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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


My name is Coalette and I am a big soft teddy bear ready to love you! I am a beautiful 7 year old black lab with fur as soft as silk. I love my foster sister Cholla and she is helping me learn to do typical doggie things like play with toys, get treats from mom and dad, go for walks and the joys of getting tummy rubs. I love those tummy rubs! I am house broken, love other dogs, older kids and I think cats are like rabbits and I like to chase them. My mom and dad can leave me home free with Cholla and I won't do anything I shouldn't. I walk well on leash...well unless I see a rabbit. I have to share with you I am a little anxious and tend to go off by myself until I feel safe. I ride well in the car but like to be near you to feel more comfortable. Sometimes sounds startle me but I love reassurance from my mom or dad and then feel better. I need someone special who has the patience to love me and teach me my world is safe and fun. In turn I will give you my heart.



Duffy is a handsome black lab, age 7 and in March was 105 lbs., I am happy to update that he is down to 92 lbs.; he was a stray at the shelter in 2010, at that time DLRR rescued him. Due his adopted family health issues, Duffy was returned to us to find him a new home. He is about 15 lbs. overweight however, you wouldn’t know it, he loves to go for walks and the pool, and his new family will need to be committed to his weight loss. Did I say he loves to go for walks? He is very excited when he sees that he is going for a walk; he currently hikes daily from one mile up to three miles. Duffy is a non-chewer, housebroken and is completely trustworthy when left home alone.  Duffy walks with a loose leash, and knows basic commands along with a few tricks, he also takes treats gently. After two weeks in his foster home Duffy rarely barks in the house; we are still working on outside but he has made great progress. Duffy is a velcro dog who just wants to be with people; he is good with other dogs, is great with children and he rides well in the car. He hasn’t met a cat yet, so he will need an introduction if you have one in your home.  If you would like to introduce him to your dog an event is not going to be the best place as there is too much excitement and Duffy maybe more vocal than he is in a home environment. If you would like to meet him, please call his foster parents today!



Update here from Bree......My foster mom has been taking some calls from families interested in making me a family member.  However, she has not yet found that perfect home for me.  So, I am still looking for my furever home.  I'd like to add a quick note - while my dog age is 9, my mind still thinks I am a puppy.  Please consider me.  
Hi- my name is Bree.  I'm a good ol' girl and I would love to have a forever home with a special person to share it with. DLRR helped me find my family when I was 2 years old.  So it only made sense that when my family no longer had the time to spend with me, that DLRR agreed to help me again.  The dynamics of my new family will be a bit different now that I am a mature 10 years old. My foster family has stairs and I am able to maneuver them successfully, however, I am slow and steady.  Each morning I get to go on a walk with my foster siblings for about 20 minutes, and I am often one of the leaders of the pack (I have three foster sisters).  Playtime includes playing fetch with a tennis ball.  You can throw the ball for  me and I will bring it back to you, but not in a flash; that was in my younger days.  Do you see a theme here?  I am active, but I approach things slow and steady these days.  Since returning to DLRR, I have been introducted to many four-legged friends, canine and feline.  I can say that I have yet to meet one I have not liked.  I have learned how to use a doggie door and I am able to stay in the house for extended hours unattended; I am housebroken.  While you are away, I sleep because when you are home, I like to be awake to spend time with you.  I don't bark, however, I do speak at such times as when it's feeding time or time to go for a walk.  I consider it to be merely a reminder of sorts. Oh, and I ride well in a car.
The DLRR docs have looked me over and find that I am in good health for a girl my age; I have no chronic conditions.  While you might take a Advil each day, I might have the need to take my equivalent to help ease my  daily aches and pains.  Other than that, I am in pretty good shape.  My new house can have dogs, but I am afraid I will not be very good companionship for a younger, more active dog, as I might struggle to keep up.  I do well as an only child.   I would love to have someone spend the days with me; I enjoy the company.  If you think you have the right home for me, I would love to meet you.  I will be waiting for you to call my foster mom!      



