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Hi!  I'm Emmett but my foster family has been calling me Zuma after a chocolate lab on a popular kids cartoon.  Emmett has been great with his foster family's young children and small dogs.  He doesn't jump up on people but has done some counter surfing when no one is looking.  He is housebroken even though his foster family does not have a doggy door.  He enjoys walks and does well on a leash.  He also knows a few commands (sit, down, shake). Emmett rides well in a car and can easily jump in on his own.  He loves plush, squeaky, toys and bully sticks.  One of his favorite activities is to lay outside and sunbathe while he chews on a bully stick.  He hasn't chewed anything that he wasn't supposed to.  Emmett is such a sweet, mellow boy that is always near his people.  His ideal forever home will be a family that is not gone for long hours at a time.



Updated 6-19-16
Hi, I am Zeuss! I am a big, soft, floppy eared, gentle, playful, lab mix puppy, and I am looking for a wonderful new home. I am black, with a handsome white mark on my chest, and I am a big boy, currently weighing approximately 75 lbs, at only 7 months old. I will likely be even bigger when fully grown so I will need a family who are able to provide me with plenty of daily exercise, and activity. I am currently going through training and I am very eager to please, but I am still a puppy, and so I wiIl also need owners who have the patience and time to continue with my training. I am house trained, crate trained, and I use the doggy door. I also know basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and I take treats very gently. However, I still needs work on leash manners, and I do get easily distracted by bunnies, lizards, birds, cats...... well actually anything that moves, so I will be much happier in a home without any other pets, including other dogs. I love being with my foster family, including my foster children, and I am very gentle and affectionate with them. However I may be better in a home with older children due to the fact that I am a big puppy, and I can be a bit clumsy still. My foster family don't have a pool and so I am not sure if I like water but I would like to find out so if you have a pool I will give it a try! I am looking for a family who will love me, play with me, exercise me, continue to train me, and help me to grow up to be the wonderful dog I am know I am capable of becoming. Please consider adopting me, I am very excited to meet you! Thank you.     



Huey5 is a very handsome black male age 1.  He is a smaller Lab at 35#.  He likes to play with other dogs but would chase a cat.  Softly jumping up to give a hug is his favorite way to show his love.  Huey5 is a young Lab who will need training, but he is housebroken, rides well in the car, is pretty calm for his age, and is not too bad on a leash.  His previous owner said he was good with her grandchildren.  He is a very curious boy that will counter surf a counter or desk to see what is there.  He would love to sleep with you at night.  Could Huey5 could be the right dog for you??



Hi everyone, Dewey here.  I asked my foster mom to type something up about me.  Looking at my picture, you might notice I am a little smaller for a lab...but is that really a bad thing?! I am 35 pounds of love and fun.  I didn't come from the best situation so I am slowly learning to be a dog.  I really love to be pet and when people talk to me.  I currently live with 2 foster dog brothers who I get along with wonderfully.  There is also a six year old human that I love to get attention from.  There is a cat here too, but I don't pay any attention to him and I certainly don't have any interest in chasing him.  As a young lab, I would benefit greatly from some training.  I don't jump up on people but I have taken it upon myself to check out what is on the counter.  Foster mom explained to me that isn't polite, so I am working on that.  Do you have a patient home that you could welcome me into and provide me with love and encouragement that I need?  If so, call my foster mom, she just loves to talk about me!



Alvin is a tall and somewhat slender male that we estimate to be around 2. He weighs about 85 pounds and could probably be another 5 lbs heavier. He is very strong and athletic.
He gets along great with other dogs, both male and female in his current foster home. He is always wanting to play with them and he is high energy and quite exhuberant. There is lots of wrestling and chasing and stealing of each others toys. He has setted into his foster pack well and is ok with our female being the alpha. He shows a lot of "juvenile" play tendencies.
He has a high prey drive and so needs a home with no cats, birds or small creatures of other species.
He is crate trained and house broken. To Alvin, every object is a potential toy ( roll of toilet paper, shoe, sock - as well as all the real toys). At this stage in his development, we do not think he is ready to be left alone free in the house. He is improving his leash skills but does want to lunge after wildlife that he sees. We are working on stopping him from jumping up. It is not something he does all the time but does forget. So he is a project where some more training is needed. He will need a family committed to getting him the exercise he enjoys and needs.
He has a gentle mouth when taking treats but still wants to mouth a little bit when he gets excited.
Alvin really has a sweet personality and is a fun dog. We think his perfect home would have at least one very active dog that enjoys physical play and some active children would be great. Since he is not yet ready to be left free in the house when nobody is home, it would be ideal if somebody works from home or if work schedules are such that he is not left for really long periods. Due to his size, energy and exhuberance, we think it would be best to avoid having him  around any fragile seniors or really young children. He is very sweet to them but his tail can inadvertantly become a weapon and he wants to lean and rub against them for affection.
If you think your family might be a match for Alvin, please call to learn more.



