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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Hi! I'm Murphy, formerly known as Presley, and I have SO much love to give you! I had a loving home, but my dad became sick and couldn't keep me so I'm looking for another furever family. They tell me I'm between 8 and 9 years old, but boy I act younger than that!  I'm medium height and very svelt at about 75 pounds.  The salt and pepper around my mouth and on my feet make me look super sophisticated and wise - kinda like that George Clooney guy! Since he's now off the market, I'm sure EVERYONE will want me!  I have really short, shiny hair and don't seem to shed a lot. I just LOVE my toys! Stuffed toys, squeaky toys, balls....yippee! I'm pretty good on a leash, and I love meeting any other dogs out there because I'm FRIENDLY! I love my food (and yours, haha).  I'm on a couple of meds for allergies and thyroid and I take (inhale) those with my food. I get along great with my foster brother and sister (both labs), am perfect in the car (I LEAP right up in the back of an SUV!) and am a total pro at the doggie door! I don't get up on furniture unless I'm invited, and I do enjoy a quick dip in the pool after a walk!  I am a first class snuggler, too! I'm AWESOME around kids, dogs, cats, EVERYONE! If you are looking for the most handsomest, shiniest, handsome, fun, handsome, sweet, and HANDSOME guy, I'm IT! 



Lou is a very mellow, laid back guy. He enjoys going for car rides, getting belly rubs and just being by your side.  He likes to play Frisbee and run around in the backyard, he doesn’t swim but likes to cool off on the steps. If you would like to meet Lou please give his foster a call.



Hi, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Pixie.  Our mom and dad are returning us to DLRR because my dad is very sick.  They rescued us back in 2008.  We love water, retrieving tennis balls and taking naps.  We love children, other dogs and getting our fur brushed.  We are crate trained and bark when we need to go out.  I am the alpha kid and Pixie is ok with that.  We are 8 years old.  If you are looking for 2 mellow ladies, please call.  Oh, Pixie says hi!



Hi I'm Pixie!



Mylie is a 3 1/2 month old little lab mix. She was abandoned at the border and someone called into the shelter to have her picked up. This poor baby was taken away from her mama sooner than she should have been but has been living in a home with 5 adult Labs who have been showing her the ropes.
Mylie knows the doggie door but is still having little accidents in the house. She is smart and alert and wanting to learn.
She loves to sleep in a small crate next to her fosters bed knowing she isn't alone and if left alone at times during the day she is put on a larger crate.
Mylie is all puppy and would love another canine friend to play with. She would also do best in a home where her new family won't be gone longer than 4hours a day.
As all puppies go, training will truly benefit her, along with patience and love.
If you are dedicated in the raising of a puppy, please give us a call.



Big boy Brice was born and bred at Hunt Kennels in the mid-west (date of birth is 12/11/06).  How this handsome yellow hunk found his way to the Nogales border we have no idea, and although he was chipped, his owner was not able to be located but his time was up at the shelter so DLRR stepped in to save him.  Brice appears to have been very well taken care of as well as very much loved (maybe a little too much as he has to lose a couple of pounds).  Don't let his size fool you, this boy gets jiggy with it and  plays like a puppy.  He is not "mouthy" and will give up his toys and bones freely and without issue. He does not beg during dinner and takes treats gently.  He is a true retriever in every sense of the word as he loves the water and squeaky toys and ropes are his favorite.  He is housebroken, doesn't chew anything inappropriate and looks forward to walk time.  He is trustworthy in the house and not a barker.  He is good but somewhat strong on a leash but once he gets the "edge" off, he settles right in and prances like a show pony.  Daily walks and play will be needed to help get his weight down.  He enjoys hanging out in his crate if the door is open and goes in there throughout the day on his own accord.  Brice thrives on being loved on and getting all the attention, so his perfect home would be with someone looking for a best buddy and that either works from home,  is retired or is looking for a traveling companion but with no other dogs that will vie for his attention.  Brice gets excited for rides and jumps right in without hesitation. He really wants to love and be loved so if that sounds like what you are looking for, put Brice at the top of your list for a meet and greet. 



