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Sponsor Medical Fees for a Special Needs Dog!

DLRR has several special needs dogs that require significant medical attention, prescriptions, surgeries, special diets and ongoing veterinary care. These costs add up and our adoption fees do not cover most of these expenses. We have set up a sponsorship program to help defer the medical costs of nursing these wonderful dogs back to health so they can find their forever families.

Click here to donate so we can continue to save more labs and provide them with the medical care they need and deserve.



DLRR needs your help! Skylar is a 1.5 year old female who was rescued from the Nogales area as a pup. She seemed to have some behavior problems, but with further investigation found her problems stemmed from a serious medical problem. Skylar is in pain; she has no hip sockets and will require expensive surgery and rehabilitation. DLRR has placed Skylar with a foster family who will help her through these upcoming procedures. DLRR is providing her with the necessary medical care to keep her comfortable and properly diagnose her condition. Unfortunately, her medical bills continue to rise from such costs as vet visits, x-rays, and prescription meds, with a surgery and rehabilitation on the horizon. So we are asking for your help. Please consider donating by clicking the buton below so we can continue Skylar's treatment!




Warning- this is a pretty sad case and it is looking more like abuse. We want to share Sawyer's general medical condition and injuries so everyone can better understand the extreme pain this boy is in and to get a better understanding of the abuse he was subjected. The preliminary checkup reported that his scrotum was torn. Today's exam showed that it was his penis that the wrought iron went through. He was hanging there when found. As you can imagine, he is in a lot of pain and is now receiving pain meds to keep him comfortable. We also learned today that he has several broken teeth - one tooth was still bleeding. This will require the vet to dig out what is left of the broken tooth at a later date. The way the teeth are broken, the vet thinks he was hit with something hard or kicked in the face. Everyone that came in contact with Sawyer today said, despite his injuries, he is a doll and is so sweet. While he was having his exam, he just cried a little and just closed his eyes. He will be staying in the hospital for now (could be up to a week) to help get the infection under control. And to add to the abuse and pain, it's with a heavy heart that we pass along that this sweet boy is he HEART WORM POSITIVE!! Ugh, another one. What else can be thrown at him? DLRR is making the commitment to repair Sawyer's broken body and help find him a loving home. We could be facing thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and meds just for Sawyer! Thanks to YOUR donations, we can provide all needed vet care, vaccines, spay/neuter and a whole lot of love. Will you please consider donating by clicking the button below, even a few dollars every month helps labs like Sawyer.