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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Louie is a smart, beautiful, boy who was found on the streets of Casa Grande and rescued from the pound by DLRR . He is a lean and athletic looking dog whose youthful exuberance and energy are delightful to observe. He loves his walks and could even be a good jogging or running partner.   He’s house trained and good in the house when left alone (outside of liking to eat socks, so no leaving socks around!)  He loves sniffing, observing, and being outdoors, so a dog door or person that lets him go in and out at will is a must for him in his new home.  He sleeps in his crate, and literally runs to it at bedtime when he gets a treat, but outside of nighttime, he has free range of the house.  He is not a big barker at home and he's good in the car.  We have not had an opportunity to observe Louie around young children yet, but we feel his energy level would be a good match with older kids.  He has shown interest in a pool, so he could be a swimmer, but we aren't sure.  Louie has had some obedience training and will sit, lie down, and go to his “place” on command!  He’s wonderfully affectionate, and because he wants to get ALL the attention from his people, he would be best as an only dog.  Louie is anxious to meet you so call his contact person if you would like to make a date!



Hi, Charlie (25) here and I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed that my new forever family hasn’t called my foster mom to meet me. I’m a 10 year old big, soft teddy bear and an easy dog to have in your home. I love my morning walks so much that I tend to get a little excited when I see my foster mom get my leash. I’m very good on the leash and the only time I pull is when I see a bunny.  Sure wish I could play with one. I like my naps and going outside to lay around to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. All I really need is for someone to love me, walk me twice a day and feed me breakfast and dinner. See how easy I am? Call my foster mom to meet me, you won’t regret it!
A note from my foster mom: Charlie had a seizure the morning of October 15, 2018 which fortunately did not seem have any long term effect. We took him to the vet and all his bloodwork came back normal. The doctor said it could be a one time thing (paws crossed). We have been watching him closely and he has not had another one this past week.



Hello! I'm Rico, a 9 year old 80 pound black lab who was turned in by my owners to the good people of DLRR. I am very tall (so tall my foster mom laughs and calls me a horse!) I am completely housebroken, am not destructive and I have learned to use the doggie door easily. I had other canine companions at my old home that I got along great with but my smaller foster brothers and sisters intimidated me a lot at our first meeting and I'm still a little wary of them--we share the back yard and toys just fine but when they all gather around me I get a little worried. My foster mom says I will need very slow and patient introductions to any new siblings. I get very excited when I see other dogs walking by or encounter them on walks although I normally walk well on a leash. I know basic commands like "sit" and "give five". I take my treats gently and love to snuggle.



Hi my name is Daisy(35) and I am 12 year old chunk of chocolate love! I was turned in to DLRR when my dad had to go in to an assisted living home. I have a shorter stature for a lab but  I have some extra pounds that need to come off for me to be happy and healthy. I enjoy all 3 of my lab foster siblings in the home. Though I am not as active as they are, I like to watch them play and swim. I love my soft bed and sleep well all snuggled up in it. My ideal home will get me some exercise and work on regaining my girlish figure. I enjoy getting pets and love from my foster mom. I am very gentle so kids in the home would be fine. I think cats would be ok  too because I don't show a reaction to much. I have not  barked once in my foster home yet.I do really well in the home while foster mom is away at work. I am an easy going girl that would just like to live out my golden years in a comfortable place with a lot of love. Who can't resist a little chocolate? Update: Daisy decided she had enough of watching and decided she was going to swim herself. She is quite the fish now and really enjoys swimming. This will be great exercise for her. 



Meet Monty, a big hunk of love.  Monty was left abandoned in an apartment with some other dogs but we don’t know why as he’s such a sweet boy.  He is a yellow lab about 8 years old and 74lbs and was obviously an outdoor dog previously. He has now been house trained and knows how to use a doggy door.  He gets along great with other dogs and is really mellow, he hasn’t been around cats so we don’t know about them.  He has been around older kids and seems to enjoy their company but he loves people in general and is always wanting to give out kisses and smiles.  He will need someone willing to do some training with him, although he knows sit he does have some bad habits like counter surfing and is tempted to raid the trash can. He just loves to follow his person around and lay next  to you on the sofa. If you are looking for an easy going hang out buddy, Monty is your guy.


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