Huntley is a 10 year old, smaller sized black male lab mix who is just as sweet as can be and loves to be with his people. He is good with other dogs, rides well in the car, walks well on the leash and is doggie door trained. He is completely trustworthy in the home alone and does not get into anything. Huntley loves to have his head rubbed and will come to you to be pet whenever your eyes meet, but he is also very content to just hang out with you. He likes to walk around and smell all of the trees and flowers outside and is fond of rolling in the grass! Huntley has learned to swim but does not appear to enjoy it – he prefers simply cooling off in a kiddie pool. He is very respectful when you are eating, he goes and lies down when told and is very respectful of his foster brother and sister as well even though they are way smaller than him. He does have some arthritis and is on glucosamine and pain pills but it doesn’t stop him from the occasional sprint when you come in the door or when it’s dinner time! If you can provide a home where Huntley can be loved, pampered and cared for please call to meet him!



GREETINGS!  I'm Rosie & am a 9 year old 64 lb. female black Labbie beauty with gorgeous eyes & a chill disposition. I was a stray in Pinal County but have adapted quickly to my foster home setting.  I was recently treated for heartworm and our DLRR vet cleared me to be available for adoption just recently and I have no other known medical needs.  I know how to use a doggie door and have been trustworthy at home for extended periods of time without a crate.  I've done some counter-surfing when my foster folks aren't around when I think there maybe treats to nibble on.  I'm a quiet gal, rarely bark and I know a few commands & am good on the leash but I don't know if I like to swim or if I am cat friendly.  I am dog-friendly with my foster families cocker spaniel & 7 month old foster labbie gal.  I'm good with kids & other strangers that I have met so far.  I enjoy belly rubs and taking daily walks but mostly just like to be around humans.
I'm not much for chewing anything but I REALLY enjoy doggie treats while trying to learn new commands (cuz I really want make my family proud), but I do like my Kong with some treats & peanut butter in it.  I was a good girl when I visited the local PetsMart store recently & "sat" upon command of a stranger who was smitten with me a bit I think. 
Please consider opening your heart & home to a senior doggie like me, we are soooo worth it & have soooo much affection to give!  Don't forget we DLRR labbies are microchipped and vetted.  I expect to be at the Petco in Glendale this Sat for my first DLRR Meet & Greet & I hope to greet you there!  If you think I may be a good fit for you and you are an approved adopter, please contact my foster folks.



Woof, my name is Payton but my foster mum calls me Mama Mia, I love exploring talking to my people and other doggie buddies. I am very playful. I am still very small only 20 lbs but my foster mum says my personality makes up for my small size. I love mud puddles but I'm not a swimmer, I could be though. I love big dogs, small dogs and children. I've never met a cat so I don't know if I like them. I do not like to be kennel, since I was so small my foster mum let me sleep in the bed with her, I took over her pillow. I use the doggie door to do my business, I'm a good girl ya know.



Bella is a very sweet, quiet and petite 7 year old chocolate lab that was turned in to DLRR by her owners.  She loves to be with people and wants lots of TLC.  Bella gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. She is not crazy about swimming, but will get on the pool steps to cool off.  She loves to play in the hose water.  She is trustworthy in the house for long periods of time and knows how to use a dog door.  She walks extremely well on a leash and rides well in the car.  She has a skin condition called Alopecia which causes hair loss.  The vet thinks it may be diet related.  We have her on a good quality dry food and already she seems to be getting more hair growth.  The hair she has is very soft and silky.  Bella does not show any signs that this skin condition bothers her.  Her owners said that she is afraid of storms and wants to be in your lap for security.  We think she would do well as an only dog or with another dog in her permanent home.  If you are interested in a very calm and loving sweet girl and are willing to give lots of TLC, please give us a call.   



7/10/16 Lucky 18 is a great senior dog, he's had his DLRR makeover & is ready for his forever home. Lucky is a pure bred red fox colour who's been working on healthy eating habits & his waistline. He's a very happy boy that likes to sit on the top step of the pool or even a kiddy pool to splash his feet. Unfortunately he's deaf from chronic untreated ear infections but manages very well to communicate with hand signals. He loves tummy rubs & his foster sister. He's good with other dogs & my cat & loves kids & anyone that wants to pet him. He's housetrained & very low maintenance, a really gentle soul. He likes to go for an early morning short walk & doesn't pull on the leash but has wishful thinking when he sees a bunny. This Boy deserves a family who will enjoy his gentle nature & love him for being a gorgeous older lab.