Duke is a 6.5 yr old 104 lb NBM and is a solid bundle  of love.
His life long owner passed in August and he was very bonded and much loved. 
He quickly bonded with his new fosters and loves being with them everywhere.
He has a super sweet disposition and loves all humans and dogs he has met so far.
Cats are an unknown as we do not have one.
He does not resource guard, counter surf, chew, door dash,  or have any bad habits. 
He is DD trained,  but we do not use one, so he asks to go out and is completely housebroken.   He stays alone quietly sleeping  when we go out and can be totally trusted with the run of the house.    No need for crating for this boy.   He rarely barks except when strangers come to the door, and once they enter he rolls over for belly rubs. 
We are working on a healthy nutrition program with him as he needs to lose a few lbs.  ( Did I say a few?)  He loves walking and walks one mile 3 times a day with joy and enthusiasm.  When his leash comes out, look out as the tail wagging  can knock you over.    He would love to be in a home where he gets lots of love and attention and does not mind being an only child as he is pretty quiet and laid back.   He will need some dental attention .
Can you find room for a boy that will love you unconditionally and share his love and dedication to you? If so, please call his foster to get more information on Duke.        



Clover and Amber - Sisters Forever 
Yellow Labs, age 10 
The've lived together all their lives and together they must stay. 
Some meds and patience and love are needed as they travel on their way.
You'll never regret the love you share or the abundance of joy they rain,
Or the friendship, laughter and delight that you will ultimately gain.
They love all people, dogs and kids. They just crave pets and kisses. 
A home warmed by love, for our precious girls, would fulfill our fondest wishes.
Pro: Housebroken,  Ride quietly in the car, Use doggie door, Sleep together at night, Clean each other's faces, Very Friendly, Love their walks. 
Con: Dental deterioration, Clover needs meds for arthritis, Need some leash work, Cat tolerance unknown.



Amber and Clover - Sisters Forever 
Yellow Labs, Age 10 
They've lived together all their lives and together they must stay.
Some meds and patience and love are needed as they travel on their way. 
You'll never regret the love you share or the abundance of joy they rain,
Or the friendship, laughter and delight that you will ultimately gain. 
They love all people, dogs and kids.  They just crave pets and kisses..
A home warmed by love, for these precious girls, would fulfill our fondest wishes.
Pro: Housebroken, Ride quietly in car, Use doggie door, Sleep together at night, Clean each other's faces, Very Friendly, Love their walks
Con: Dental deterioration, Clover needs meds for arthritis, Need some leash work, Cat tolerance unknown



Gus is a very loving and sweet 4 year old chocolate boy, he is blind in his left eye but that doesn't seem to bother him.  He always has a ball in his mouth and loves to play fetch.  He counter surfs so were working on that.  I've only had him a few days so I don't know much about him yet.  He gets along with his foster sisters and he is crate trained.  He walks pretty good on the leash but will pull a little sometimes.  More to come.


Dogs Awaiting a Foster Home...


Zen2 is as mellow as his name! This gorgeous big boy is 5 yrs old. Zen came from the pound so we don't know much about him yet. He has some old scars on his face and since we have no history on him, we aren't sure how he got them. Whatever happened couldn't have been good but now that he is with
DLRR, we will make sure he gets the loving forever home he deserves. He is toy and food possive, so he needs to be the only dog.  He is great with children of all ages, but not cats.  He loves to play fetch, go for walks, but could use a little leash training.  This boy is really sweet and when you meet him you just want to give him a great big hug!





Pumba is a very handsome black male age 2.5 and weighs 67#..  He is very loving and looking for a great forever home.  He is good on the leash and in the car. He knows basic commands and takes treats gently.   He has not been in a foster home yet, but he has a great personality and likes everyone he meets.