And I'm completely housebroken! Not one accident since I've lived here. I'm crate trained - no problem with me sleeping in a crate. I love to cuddle with a soft blankie in my crate.  I learned how to use a doggy door by watching my three four legged foster sister and brothers. Did I mention them? We get along great! I'm definitely not an alpha so if my forever family has doggies, big or small, I'd get along fine with them. If I'm an only dog in my forever home, that would be fine too. Just means more love for me! My foster family has no cats so it's unknown how I'd feel about cats but my foster mommy is betting, based on my personality, that I probably wouldn't have an issue with them.
So on to the "heavy" stuff. While its "darling" how I hop (my foster mommy's words, not mine), my mommy figured something wasn't quite right. So, I've had a couple of trips to the vet (I ride great in a car btw!). My testing has come back negative on dysplasia so I went to this ultra special doggie doctor called a vet neurologist. I have to have more testing (MRI - my mommy swears it won't hurt) and if it shows something on there, I have to have spinal surgery. I either have a birth defect on my spine near my neck or it's a compression on my spine, probably caused by a mean human abusing me. The neurologist says this surgery should fix my hopping and allow me to use range of motion in all four legs. Yay! While I'm not in pain at all, sustained years of hopping will affect my quality of life. So surgery is a must. Because of my hopping, it's best I not live with an overly active family. Marathon running? No. Hiking? No. A little swimming is fine. I try my hardest to swim with my foster brothers and sister but since I don't have range of motion in my legs right now, I splash around in my lifejacket.  I love the water so much that I yearn for the day I can dog paddle with the best of them.  My foster daddy puts the sprinklers on and I LOVE to run through those! I'm a Lab after all - I love water. I'm available for adoption to that special family who understands the medical care I'm going to need in the short term. Because in the long term? I'm going to be such a GREAT family member. All I need is a chance - because I'm worth it.



My name is Goldie.  Actually my pawster mom calls me Holy Moly GuacaGoldie, but she's weird.  I am an 11 year and 8 month old yellow lab full of love.  I grew up in a dog run as I was used as a breeder dog, but I'm not angry.  I have a second chance.  My owners were going to take me to the pound, but DLRR stepped up and saved the day.  You really need to see me to believe me.  Nobody thinks I'm almost 12!  I have learned a lot being with my pawster mom.  I've gotten used to most house sounds.  She taught me not to go wee wee in the house and how to use the doggie door; however, if you don't have a doggie door that might be a problem.  She gave me my first dog bone and it was heaven.  I've started eating carrots to keep my teeth clean.  My pawster mom can't figure out why I won't just jump in the vehicle, because once inside I ride very well.  So you're gonna have to lift me in.  I do need a little leash training because I like to pull a bit, but I'm not like a horse or anything. I also like to steal things off coffee tables and sometimes chew on things I shouldn't, but nothing has been destroyed....well, except a map.  The map was from 2009 so it's not like my pawster mom was gonna use it anyway.   I like baths.  I don't bark.  I love people, but I have no idea about kids.  I tolerate the cat, because...well he's a cat.  I get along with other dogs, but will growl if another dog rushes to get up in my grill.  However, if you're not a rude dog and introduce yourself civilally, then all will be well.  Did I say I love dog bones?  And I want my name changed.  Goldie is sooo generic.  Just my thoughts.  I also like to be right beside my pawster mom.  I follow her EVERY WHERE.  I even stalk her when she's in the shower.  
So hears the deal. I may be almost 12, but I still got some game left in me.  You ever watch the Golden Girls?  I'm a lot like those ladies.  A little gray hair, a few aches and pains, and a hoot to be around!  



My name is "Bear 18" and I am one loving brown bear of love. I ride well in the car, walk well on leash and get a long with other dogs.  Oh, I sleep through the night, know how to use a doggie door.....I'm just an easy buddy to have.  Oh, did I tell you I LOVE my stuff toys? I mean LOVE.....I come home, and first thing...."Where's my toy, where's my toy"? --And off through the house I go..."Ahh, I found it, I found it" and walk my body and come to show you..""See, see---here it is" I am so happy.  And, he is so happy to be with my human too.  Now, and am a bit of a "stout" (cough, cough) fella, and could lose a few pounds....But, there I'm energetic and it will come off.



We are looking for that special forever home for Pinky.  She is 6 years old and has been adopted and returned to the pound 4 times!  Needless to say, she has self-esteem issues. She is shy at first but warms up. She loves all people; has no problem with younger kids.  We need someone that can help her become more secure with her people relationships; she doesn't like being alone. Her ideal pet parent will need to be home most of the time, not have another dog or cat, and be willing to shower Pinky with lots of love and praise. With time, security and consistency, she can be a confident lab.  She is currently on anxiety meds to help with separation issues. This will need to be administered on a daily basis and monitored for any adjustments. In most cases, she might be able to be weaned from the meds once she knows she is safe and loved.  She has not had much of an opportunity in her life to feel as if she belongs. With a little bit of time to settle in, her issues should diminish.  We just need to give this girl some time to know what it's like to be loved and to belong to a home. Together we can give Pinky a much deserved Second Chance!



Dear very excited adopters, HI! I am Maxwell 2. I guess there was one before me. I didn't know the other Maxwell, but this Maxwell is very handsome and sleek. Can't you tell? I am so happy the volunteers at DLRR saved me from the pound! I was adopted in January to what I thought was my furever home. Well, I was wrong. They said I tried to escape the yard, but I really just was bored being by myself all of the time. I love to go for walks, especially to the park. They have grass! It's so fun to chase and catch the ball. I also really like water and will go in on the steps in the pool. But I do need a little practice swimming and remembering where the steps are. I do get a little nervous, the deep end is scary! I love to lean on people and get butt scratches, because we all know they are the best! I would be a great new addition to your family. I love to be active and have a job. I would be great for an active family who loves the outdoors, because I do too! I already know how to sit, shake, laydown, kind of rollover, catch, and love people. That's my specialty. My foster says I sometimes have selective hearing, but I am really smart. There is just so much going on and I like to see everything. I also like to play with other dogs, of course with a comfortable introduction. But I'm not really a cat person. When I go to the park I try to visit with the kids. All of them! But usually they are busy, so my foster just walks me. I'd really like a chance to meet you so I can win you over with my charm and devilish good looks. Please call my foster and ask to meet me. I really am so worth it!


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