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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Fitz is an affectionate 7 year old purebred English yellow male with a medium build and a huge heart. He is housebroken and uses the doggy door. Fitz is well behaved in the house and has the run of the house with his foster sister.  Fitz's favorite game is chase and he loves to swim, but his most favorite thing is to be with his people.  When you come home, guess who will be waiting for you at the door! -- It's Fitz!!
Now he is the most loving guy, and will follow you around - though, he needs your help. He will counter surf if food is left where he can reach it,  and does enjoy getting in the trash if available.  And truth be told, he is full of energy --but could stand to loose some pounds!!   He also needs leash training - he is pretty good walking with you  but gets SOO excited seeing other dogs walking by.      
If you want a lab who is happy and always near by then Fitz is the dog for you!



[UPDATE Chrissy has settled into her foster home nicely.  She has gained a lot of strength in her back legs and is now walking several times a day.  As a result of dieting and exercise, Chrissy is down to 100 pounds!  She could probably lose another 5-10 pounds, but she is on track to achieve that summer swimsuit figure.  She recently attended an event at PetSmart and did wonderfully when meeting people and other dogs.  As a matter of fact, she found a cool spot in the middle of the store so that she could watch all of those people and dogs coming and going; she enjoyed the people watching.] Chrissy is part of a bonded pair - to her brother Bear.  Chrissy is sweet, and gorgous, but has been known to be the alpha between her and Bear.  Chrissy is 7.5 years old and was previously adopted over 6 years ago by DLRR, however, Chrissy and Bear have been returned to DLRR, through no fault of their own.  Chrissy is a big girl weighing in at around 110 pounds.  She is currently on a restricted diet to help her regain her waistline.  She is housebroken, but again, due to her size, an XL doggie door will be needed.   She is okay with other dogs, but small dogs might be problematic because she does NOT like cats.  She's okay with children, smaller children would not be recommended again, merely because of her size. 
She rides well in a car, but walks are a bit of a struggle.  Her back legs are a bit weak but are getting a bit better each day, so long walks are not good for her, although she is good on a leash.  She has been very good in her new foster home, and we are learning more each day about her.  I just can't emphasize just how sweet this pair is; you need to meet them to understand.  The family that adopts Chrissy and Bear will need a big heart because these two will melt it! 



Hi!  My name is Arthur and I am one big lovable 8-year old yellow English lab.  I have a great personality and I just love to cuddle.  Everyone that meets me falls in love with my looks and personality.  I am good in the house and use a doggie door.  I love to be around other dogs, go for rides in the car and walks in the neighborhood.  I am good on the leash except when I see other dogs.  I want to go see all of them; they make me so excited!
I have been batlling skin allergies for quite some time and I have some scars to show for it.  My foster parents are working with the doctors to help me.  Recently, I have been on medication that works really well.  They also tell me that something insdie me called alymph node is enlarged near my back end and sometimes it's a little hard to go #2.
If you are looking for someone to be by your side and make you smile, I am your guy!  Call my foster parents and learn more about me.



Mylie is a 5 1/2 month old little lab mix who weighs about 30 pounds. She was abandoned at the border and someone called into the shelter to have her picked up. This poor baby was taken away from her mama sooner than she should have been but has been living in a home with 3adult Labs who have been showing her the ropes.
Mylie knows the doggie door and is potty trained. She is smart and alert and wanting to learn. Cuddling is one of her favorite past time and having different kinds of toys to play with makes her happy too.
She loves to sleep in bed next to her foster Labs knowing she isn't alone. She is also crate trained when everyone is gone from the house.
Mylie is all puppy and would love another canine friend to play with. She would also do best in a home where her new family won't be gone longer than 4hours a day.
As all puppies go, training will truly benefit her, along with patience and love.
If you are dedicated in the raising of a puppy, please give us a call.



