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2018 DLRR Fundraisers

Here's a summary of all the ways you can support DLRR!


October 21 - December 25, 2018: Sami Fine Jewelry Lab Necklance

Visit the Sami FIne Jewelry web site, purchase the Lab necklace, and DLRR gets 40% of the proceeds from now until December 25th!

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DLRR Fundraiser - Cyclebar - January 27th

Join us at Cyclebar on January 27th for our DLRR fundraiser "Pedal for Paws"!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

11:30 PM

Sponsor Medical Fees for a Special Needs Dog!

DLRR has several special needs dogs that require significant medical attention, prescriptions, surgeries, special diets and ongoing veterinary care. These costs add up and our adoption fees do not cover most of these expenses. We have set up a sponsorship program to help defer the medical costs of nursing these wonderful dogs back to health so they can find their forever families.

Click here to donate so we can continue to save more labs and provide them with the medical care they need and deserve.


Animal Rescuers Web Series

Check out the latest webisode from the Animal Rescuers featuring the Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue! The Animal Rescuers is a new web based series devoted to saving animals through adoption, volunteering, donating to animal causes and to raise awareness of the many different animal rescues.