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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Rocky is a 3 year old mix. He is good with dogs and teenagers.  He is very muscular and will do well in a home where the adopters are very active.  If you are looking for a running companion, he is your dog.  Rocky is currently in boot camp at a training facility.  He is learning all the great doggie tricks so he can practice in his forever home.  He is doing very well with his training but will need someone who will continue the training. As part of our package, new adopters will receive 8 follow up lessons with his trainer.  Rocky is a love bug, his tail is always wagging, he is a very happy boy. 
Click here to check out Rocky's video!



My name is Rhodes and I am a 5 year old lovable black male.  I get along great with people but I am a little shy at first, if you have paience to bond with me I am extremely lovable and sweet.  I do have an energetic side and I really enjoy long walks and going swimming.  For the most part, I do enjoy other dogs company but again it takes me a little time to build their trust.  I have been in training and I know how to heel, sit, down, stay and come.  I enjoy training alot so I would love my forever parents to continue my training.  I did jump a 6' fence when left alone so I really need people to stay with me until I am comfortable.  I don't have separation anxiety but I do get bored very quickly.  I am staying with my trainer and her dog right now so if you think I am a good fit, please call my contact and we can set up an appointment to visit together. 



Cooper 10 is a yellow male weighing in at 80 lbs. and he is 8 years 11 months old.
He really has a wonderful “joie de vivre”. His eyes sparkle in anticipation of a game of fetch, a swim in the pool, a toy tug with a foster sibling or hanging out with people around the house giving and receiving love.  He has plenty of energy for his age. His love of swimming and fetching is so great that he will need to go to a home that can accommodate this passion.
He is housebroken and safe to leave in the house. He is terrific with his foster siblings (male and female). His foster home does not have children but he has been great with those he has met at the Meet & Greet. His size and energy level are perhaps not so suited to really young children. We do not know about cats.
He has been a joy to foster. Cooper really is the quintessential family Labrador Retriever.
He is ready to help chose his perfect adoptive family.




My name is Goldie.  Actually my pawster mom calls me Holy Moly GuacaGoldie, but she's weird.  I am an 11 year and 8 month old yellow lab full of love.  I grew up in a dog run as I was used as a breeder dog, but I'm not angry.  I have a second chance.  My owners were going to take me to the pound, but DLRR stepped up and saved the day.  You really need to see me to believe me.  Nobody thinks I'm almost 12!  I have learned a lot being with my pawster mom.  I've gotten used to most house sounds.  She taught me not to go wee wee in the house and how to use the doggie door; however, if you don't have a doggie door that might be a problem.  She gave me my first dog bone and it was heaven.  I've started eating carrots to keep my teeth clean.  My pawster mom recently found out that I can't climb stairs.  Hey, it's gonna happen to the best of us at some point.  I do need to be lifted into the car, but once inside I ride very well.   I do need leash training because I like to pull a bit, but I'm not like a horse or anything. I also like to steal things off coffee tables and sometimes chew on things I shouldn't.  I particularly enjoy books.    I like baths.  I don't bark.  I love people and recently found out I'm good with kids.  I tolerate the cat, because...well he's a cat.  I am probably a little more interested in the cat than my pawster mom would like. I get along with other dogs, but will growl if another dog rushes to get up in my grill.  However, if you're not a rude dog and introduce yourself civilally, then all will be well.  Did I say I love dog bones?  And I want my name changed.  Goldie is sooo generic.  Just my thoughts.  I also like to be right beside my pawster mom.  I follow her EVERY WHERE.  I even stalk her when she's in the shower.  
So hear's the deal. I may be almost 12, but I still got some game left in me.  You ever watch the Golden Girls?  I'm a lot like those ladies.  A little gray hair, a few aches and pains, and a hoot to be around!  



Hi, my name is Doug, but my foster family has been calling me Joey (I'll tell you why later.) I was found running through an intersection. A good Samaritan opened his car door and I jumped in. I was severely malnourished and tick infested. He somehow contacted DLRR and I spent a little bit of time at the vets office getting all spiffy. As you can see from my regal pictures, I am pretty much put back together. I still have a hematoma (my foster mom says it’s a fancy word for broken blood vessel) in my ear. I guess they take some time to heal. I really don't know how I got it. I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and it is healing as it should. My new fur-ever family will have to take me to the vet to check it regularly, that's not too big of a deal is it? So more about me. Vet guesses I am about 8ish, but let me tell you, you shouldn't judge a dog based on a white beard and back teeth!!! That is the only thing that gives my age away. I don't really care for the pool, but I love to prance around outside with curiosity (my foster dad almost named me Trotter.) I sometimes think I am a puppy, well most times. Any time my foster family is on the couch I have to be on their lap, kind of hard at 70 lbs. I can't get enough love. I will follow you everywhere! I love kids, maybe in a house with a little bit older kids, because I am very strong. If you care for your current pets, which I am sure you do, I cannot be in a house with cats or small dogs. I have been on the street for a while and anything smaller than me looks like dinner. Honestly, I would rather be the only dog in the house. Not because I don't get along with other bigger dogs, because my 4 legged foster sister and I do get along, it’s that I just can't be bothered to hang out with her. I am not the dog for you if you want a playmate for your other dogs. I really am a people dog. I need some work on my manners. Being out there for so long, I have forgotten how to walk on a leash. I am called Joey, after a baby kangaroo, because when anyone is in the kitchen, and I can't see what they are doing on the counter, I spring up off all fours to see them. Boing, boing, boing. I am trustworthy. I don't chew. I am still trying to remember where it is ok to go potty. But I have been doing really well. I don't like the crate. I don't really bark, unless I am hunting something. It is very important that I am never outside without a leash. I am a previous New York marathon winner. I will try, very hard to run another marathon, at any given time. So my new family will have to always keep an eye out for the doors and gate. Please call my foster mom if you think I am the right kid for your family!



