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PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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Mylie is ALL ears and she thinks she heard you say you would love to take her home!!!
Mylie came to DLRR as a stray from the border. She was only 7 weeks old, scared, and too young to be taken away from her mama. She was as cute as a button with crazy ears, but looking like your  typical lab puppy.  She is now 8 months old and still waiting to find her forever home.
 In her foster home, she was greeted by three adults Labs, who took her under their wings. They played, nurtured, loved, coached and trained her to feel part of the pack. Even though she is still a pup, Mylie has learned so much. She is completely potty and crate trained. Runs through the doggie door like a champ. Loves all toys that are given to her and will play with them for hours. She also enjoys taking walks and of course getting her canine friends to play and wrestle with her. She would love to be able to join a puppy class to show you how smart she really is.  When everyone else is resting, she is right there with them, laying by them or curled up next to her foster mom. There isn’t a human or canine she doesn’t like and always tries to please. One of her favorite things is to nestle at your feet when you are sitting or just relaxing.
You probably can tell she might have a little of this or that in her other than Lab, but she has many Lab traits especially when it comes to temperament and personality. She will follow you around the house like a Lab, she loves to be loved like a Lab, she is food focused like a Lab and she is smart like a Lab. She is all legs, has cute and funny looking ears, a lean body and a sweeping tail that sometimes curls a bit at the end. She weighs about 40 to 45 pounds.
This sweet little girl deserves to become part of a forever family and grow up to be a beautiful adult. Mylie would love to have canine companions and someone who isn’t gone long hours. Even if you don’t have any other dogs, but are very active, she would enjoy becoming your running or hiking friend. Will you be the one to give this precious girl a chance?  Mylie has shown how much she has appreciated her foster mom and canine friends, but would love to rest her head in a home she can call her very own.
Please call if you think you are a match. Thank you
We are discounting Mylie's adoption fee to $175.00.



I am black male lab who just turned one at the beginning of JuIy. I am lean and lanky and an energetic little man, who loves to play. I will greet you at the door when you get home and was given a nickname of "Wigglebutt" at a recent meet and greet. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the ball after I chase it down, but I am learning.  I am in a home with two senior labs they play with me just a little, but not much and boy do I get them to try.  I don't have to sleep in a crate and like to sometimes lay down with my foster brother and sister in their beds.
I am curious about the pool since my foster brother swims all the time.  Maybe soon I will try it, but for now I think I will wait.  I am completely house trained, not sure about a doggie door since my foster Mom does not have one.  I know some basic commands and walk on the leash pretty good, but still need more practice. I go for walks in the morning and sometimes at night too.  I am a little shy and when I ride in the car, it takes me a little bit to get use to it, I just sit very quietly on the seat. I don't know if I get along with cats, but since I am still very young, I would like to try it out.



Roxy was adopted from DLRR in October 2014 at the young age of 4 months.  Through no fault of her own, she was surrendered to DLRR.  She is a sweet, petite 1 year old black lab.  She is still a puppy, so she has a lot of energy and needs plenty of chew toys.  She does not chew furniture or shoes, but she will chew anything plastic she happens upon, so her new family needs to be aware and attentive to things Roxy may want to claim as her new chew toy.  She loves kids; very tolerant of kids.  She was living with three girls, all under the age of 5.  The girls would lay their head on Roxy while watching TV and they would just lay and cuddle with her.  She is generally very friendly with everyone really.  She is housebroken and crate trained, and very independent.  She does well with other dogs.  She rides great in a car-she just falls asleep in the back seat. 
She has been well cared for and loved.  It was discovered very shortly after Roxy was adopted that she has hip dysplasia.  She has been treated with exercise (swimming – it can’t be heavy exercise of pounding on payment type stuff), glucosamine, and occasional pain medication as needed.  But she really does not need medication often at ALL.  All invasive treatment has been delayed at this time as it's not needed.  She is very active happy dog – she just favors her front legs.  Because she has this condition, she also has to watch her weight.  Overall, Roxy is very docile and one laid back puppy.  She will reward you with years of love and affection, as well as lots of smile and laughter along they way.  One look at her face will melt your heart. 