Hello Everyone,  I am Lexi and I am 8-1/2 years old.  I am a yellow, housebroken Lab with a so, so sweet personality.  I do NOT chase birds, rabbits or cats.  I do NOT bolt out the door and pull on my leash.  Want to know why? Because I can't.  Never really wanted to do these things last year but  it seems that I have added a few pounds in recent months so I now placidly saunter around the house and yard and nap a lot.  I LOVE my morning walks and me and my foster sister, Mona, groom and lick-clean this home's pet Lab.  He thinks he has a harem. So seeing my pictures I know you can tell that I need to continue a healthy diet and increasing exercise.  However, did they have to rub it in by putting me on a food with "Fat Dog" in the name?  I mean, really?
I dream of having a forever home with people that will patiently peel away my extra layers to see a svelte lady that promises to be well-behaved, loyal and ever so loving!



Bailey is a large, handsome, black boy. He will turn 10 years young on May 1st. When he came to Desert Lab Rescue he weighted in at over 130 pounds he is now a sleek and trim 105.  Bailey is housebroken and  great left alone in the house. He loves other dogs large, small, young or old.   He loves walks, people, tummy rubs and you guessed it FOOD! He gets so excited when he plays but he can loose his directions fast, you see, Bailey is totally blind and has been for 4 years. Bailey adapts fast to his surroundings but needs a home where the furniture isn't moved around. He has to have drops in his eyes twice a day for the rest of his life. Bailey is a true lover and loves to be loved.   



Banjo 2 is an 8 year old Male, Black Lab, that is a little shy at first, but warms up once he knows he can trust and then he is a love bug. He loves to go for walks, he actually prefers to jog lightly.  He is a big sweet boy weighing  about 100 lbs. He gets along with some other dogs. He tends to want to be the boss dog of the house , but usually  gets along well  with little dogs. We are not sure about cats. He is very obedient and knows sit, stay and down.  He is also housebroken and knows how to use a dog door. Banjo has epilepsy that is under control with medication that runs under $20.00 a month.



Our stunning Fox Red English Labbie Luigi is still looking for his forever family. In the meantime, he's not just sitting around waiting he's learning all kinds of great stuff! Luigi is 5 yrs old and a very active guy. He loves to investigate and play. Luigi has a dominant personality with other dogs - his trainer calls it "rude" - but he is working on his skills and is doing so good! Luigi knows his basic commands and will wait his turn to walk through doorways if you ask him to. He lives with other dogs and does fine and he continues to work with his trainer (who is also his foster) working on even more socialization skills. Luigi needs an active home that is going to continue to work with him on training - he is SO smart and seems to enjoy the challenges training provides him. Luigi is incredibly sweet and loving and will be an amazing companion with the right family. If you think your home could
be Luigi's forever home, please give us a call!



Hi, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Pixie.  Our mom and dad are returning us to DLRR because my dad is very sick.  They rescued us back in 2008.  We love water, retrieving tennis balls and taking naps.  We love children, other dogs and getting our fur brushed.  We are crate trained and bark when we need to go out.  I am the alpha kid and Pixie is ok with that.  We are 8 years old.  If you are looking for 2 mellow ladies, please call.  Oh, Pixie says hi!



Hi I'm Pixie!



Shay is a yellow female age 1.5.  She was found as a stray with a litter of 5 puppies  All of her puppies have found good homes and now it is time for her to find hers.  She is an active dog that likes to run, play with toys and play tug of war.  She does better with male dogs than females.  She is housebroken and uses a doggy door.



Tank is a 10 1/2 year young lab mix. He is one of the sweetest guys you will ever want to meet.
He was picked up as a stray in Yuma and was in their shelter for a month. A woman was going to come from San Diego to adopt him but she never arrived. Everyone at the shelter adored him, but his time was up so instead of them putting him to sleep they called DLRR to see if we could help. How could anyone resist those floppy ears and that million dollar smile???
He is in foster now and enjoys hanging out with the 4 foster Labs that also reside in his foster mom's home.
Tank can't hear most voices or noises but he sometimes surprises his foster mom and looks right at her as to say "I DID hear that"! He is on a diet to lose a few pounds and loves going on short walks.
Car rides are a treat and he is ready to go anytime you are.
He is happy, he is low keyed, he is loving and he is so deserving to spend the rest of his life in a loving and caring home.
We can't say enough great things about him so if you would like a buddy to spend your life with, he's the one!