Hello, my name is Maysa.  I am an 8 year old girl taking some time to enjoy these days out of the pound. I am not certain how long I was there, but DLRR rescued me from the pound E-List because I have a pink nose.  Many tell me my pink nose fits my sassy personality.  DLRR's vet has looked my nose over and advised that my sunning days be short so as to not cause any more damage to my nose.  The vet's diagnosis is DLE (Discoid Lupus Erythematosus), the kind that affects the color of my skin - like my nose.  My medical condition is currently being treated with medication, which will need to be continued by my new family.  This is definately a manageable condition for me and we are working on getting my nose looking better.  I also have to use sunscreen daily because UV exposure plays a role in this disease.  In addition to my DLE, I have some joint issues that are being cared for now before I get much older - it's a preventative thing.  I am on prescription food for my joints, a joint supplement and fish oil long term and maybe later, I might need daily anti-inflammatories.  So, it's really important that I stay somewhat active and slim. 
I fit in nicely at my foster home - I have two labbie foster siblings and a cat!  I enjoy the daily walks, fluffy dog beds and head rubs AND HUMANS.  I enjoy the companionship and hugs, and give many kisses. 



Belle is a gorgeous yellow four year old girl.  She is very well behaved, a bit shy at first meeting people.  Once she is comfortable, she likes to cuddle. She likes her toys and will carry them around with her.  She loves her walks and does well on a leash.  She will do well with an active family.  She knows a few basic commands and does not bark or jump..  She is house trained and can be left alone.  She gets along with our other foster, and other dogs she meets. 



Hi, my name is Robin!
I am a very sweet, one year old chocolate girl that loves being near her people and giving kisses.  I’m great around other dogs. I'm not sure if I'm good with cats or little kids yet!  I’m still a young pup, so my new family must be committed to teaching me more commands (I know “sit”), and establishing boundaries for me. I walk pretty well on a leash once I have calmed down a bit and I know how to use a doggie door!  I am not destructive in my foster home, but I've never been left on my own for more than a few hours, so continued crate training will be a good idea if my new family needs to be away. I would love a family that has someone home a lot or another young dog to play with. I will sleep on a bed next to yours unless you let me up with you and when you do, I am an expert snuggler. 



[UPDATE As big and gentle and sweet Bear is, we are pleased to announce there's a bit less of him.  Bear now weighs in at 140 pounds!  This is a 25 pound weight loss for Bear since being with DLRR.  He is doing well at his foster home with daily walks and a disciplined diet.  Bear can still lose about another 20 pounds; he's over halfway there!  Bear loves people and would really like to find his forever home.  This big guy just wants to be a part of a family that wants to love on him and spend time with him.  His favorite spot at night?  At your side while you sit in your recliner!]   How do you introduce Bear?  Think big, gorgous teddy bear....all 154 pounds of him!  Bear, and his sister Chrissy, were returned to DLRR recently, through no fault of their own. These two are a bonded pair and need to find a home together.  Both are 7.5 years old and as sweet as they come - despite their size.  Bear is currently on a restricted diet and his new family will need to remain committed to his weight loss.  He came into us weighing 165 pounds and is down 11 pounds in a few weeks. Bear loves people and other dogs, but strongly dislikes cats!  Bear's biggest problem is he doesn't seem to realize how big he is and tends to just move everyone and everything out of his way, without realizing it's because of his size.  He truly wants to be a lap dog and given the opportunity, he will try to get as close to your lap as possible.  He walks well on a leash, but is very strong.  He is housebroken, but will need an XXL doggie door.  This big guy will melt your heart.



Hi! I’m Duke! I am one of the most mellow dogs that you will ever meet. I am only 4 years old, but I have traveled across the United States and seen all kinds of exciting things! I have learned to watch, listen, and be very observant before making decisions. I love people, kids, animals, walks, car rides, and anything else that my foster parents show me. But, there is one thing that I love most of all: my best friend Sugar. Sugar is a spunky 6 year old mixed breed.  She and I were roommates for the last 3 years, we did everything together. But then we got separated. I begged my foster parents to find Sugar, I just missed her so much. I was filled with joy when my friends at Desert Lab brought Sugar and I back together! We both know basic commands, use the dog door, and get along very well with other dogs. We hope to find a special home that can keep us both together forever.