Hello, my name is Maysa.  I am an 8 year old active girl but what people notice first is my pink nose.  Many tell me my pink nose fits my sassy personality.  DLRR's vet has looked my nose over and advised that my sunning days be short so as to not cause any more damage to my nose.  The vet's diagnosis is DLE (Discoid Lupus Erythematosus), the kind that affects the color of my skin - like my nose.  My medical condition is currently being treated with medication, which will need to be continued by my new family.  This is definately a manageable condition for me and we are working on getting my nose looking better.  I also have to use sunscreen daily because UV exposure plays a role in this disease.  In addition to my DLE, I have some joint issues that are being cared for now before I get much older - it's a preventative thing.  I am on prescription food for my joints, a joint supplement and fish oil long term and maybe later, I might need daily anti-inflammatories.  So, it's really important that I stay somewhat active and slim. 
I fit in nicely at my foster home - I have two labbie foster siblings, a cocker spaniel foster sister and a cat!  I enjoy the daily walks, fluffy dog beds and head rubs AND HUMANS.  I am left to wander the house during the day with my foster siblings, so I can be trusted alone in the house while you are away.  My foster mom tried to convince me that I should be introducted to a crate, but I found no use for it.  I am housebroken and love the flexibility of a doggie door.  Sometimes I like to sit out on the back porch and watch the birds and take in the sun for a bit.   I am not food or treat aggressive; I love a good marrow bone or bully stick on a daily basis.  I really, really enjoy the companionship and hugs, and give many kisses.  Some of my dislikes include the heat, but I get around that with an afternoon playing in the hose, and thunderstorms. 



Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?  Please stand up!  My name is Wesley A.K.A. Slim Shady.  I'm not quite as labby as most in this newsletter or even close for that matter, but I sure am a little stud muffin.  I am grateful to DLRR for saving me from the pound.  I have been through a LOT.   I have overcome homelessness, tick fever, a flea infestation, bad teeth, and kennel cough.  I had to have 19 teeth pulled, but still have 23 pearly whites to chew on bones with.  I am a bit protective of my dog bones, but dude....their dog bones and I love them.  My coat is a bit rough, but my pawster mom is feeding me the good stuff and it's starting to shine a bit.  I even let her brush me and oh boy it feels good.   Even though I was tossed like a used rag, I am a pretty happy little dude.  I'm also dang smart.  Who says you have to be a pure breed to be happy, smart and handsome?  Dude, trust me.  I may be small and light weight, but I am WAY cool.  Wanna know how smart my pawster mom thinks I am?  She basically said "Use the doggie door."  Viola!  I am now doggie door trained.  I'm cool with my pawster mom's cat, but sometimes chase him so I would need to be introduced to your cat.   I'm a pro on the leash.  I don't bark much, but I do sometimes partake in the howling requirement that comes with passing trains.  I'm getting better at not counter surfing.  My pawster mom tells me no and I totallly stop.  Why? Because I'm totally cool that way.   I have to admit being and inside/outside dog is MUCH better than being a desert dog.  I'm adjusting well.  I do have to confess that I did mark a basketball, but that was the ONLY thing I marked.   I have three pawster sisters and LOVE them all.   I also have a pawster brother who is availalbe for adoption.  He and I have become BFF's. Check out Chandler's profile, he's as handsome and smart as me.  I do get along with male and female dogs, but I am a bit picky about male dogs.  It seems if they are uber hyper or have that wild dominate thing going, it isn't gonna be a good fit for me.  OH!  You should see me stretch!  I have been told that I have the perfect downward dog pose.   My pawster mom has seen me around kids.  Older ones are fine, but the young ones who jump around and make a lot of noise I prefer not to be around.   
I love my pawster family and they treat me like one of their own, but I know this isn't my forever home.  I'm happy here, but I know my perfect family is out there.  I can't wait to be in my forever home!  Are you my forever family?