Hi, my name is Ruby. When I first came to DLRR I was very shy and skinny. I didn’t know how to play with people, toys or other dogs. The DLRR fosters have shown me a different world. My foster thinks I am wonderful, very smart and beautiful. All of his golf buddies and neighbors think I am really cute and I now like to meet people. I’ve been spayed, I’m house trained, and I’m very good on a leash. I know basic commands and generally respond appropriately (I’m really good at no). I don’t chew the furniture or rugs, but I love my chew toys, especially my Teddy. I like to steal slippers, socks and sneakers. If you leave them out, I will hide them somewhere. Tummy rubs are one of my favorite things; that, and snuggling with my foster. My foster says I’m a very good eater (most labs are). I like dry dog food and occasionally chicken and rice. I like treats, that is how my foster gets me into my crate. I need to be confined for my own safety when there is no one around. I don’t mind it, toss in a couple treats and a chew toy and I’m good. I love going for a walk, as it is with most puppies, I’m very curious. So take me along and I will be a great walking companion. I am sure we will find many interesting things to see and do. The trainer suggests I be an only dog, because I was considered dog dominant. The first few times I met other dogs I growled. Then I met a couple of labs, the old one totally ignored my behavior and the young one thought I was funny. She grabbed one of my chew toys and took off, I was right on her tail, around and around we went. After a water break I grabbed the toy and she chased me, once again all over the back yard. I think I like other dogs now (especially labs), they are a lot of fun. However, I do not feel that way about coyotes; they scare me when I’m on a walk and I just want to go home. I’m not too sure about cats yet. If you are looking for a cute, lovable young dog who is just great company, I might be the one for you. Please call my foster, if you think I’m your kind of dog.



Hi, I'm Ruger2, and I'm an 8 month old sleek black lab mix. A Good Samaritan found me limping along the side of the road and called DLRR. After my foster parents picked me up and took me to the vet, they found out that I have a big ball of Valley Fever on my leg that is causing my limp. I now take pills that are hidden in yummy treats every day, and probably will for a long time. As for the limping, that is a little better already. I can run like the wind on 3 or 4 legs, and play well with other dogs. I don't bother the cat here very often, and am good with children. I'm house trained but don't know my basic commands and I pull on the leash, but I'm still a puppy! I need a little help getting into the car, but ride well. My favorite thing is laying on my back for tummy rubs or just playing dead. Though I'm a special needs pup, I know there is a family out there that will want to bring me home and love me no matter if I limp or not.



HI!  I'm Dexter, an approximately 2 year old neutered male lab that was found running the streets by Pima Animal Care Center.  The great people at DLLR came and got me and now I'm with my foster family; a mom and younger sister (who drives me crazy!)  I love to play! I love playing with my foster sister and rope toys and tennis balls and all sorts of other things.  My foster sister taught me how to use the doggy door within minutes.  I love sleeping on the couch while my family watches tv and I like to be touching my people when I sleep at night.  I'm not sure about my foster cat yet--he's too frightened of me to really get to know him and my foster mom says it's his issue not mine.  I would love to find my forever home!



Well Hey There!!! Im Jeannette(1) & my middle name is "Chill'n" & I was recently taken in by the AWEEHHHSOME folks at DLRR recently & am keeping my paws crossed that I find my forever home by the holidays.  The Doc thinks Im 7-8 years old, but I certainly don't think I look my age & no known medical issues.  Im a rather slender medium sized gal, (about 50 lbs) with a sweet personality ta'boot' with a shiny black coat to match.  I like to hang with my foster folks & they say it appears so far that Im housebroken & trustworthy to be left alone, uncrated.  I don't countersurf & I get along with my 2-4 legged pals (dogs) ok, they dont play with me much, but Im a little shy.  Ive learned how to use a doggie dog & I like sleeping in my open crate near my foster folks at night.  My foster folks do not have a pool, cats or young kids, but I am kid & adult friendly.  I like to accompany my foster Dad on trips such as Lowes & I was a true lady for sure. I slept grrrreattt my very first night & evry night since with my foster folks in a comfy serta sofa bed.  I don't bark much & I enjoy just enjoy hangin' with my folks & especially going for daily walks (medium activitynlevel).  Will you give me a chance cuz it wont take me long to steal your heart?



My name is Harper 2, I'm a 6 month old chocolate boy full of energy, life & love. I like to play fetch with a tennis ball & play with toys & can run like the wind around the back yard. I'm a good walker on the leash  when I focus, but I'm just curious about everything I see, pretty smart for my age I overheard someone say. I will need some training with my manners & walking on a leash, but I'm  potty trained without a d.d. I do need to gain some weight so my foster mom says & she is giving me extra feeds during the day to compensate. I'm good with other dogs, no to cats because there are 2 in the house & I would love to play with them but they keep hiding & I will chase. I'm good with kids too but older might be better. I sleep all night in my crate & will be by your side during the day. I'm looking for my forever family that will give me the time, & love I so deserve. Please call Judy Jones. 623 580 7755.  



Hallie is a 6 month old petite yellow female lab.  She is the sweetest little lab.  She learned how to use the doggie door in less than one day and is already responding to the "sit" command.  She gets along with dogs, people, and children.  With her small size and sweet personality, she would best be with a family who has the time to train her.  She does wonderful on the leash as long as her new family continues to practice with her.  She will follow you around the house always looking for guidance and just wants to be near you.  She loves keeping your feet warm by sleeping on top of them when sitting at a desk or on the couch. 


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