Frisco is a 5 year old yellow male with pretty golden eyes that came from El Paso, TX as a stray. Some nice volunteers drove him to DLRR so that he could find a new home.  He is a tall lanky boy that is a bit underweight at 65# and needs to put on at least another 10-15 pounds. He is a little timid so we're working on building his confidence and getting him a little bit more socialized with new people and everyday activities. He gets along great with other dogs, has been trustworthy so far in the house and knows how to use a dog door....but absolutely cannot be kenneled! (We think this must have something to do with his history but have no information). He tends to jump up when excited and we are working on that too. He rides quietly in the car but is petrified of the actual car and getting inside, so we're working on teaching him that car rides are fun! He walks nicely on the leash and doesn't pull. We don't know how he would be with cats as his foster doesn't have one. He will counter surf if you leave snacks too. He is very loving and affectionate and is happiest when draped across your lap getting pets and kisses. He is learning to play and is an all around happy gentle boy. He would do best with another dog to play with and to help him with his comfort level in a new home.



Hey there, I'm Teagan...Pretty cool name, right?  According to Wikipedia, it's an Irish girls name but can also mean "beautiful" which I have to agree fits me to.  I'm a 7 month old black Labbie with a beautiful coat, weighing in at 46 pounds and have lots of energy.  I love attention and playing with my doggie toys and especially my tennis balls that squeak.  I've been to a doggie daycare and am known as a social butterfly and greeter and get along great with other dogs of all ages but don't know about cats. I luv being around my humans & know how to use a doggie door. My foster folks think that I was an outside only dog since I didn't have very good manners when they first rescued me but I'm much improved. My foster folks say that my furever family should be willing to take me to obedience training classes so I can learn to be a well-mannered pup but mostly so that we can have some great bonding time together.  I would like to be with an active family that will take me hiking, running, and have play dates with other pups too. Don't forget we DLRR labbies are vetted and microchipped. If you might be interested in me & you are an approved adopter, please call my foster folks. I expect to be at the Petco in Glendale for my first DLRR Meet & Greet this Sat. Please come and meet me and other DLRR labbies that are needing a furever home.



Hi! Am I really in a safe place? I can finally relax? Okay.  This feels good! I was brought to the pound because my owners said I was "too expensive." The nice ladies at DLRR didn't seem to think my owners ever spent any money taking care of me.  They think I had a lot of puppies in the past, but those days are behind me! I'm not the youngest pup out there (I'm over 11!) so I'm really low maintenance! My foster mama hasn't had me very long, but I haven't had an accident in the house, so she thinks I'm housetrained. Im not sure about this doggie door thing! I just want a nice, quiet, soft place to sleep and nice people to give me love.  My back legs aren't working as well as I'd like them to, so I'm kind of slow.  But that's no reason to throw me away! I have a lot of love to give, and an endless supply of sweet kisses for my family.  Are YOU looking for a sweet angel? I'm your girl! 



Thor came to Desert Lab Rescue by way of the dog pound.  His previous owner could no longer take care of him. He is five years old, about 75 lbs. and needs help in losing weight.  He has been well taken care of, house broken, easy to walk on leash, easy to handle, takes commands, good around people/kids and other dogs, don't know about cats.  Thor is a quiet guy, doesn’t have much to say, likes to play in small kids pool, don’t know about swimming?? He takes treats gently, would be nice if he had a dog buddy to play with.



Hi I am Presley.  I was brought to PACC by a nice stranger as a stray on 7/3/16.  I am so happy to be rescued by DLRR.  I am roughly 5 years old and a pure chocolate lab at heart. I have a beautiful chocolate coat and classic yellow eyes. I love to be in the water and  enjoying swimming and lounging on the pool steps at my foster home.  I get along well with the three dogs at my current foster home, (Male and female yellow lab and male miniature poodle mix).  I tend to be more submissive around other dogs but this doesn't keep me from playing.  I know basic commands such as sit. I appear to be completely housebroken and have not had a single inside accident.  I do well in the car and on a leash.  I am currently sleeping in my kennel when my foster mom leaves the house.  I am the typical lab, and would love to be wet all day from swimming and to have something in my mouth to chew or on fetch. 
I would be a loyal companion as an only dog but would also love siblings to play with.  I love kids as well but I have never been around cats so I don't know how I would do. 
I am told I may have previous cruciate tears in both knees, although I do not limp or seem to have any mobility issues at this time.  I get around without any pain right now but may eventually need some medicine as I age.
I am currently 55 pounds but my ideal weight is probably around 70 pounds. 
Could you be my forever family?  Please call my foster mom if you would like to meet me!


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