Miley is a sweet, sweet girl who we believe is 14 years old. I was not too fond of the name Miley, so I call her Charlie. It does not seem to me that is really her age, but that is what her previous owners said. I have been fostering Charlie for a few months now and from day one, she was perfect. She is sweet, loving, and happy with tail wagging all the time. She is house trained and does her business outside when needed. She is up-to-date on all her shots and microchipped as well. In addition, she does not hear very well, so you have to talk to her with your “outside voice”. I do not really have to use that, I just call her name a little louder than usual and then wave her over to come in. At this point, when I do call out “Charlie”, she looks up and comes.
Her owners said that she used to have a brother, who passed away earlier this year. The family moved from a house to a condominium and once Charlie was left alone, they said she barked all day long and neighbors were complaining. They shuffled her from house to house while they were gone during the day and I guess that was too much. I am not sure, why a bark collar was not option, but never the less; they decided to give her up. I have tested the being away problem with Charlie alone in the house and my lab Mashers has been at my daughters’ house. My neighbors say that they do not hear her barking and I have done this a few times, no signs of incessant barking from her.
I work from home and travel. At times, she has been inside all day and has no accidents. I have a 12-year-old male black lab Mashers who is as mellow as the day is long and they get along very well. I have a pool, he swims, and she watches. I do not think she has any interest in the pool, but loves to chase a tennis ball and fetch. Most of the time when I am home working she is close by napping, so she definitely likes being in the same room with you. She does like being outside and lays in the backyard, when she is ready to come in, she will come to the door and do a “one bark”, then wait. If you do not come, she will do the “one bark” again.  She is good walking both on and off the leash and from what I can gather has had some good training. There was no reason to crate her when I first got her, she was good from the get go.  
I have a two-year old granddaughter who is around Charlie quite a bit and no problems there either. She lays down with her on the dog bed sometimes and Charlie does not seem to mind at all.  Charlie needs a home where they will just love her and where she can just hang out and be mellow.  She loves to be petted and will nudge you when you stop. Since she does not hear so well, she does not come greeting you at the door. Even with that, when she knows you are home, she gets up and comes over for kisses and lots of petting.



I am a lovable, 5 year old male lab. I was turned in to DLRR when my owner went into assisted living and nobody else could take me in. I'm alot to love at 103lbs. but working on slimming down to the mid-80's. My new home would have to be committed to a slow, healthy weight reduction plan. That being said, I am as calm and gentle as I can be! I'm working on increasing my activity level slowly and can only walk for about 15 min. at a time right now.  I am fully house-trained and I can squeeze through an extra large dog door. I counter surf a little and occasionally pick throught the open trash if there are yummy smelling things, toys or dog treats there, but mostly I don't get into anything I shouldn't. I'm not a begger, but obviously I like my treats and I will eat my foster brother's food if left unattended! My favorite toys are big, knotted ropes that I toss around and chew on and play tug and large rubber balls that I chase. I'm scared of thunder, lightening and fireworks but I'm ok if you stay right next to me and keep me feeling safe. I really love kids and love to swim in the pool. I don't know how I would be around cats as my foster does not have any. I get along well with my two big foster brothers and have been friendly with all of the other dogs I have met so far including the little ones.



I am a very lovable 4 year old English Lab. I weigh 92 pounds. The nice people at DLRR are teaching me manners, how to eat dog kibble (my owner was feeding me people food) and how to walk on a leash. I had never been in a car or other moving vehicle before DLRR, but now I jump right in! I haven't had much life experience but I have been tested and I am OK around cats and other dogs. I need a forever family that will continue to help me become the lab I know I can be. They will need patience, understanding and dedication and in return I will give them all my licks, wags and love. If that is your family, please call my Foster so we can meet.



Tonka is an active  2 year old yellow male that was rescued from the border.  He has a great personality, but will need a family that can bring patience and training.  It is believed that he is housetrained. 
I’m one big goofy love bug in search for my loving and forever family!  Let me share a little about myself.  I’m almost 2 and full of energy.  I don’t know many commands but my foster family is working with me.  In 2 days I’ve learned to use the doggy door, so there is hope!  I don’t like being left alone but I’m comfortable in my crate.  I don’t like cats but I like most dogs, kids, and lots of hugs and kisses. 
I would love a family that will love me unconditionally!  I love exercise but pull on the leash out of excitement…just so curious of this beautiful world! I need a family that will be patient with me.  I can’t wait to meet you!!



Sweet 2 year old Sarah is looking for a place to call home. She came to Desert Lab as a stray. She loves to be near her humans and so far seems to be good with other dogs. She is disinterested in cats. Sarah is very new to DLRR, and has just been spayed. We will post more as we get to know her better. She is a true beauty.



My brother, Monty, and I just got placed into a great foster home.  So stay tuned,  I'm sure our new foster parents will have lots to share about us in the coming days. 



My brother, Alfey, and I just got placed into a foster home.  Stay tuned here because I am sure my foster parents will have lots to say about us in the coming days. 


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