Sargent is a handsome pure bred, yellow male age 9.  He is an owner turn because they could no longer care for him.  They had him since he was a puppy.  When he came to my home, he was very confused.  He now acts like he has always been here.  He is housebroken and uses a doggy door.  He is good with other dogs and children.  His favorite things are playing ball and hanging out with you.  He arrived at my home with severe ear infections, but he is getting better every day.  His one fault is counter surfing.  I am learning to be more careful where I leave things.  If you want a very loving companion, Sargent is the one for you.



I am Snow Flake, three and a half year old girl.  Still a grown puppy who will be a best friend for an owner with high activity level and kids.  Social with adults, kids, and dogs.  Love to run, play catch with tennis balls, and play tug of war.  I am a smart girl, who is house trained and learned to use doggie door in just 3 days!  A lady does not chew furniture or bark unnecessarily.  But, I LOVE to chew bones. 



Russell was an owner turn in because his family was moving out of state and could not take him with. Russell is a bundle of energy for an 9 year old Lab. He loves to go for walks and walks very nicely on a leash, he knows sit, down and likes to give you ‘five’. He especially likes to be by your side to get lots of cuddles, which his foster mom loves because his coat is smooth like silk. He’s not much of a fetcher but he does love his tennis balls and other toys which he likes to carry around the house. He enjoys running around the house with his human foster brother who likes to play hide and seek with him. Russell is a super sweet dog who is looking for his forever home, could that be with you?



Blackie 4 is a handsome black male 10 months. He is a very happy boy that gets excited to meet new people. He is a GREAT listener. He comes when called and knows and heeds "NO." He also sits on command and knows "wait " (and usually does). He needs some training on the leash and some more housebreaking. He is hungry for love and affection. He is very gentle, just wants to be part of an active family, and to be loved. He has been using a crate at night. Otherwise, he likes hanging out with his human. He likes playing and running with other dogs. He sits with me when I work. He was a bit of a counter surfer, but that behavior seems gone for the moment. 



Zoe is a 2 year old, spayed black lab. She is a real lover, very mellow for her age. She loves to snuggle and is great with older dogs (takes an initial warm up though), cats and older children. She is dog door trained and is definitely a keeper with her sweet personality. She does not appear to be interested in toys and is not destructive, she literally just wants to cuddle with you and be your best friend.
Zoe does seems to get stressed out a little in the car and did get carsick when she got out.



Meet Doug the Dog!  He is a very sweet, lovable puppy and he is incredibly smart. Unfortunately he was found as a stray and spent the last month and a half in a kennel waiting for foster. Because of this he has not had much time to learn all of his manners but he is getting better everyday. He plays well with dogs but sometimes he forgets his boundaries as most puppies do. He adores toys and thinks everything should be a game. He has lots of energy and loves to run and play. He is just so handsome and a joy to be around. He would make a great fit for an active family. 



My name is Baby.  I don't know why they call me that.  I am not a Baby.  I am a beautiful, well behaved mature  lady.  I don't act like a baby.  I am respectful in the house (No messes and I don't chase the cats),  I am courteous.  I always let my gal pal, Isa, go in and out the door first and never steal her toys.  I don't bark except to tell my foster Mom someone is at the door.  I think she would want to know.  I follow my Mom around and always sit by her in case she needs me to do something for her.
I would LOVE to have a forever home where I will be loved and maybe someone would brush me.  I like being brushed.  It would be nice to have some "sibs" but being an "only" would be okay too.  So, that is a little about me.  If you would you like to meet me that would be GREAT.



My name is Butters because I'm sweet and oh so good!  I'm 12 months old and I'm from the Nogales border.  Don't worry, you won't need Rosetta Stone as I "speak" and understand English really well and already know sit and am learning other cool commands.  I'm super smart and love, love, love the water!  I jump in the Koi pond to cool off and get along well with the fish (don't think they love me all that much though), just like I get along with other dogs, big and small.  I'm a sloppy drinker and sometimes like to dunk my whole head in the bowl... hey, it's a lab thing!  I also like to chase lizards in the rocks but I don't harm them, just like to keep 'em busy.  Like all young ladies, I have excellent manners and don't chew or put my paws on the table.  I have never been crated as I am such a good little girl.  I am housebroken and playtime rocks, although when I get pooped out there's nothing like the couch and the remote control.  I'm great with children, but because I'm still a bit of a youngster myself no small children that might be knocked over playing.  I am great in the car so would make a fabulous travel companion.  Looking to get your hike on or want a playmate for another dog?  Pick me!  Need to wake up every morning to someone that is always happy to see you? Pick me!  Want an excuse to get some exercise and have people tell you what a beautiful lab you have (just sayin')?  Yep, me again!  My foster mom says I have a "joie de vivre" about me and that must be something really, really good because she smiles and says she loves me all the time :)