Argus 2 is an 18 month old yellow male who weighs about 50 pounds.  He is housebroken and uses the doggy door. He sleeps in his kennel at night and settles down after protesting for 5 or 10 minutes.  Argus 2 has puppy energy and likes to go for walks, play with his toys, and to run in circles in the back yard.  He pulls on the leash when walking, wants to chase quail and rabbits, but ignores other dogs.  He gets along with his foster family’s dogs but has not been exposed to cats or children. He does not counter surf or chew.   Argus 2 will need some training on basic commands like sit, and how to distinguish the difference between his toys and his human’s belongings.  Most of all, Argus 2 loves being petted and deserves a forever home with an active family.



Hi! I’ Sugar! My buddy Duke and I are best friends. He's one of the most mellow dogs that you will ever meet. Duke is only 4 years old, but I have traveled across the United States and seen all kinds of exciting things with him. Duke has learned to watch, listen, and be very observant before making decisions. He loves people, kids, animals, walks, car rides, and anything else that my foster parents show him.

I am a spunky 6 year old mixed breed.  Duke and I were roommates for the last 3 years, we did everything together. But then we got separated. I begged my foster parents to find Duke, I just missed him so much. I was filled with joy when my friends at Desert Lab brought us back together! We both know basic commands, use the dog door, and get along very well with other dogs. We hope to find a special home that can keep us both together forever.



Champ is a beautiful 8 month old tan lab mix. He is currently at 44lbs. and should be on the smaller side full grown. He LOVES toys...all toys! He is a very self entertained labbie but would love someone to throw the ball for him. He has a bit of a foot fetish, so best to keep all shoes, socks and slippers out of reach.He is doggie door trained has not had any accidents in the house.He is still a little underweight but we are working on that. Not food aggressive at all and friendly with all dogs we have come in contact with. Great with kids too. Not sure about cats as there are none in the foster home. We are working on basic commands and as with any new puppy, he would do well with continued puppy training. Does not get up on the furniture unless invited and sleeps on a dog bed at night. He is currently kenneled during the day for short periods of time and has been trustworthy for 2-3 hours on his own inside the house. He is a little shy when first meeting people but warms up quickly.



Please also see the bio on Little Sis as these two sisters are adoptable as a pair. Ebony is a black lab, about 1 year old. She is slightly larger than Little Sis, but these two sisters are on the smaller side. Ebony is VERY cute (just like Little Sis), sweet but slightly less affectionate than her sister. As with Little Sis, Ebony is inconsistently housebroken meaning she may have some accidents until fully trained. She likes other dogs, but Ebony and Little Sis' play is a little rough for other dogs and young children (also both Ebony and Little Sis are very vocal when they play). Other than the housebreaking, they are fairly easy dogs. Be sure to clear counters, etc. though. Likes to hike. Loves to sit for treats. No known medical issues.


Little sis

Little Sis is a little black lab, about 1 year old. She and her big sister Ebony 5 are very attached to each other and we'd like them to get adopted together. Little Sis loves to gives kisses. She listens well (better than Ebony) and is VERY sweet. She is smaller than Ebony. Little Sis is content to lay on her bed and chew her hoofie. She also likes to follow me around. She is inconsistently housebroken. With an open door or a doggie door, she goes outside. However, at night, one or both of Little Sis and Ebony, can't hold it. However, this may be due to the kibble that they are now eating as they were previously fed human food only (before the DLRR rescue). Little Sis needs to gain some weight and is currently being treated for a skin condition caused by the stress of being a stray. She and Ebony5  love to chase each other so a good size yard would be great so she can stretch her legs. I don't know whether she gets along with cats or whether she likes to swim. She seems to like other dogs, but because she and Ebony play rough, I wouldn't suggest any other dogs in the home or any little kids (as they might get knocked over). Little Sis is just one sweet warm lovable dog and loves being nurtured.  She does make a racket when playing with her sister. Rides well in the car. Loves to walk although when walked with Ebony 5, they pull. Training would do both of them some good.  


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