Hi, I'm Mona5 and I'm 4 years old and a love bug.  I'm a sweet and loving girl who would love to be a part of your family.  I get along very well with my foster sisters and love to play fetch and run all over with the toys in my mouth, my foster sisters chase after me since I have the toys and I just love it.  I don't have any cats here so I don't know how I'd be with them.  I'm house trained and use the doggie door.  I just love to cuddle with my foster mom and I'd love to sleep with you if you'll let me.  I'm trustworthy in the house when left alone, I know how to sit and lay when asked.  I forgot to mention I do love to chase lizards in the yard too.  I could use some training on the leash as I do like to pull and I'm learning not to jump on my foster mom when she comes home.  As you can see in my pictures I'm a pretty girl.



Meet Zero, he is a big snuggly Teddy Bear. He is an 8 year old, neutered male. He has very good manners in the car and knows sit, stay and paw. I'm sure he must know the command "down" also, maybe wasn't in the mood when we asked. He is good with older children, not sure about younger kids. He does not appear to be settling well with other dogs, but he was just pulled from the pound on 7/8/14, so we are attributing that to stress and fear at this time, we need a little more time with this sweetie, before we will really have a better idea,
Zero is a great dog would make a wonderful companion, he just likes to hang out, wag his tail, play with his toys & be your best friend. He walks well on the leash, no pulling, well mannered, totaly trustworthy when left in the house.  
At the moment we're working on his waistline, so it's "the green bean diet"  He's looking for his forever home, we think he should be an only dog but extremely good with cats, just ignores them! 



Dylon is a 4 month old pup. He is being crate trained and is using the dog door. This little guy is full of life and is as happy as can be. More to come.



Ritter's my name, and I'm a 3 year old, 60 pound Chocolate hunk!  My foster mom says I am the sweetest, most lovable lab around.   I'm low maintenance, super laid back and just plain happy.  I don't bark a lot, but I do like to play with other dogs both big and small.  Cats are ok until they run, and then I can't resist chasing them.  I use the doggie door, sit for my food, and doing good on a leash.   I like when my foster mom's friend brings her 10 year old daughter to play with me, because she will hold up a treat, ask me to sit, toss the treat up, and I leap into the air and catch it.  I ride well in the car too!  Sometimes I'm a little shy with new people, but with some gentle reassurance, I will quickly become the perfect addition to any family that wants a really cool lab!



 Miles 2,  Two year old male, in the short time I've had him I have found him to be the most sweet and gentle boy I've seen.  He loves water and the pool.  He just wants to be with you all the time and gets along with other dogs.  I can't believe how sweet he is. He is not bad on the leash and is great in the car. More to come.



Fiji is an adorable 16 month old chocolate lab (DOB 3/29/2013) that is full of positive puppy energy!  He plays well with others and loves children, but as he is still  a puppy he could easily knock over a small child.  His favs are running after a ball, running after another ball, and another.... yet when he is tired he will snuggle next to you.  He will sit for his treats and is a very quick learner.  Travels excellent in the car and has been very good with his potty habits.  This young boy would be fabulous for an active person or household and add some training to this puppy and you will have one great lab. 



My name is Molly and I am a 6 year old, "full figure" yellow lab.  Rumor has it that I am a tad bit overweight so they brought in the expert foster to put me through doggie boot camp.  I'm not so good on the leash so she makes me wear this thing on my nose so I don't pull.  I love people, other dogs and ride well in the car.  I am housebroken and can be trusted alone in the house.  I must confess one of my bad habits is barking at strange noises.  Once I figure out what it is, I stop barking.  I need a family who will be committed to my weight loss and getting me in tip, top shape.  Please meet me!!


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